Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update

Thank you for the supportive comments on Monday's post.  It sounds like a lot of us are going through the same issues - not fun, but it's good to know I'm not alone in this.  And to answer a few questions that were brought up in the comments, no, I still can't run.  According to the latest orthopedist I went to, I'm not even supposed to WALK for exercise.  I swim for nearly an hour and a half 5 days a week and I wonder - am I really supposed to be doing more?  I thought swimming was the all-around workout!  Believe me, I'm tired afterward.  Not sure I could step on the elliptical - ah, who am I kidding, I detest the elliptical.  I wouldn't do it anyway.  I have been riding my bike, but pretty much at a leisurely pace - after all, it's a three-speed cruiser, and it's not exactly set up for much more than that.  Plus, it's one-hundred-freakin-degrees here - any kind of outdoor exercise is pretty challenging at this point.

Anyway, onto the update.

So the swimming has been going fine, except for the aqua jogging part.  Honestly?  That just bores me.  And I found that I was beginning to dread it, so about mid-week last week I remembered that I was in charge of me, and I didn't have to do that if I didn't want to.  Sheer brilliance, I know! ;)  I stopped with the aqua jogging, added five extra laps each to my back and side strokes, and did the rest in extra kick boarding.  Then, I got the idea to do "sprints" with the kick board - I remembered that my lap counter, Baby J, has features like "split times" and I decided to see how fast I could kick up and down the pool.  Then I decided to try and beat that time.  Then I tried to beat that time.  Then I had to take a break, because frankly, that just about killed me.  OK, not really, but it was hard!  And fun.  Which is what keeps me coming back - I know me, and if I don't like a certain kind of exercise, I'm just not going to do it.  Hey - it worked in getting me to 256 pounds!  Well that and a tad bit of overeating.  But I digress.

Speaking of swimming, one essential item is a swimsuit.  And I had one - the gorgeous purple Speedo that I bought while I was in California last April.  I loved it, but to my dismay, the lycra in it disintegrated really quick - like, after 9 swims (I know this because I was keeping track of my pool workouts in my running journal - got to make it work for SOMETHING, after all).  I was so upset - this was an expensive swim suit.  And I took great care of it, rinsing it off in cold water after every swim, hanging it to dry - I know that chlorine will eventually destroy a swim suit, but this was ridiculous.  Long story short, I took a chance and called the store, NorCal Swim Shop, where I bought it.  Would you believe that the manager, Larry, remembered Barbara and me???  This was about 6 weeks after we had shopped there!  Y'all, I swear, we are not that obnoxious when we shop.  We must have made quite the impression, though!  Anyway, he was able to find the record of my purchase (because of course I had thrown my copy away) and locate another suit for me - all I had to do was drop mine in the mail and a few days later, a brand new one arrived in my mailbox!  Now that is service, and I really appreciate it - just wish I could shop there in person more often.  Although they do have online sales, it's more fun to make a lasting impression in person.

By the way?  While I was dealing with the untimely demise of my purple suit, I bought three other suits (found some super-cheap deals at Sam's Club, of all places, and so now I have a better rotation - I just hope they all don't wear down at the same time! 
This is as much of a swimsuit fashion show as I'm willing to show here!

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's a Choice?

I could be am depressed about my size, and how it hasn't really gotten any smaller in the last month.

I could be am depressed about how frickin' frackin' slow I lose weight - but that is nothing new.

I could be am depressed about how big and lumpy my thighs are.

I could be am depressed about my how awful my hair looks - it's dry and flat and just plain gross.

I could be am depressed about my skin - you would think that all the chlorine would dry it out, but instead it seems like I'm producing even more oil (and zits, yay) - have I mentioned that I'm not exactly a teenager anymore?  What is up with having the same skin problems that I did 35 years ago???

I could be am depressed because being able to write "35 years ago" and clearly remember it makes me sound old.

I started writing this post thinking that I had a choice in whether or not I "could be" depressed over the things I listed, but as I wrote, I realized, hell yes, I AM depressed - there is no "could be" about it.  But while I am in a funk, it's not the kind that you sink so low you can't even get off the couch - I've been there before, and  luckily that is not where I am.  That said, I have to say that this just sucks.  And I can't help but feel that the only time I had the body that I liked was when I was running.  Somehow, that just worked for me - I burned enough calories to manage what I ate AND I was so much smaller.  It's frustrating to put in hour after hour swimming, and while I enjoy it, I'm not seeing changes in my body as fast as I want to.

And yet, what choice to I have but to keep moving forward?  To keep doing the next right thing.  To have the faith that even though things are moving maddeningly slow, I know that deep down, I'm doing almost everything I can to make change happen.  Last week I started riding my bike again, and I'm making a better effort at eating more vegetables on a daily basis.  Do I really have to starve myself to get back to where I was last summer?  I don't want to do that.  And yet I don't want to be in this body, either. 

I had a hard time writing this post.  There's been a lot more "deletes" and start overs than normal.  I feel like I complain a lot, and I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is small potatoes.  (which I don't even eat!)  I know it gets old to read the same old whiny posts without wanting to tell that person to shut up and just do something different.  I promise that the next couple of posts will be, if only I would be as well.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Mishmash

Just call me Rosie the Riveter Inga the Installer - I'm becoming quite good at putting together furniture from Ikea!  Last Saturday, while Max and Jeff tackled the behemoth desk that Max was going to put in his living room (my computer-science son was making his "command center"), I built his book case and TV stand.  And actually, except for a couple Shelley moments (holding the board the wrong direction and thinking I'd messed up - no, just flip it, silly) it was pretty easy.  I also built the set of drawers for my new desk - hmmm, I'm thinking I might have a new career in furniture assembly.  I could hang out at Ikea and offer my services.  Wait, that didn't sound right...
 As usual, Paco not only "helped" me when I built my desk drawers, but had to get in the picture as well!

Here's Max's desk in process:
Look, they are reading directions! :)
 And here is the desk afterward - Max has three monitors AND his TV hooked up to the computer.  That would drive me crazy because you can "lose" the mouse, but it works for my programmer son.
 Here is his bookcase - obviously he's only unpacked the important (cough*Harry Potter*cough) books so far...
 This is the TV stand that I built - it matches the bookcase that I also built.  Have I mentioned that? ;)


When my sons divorced moved to separate apartments, they divided up the kitchen.  It became quite apparent when I was helping Max put his stuff away that he was missing some pretty major things - oh, like a colander, hot pads, spoons to cook with, a decent knife...he would have been in even worse shape had my mom not sent him a set of pots and pans (she did the same for Sam when he got his first apartment).  Max and I did a quick shopping trip to get him some basics (TJ Maxx and Target to the rescue!).  Some of the haul - I love that he went for bright colors:
 Just realized I didn't put the colander in the picture - it's turquoise.  Fun!

Max is turning over a new leaf and trying to eat healthier.  I've felt bad about not giving my kids the greatest example of good eating in the past, but the lunch he made for us on Saturday made me feel confident that he knows what is right, from portion sizes to overall balance.  This was our tasty meal:
 Turkey sandwich with fresh lettuce and tomato, baby carrots, Fuji apple, pretzels and a hard candy for dessert!


So my new desk.  This was my birthday present from Jeff and the boys, and I could not wait to get it built - Sunday evening, after we drove home from Denton, I got to work on one side with the drawers (and convinced Jeff to build the cabinet that is the other support).


I love this desk!  I was able to clear stuff from my closet (that really didn't belong there) and put it in the drawers...and I even have one that is completely empty!  Ahhhhhhh!


In the "I'm a dork edition" of Fashion Friday, I give you this pose:
 Just before the timer went off, I thought I had the camera pointed too low, so I ducked.  Turns out it was fine.  I am a goof.

Here's a more normal shot - we had a nice storm blow through early Wednesday morning, and it was still cool - I'm talking like 73 degrees here, people - when I was going to meet a friend for lunch.  So I got to wear sleeves!  And capris!  It was great.  Of course, the next day we went back to our normal hot temps, but the respite was sweet.
The turquoise top is really thin fabric with a floral "burn out" pattern - I just love it.  Felt very beachy with my white capris and flip flops!  California dreamin'...
This weekend is the start of the half/full marathon training program with my running club.  That I will not be doing (sob!).  Jeff is, and I will be the good sport and go help with the registration, etc.  And of course, panqueques at IHOP afterward - deeelicious!
Hope you all have an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - My Pool

 click on the picture to see it better

This is the indoor pool where I swim.  You will find me here every weekday morning around 8:00 a.m.  It's a big pool and usually not too crowded, which is nice.  I don't like to share my lane.  And that's not just because I am a firstborn and don't share well - it's also that I'm a crooked swimmer and it's all I can do to not bounce from one side of the lane to the other (good thing those floating lane lines are there).  I don't need to be trying to dodge another body as well, lol!

Anyway, usually when I arrive, my pool buddy Nancy is finishing her workout and we can do a few laps of kick board in adjacent lanes - it's nice to get a little chitchat in before I get down to business.  But after that, I seal my swim cap over my ears, put on my goggles, and go to town.  And it's funny - every day I get going with my back stroke (20 lengths, which is 10 laps, as my pool buddy Linda told me on Monday) and thoughts of "this isn't hard, it's not working anymore, the fins are making it too easy, I should be doing more laps" swirl through my head.  Then, I move on to my 10 length kick board break.  Then I remove the fins and start the side stroke.  Oh.  This is hard.  I get winded, still, partway through that one.  OK.  It's working.  Whew!  My routine:

10 lengths kick board          10 lengths kick board
20 lengths back stroke        20 lengths jogging
10 lengths kick board          10 lengths kick board
20 lengths side stroke       
(Zoomer fins used for everything except side stroke and jogging)

I used to do the side stroke first, but the swim team starts their practice between 8:15 and 8:30, and I didn't like having waves of water crashing over my face as I did the back stroke - those kids can really churn up the water!  Especially if the two teenage boys are in the lane right next to me - I thought all of the kids on the swim team swam in the same aggressive, splashy manner, but a couple of times the teenage girls have been next to me and I was amazed at how much more "quietly" (for want of a better word) they swam.  Of course, me being the mom of two boys, a large amount of splashiness is nothing new to me. 

Around 9:00 a.m., the gray panthers start to get in the water for their water aerobics class.  By this time, I'm either doing kick board, or jogging.  Lots of eye contact and smiles exchanged.  Swimming is not really a social workout, and that's ok with me - I'm in the pool for about an hour and a half - no need to extend it much longer!  But, I'm surprised at how much I'm actually enjoying it and I'm looking forward to seeing continued changes in my body.  My goal for June has been to swim every single weekday, and so far, I'm on track to make it.  I haven't achieved the true sign of a swimmer though - my hair hasn't turned green.  Yet.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Of Heat, Food and Other Miscellany

What a busy weekend!  We drove up to Denton on Friday afternoon.  It was incredibly hot.  Each time the temperature gauge on our car registered a new high, I took a picture and texted it to Helen.  I'm sure it kept her highly entertained.
 Yes, that would be 111 degrees - even for Texas, this was unseasonably hot!

But look who was a happy camper:
"Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I'm going to see my boys!"

Anyway, I consider this weekend a rousing success for me, eating-wise, because for once I did not succumb to what I like to call "car food" - somehow, even though I rarely eat junk, it seems not only normal but necessary on a long car ride.  I think this harkens back to the days of driving from one end of California to the other, where strawberry milkshakes and lemon drops took center stage.  We left right around lunchtime, and were kind of in a rush.  I grabbed a Honey Milk protein drink, a Clif Bar, and an apple.  Who am I???  That is just so strange to me, that I would eat such decently healthy food on the road.  I guess I really DO want to fit into my smaller-sized clothes!

By the way, one day last week I woke up feeling hungry, and my stomach also felt deflated - two signs that in the past have meant that I was finally losing weight.  Which is great - I've been much more aware of my portion sizes and have cut out the "extras" that I was eating.  I've been swimming diligently every weekday, so it seemed right that I would be losing weight.  After I got home from swimming that day, I decided to try on my silk dress to see how it was fitting.  Guess what?!?  I'm still fat.  Can you believe that after nearly two weeks of  dieting, the dress did not miraculously fit?  I know, I was shocked too.

I know I may sound like I'm joking around, and I am in a way, but I have to remember that, once again, I did not (re)gain this weight overnight, and I certainly won't lose it overnight, much as I would like to.  But I am secure in knowing that as long as I do my part, I WILL lose the weight.  I know this, because I did it once already.  But this time, as Bob is my witness (wasn't Rugrats a great cartoon?!?), I will keep the weight lost. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Mishmash

Sometimes I amaze myself with my brilliance.  (Please read MUCH sarcasm in that last sentence).  Do you know that as of yesterday, we've lived in our current house for 11 years?  And also, even though my kitchen is plenty big, do you know that I've struggled with fitting all of my crap dishes, glasses, etc in the cabinets the entire time we've lived here?  Would you believe that it never occurred to me that the cabinets on one wall might be wider than the cabinets on the other wall?  Well.  Turns out they are.  Who knew?!?  Obviously not me, until last weekend.  The straw that broke the camel's back was my new Fiestaware lunch plates - I'm probably the last person on the planet to join the "smaller plate" club, but finally, I'm in, with the purchase of two plates.  (Truth be told, I only paid for one as Kohl's periodically sends out "spend $10, get $10 off cards, and I am the queen of spending only $10 and getting my stuff for free...but this time, I actually bought an additional plate, so I got two for $10.  More than you wanted to know, I'm sure...)  Anyway, before I so rudely interrupted myself, I could not fit these plates into my cabinet.  No how, no way, and it looked like I was going to have to separate my pretty Fiestaware.  But wait!  I finally thought to LOOK at my cabinets, and my problem was solved!  Well, after I moved everything.  Turns out, sometimes you just need to look at a problem with a different set of eyes to find a solution.

The narrower cabinet:
 Dish cabinet before
Now the bakeware/bowls/water bottle cabinet!  And yes, the tower of cake platters is crazy - I really should see if I can order an extra shelf.

The wider cabinet:
And after!  I can breathe again - why didn't I see this sooner?!?

In the midst of doing this, I mucked out a bunch of things that we haven't used in forever, and in the process, now have a cabinet that has extra space!  And I'm not planning on filling it anytime soon, either:
Not pictured is another cabinet where the coffee mugs/travel mugs and regular glasses are - ironically enough, I thought to place them over the spot where the coffee maker is.  Another shot of brilliance - I'm telling you, I felt like I could have joined Mensa last weekend!

Oh - I did have one little problem - my big yellow bowl, that I use for everything from tossing salads to making granola, didn't fit into the smaller "bowl" cabinet:
Works for me.  :)


Do you ever run into people who knew you back when you were overweight?  I had that experience yesterday at a health expo - I was there helping out with our running club's booth, and then afterward, Erica and I walked around.  I was wearing my new 10K "Stay Fit" shirt and a pair of shorts, and ran into a guy who I used to work for back in 2004/2005.  I was probably even bigger back then than I was when I started my diet in 2008, if that tells you anything.  I did see him over the holidays when he came into the jewelry store that I worked at, but this time, I was not all "wintered up" in my clothes (you know - black slacks, heavy sweater).  I just wonder what he must have said to people after I left - something along the lines of "you should have SEEN this woman before" or "damn, she looking fiiine!" - LOL.  Probably nothing, in actuality.  I have an active imagination.


Oh, and also?  In the pool yesterday I had to share a lane for the first time - ugh.  The college-age girl who I was swimming with trapped me and an older gentleman who walks laps in the pool and had to tell us all about her fantastic weight-loss system that she had discovered and how it had revolutionized her life.  But really.  Honey.  I get that you're enthusiastic.  However, you don't know where people are in their lives.  Or how far they've come.  I would never presume that the older man, who is overweight, needs to be informed of this - who knows...maybe he's already lost a bunch of weight?  And what the hell - did she think I needed to lose weight?!?  I am mock indigent, of course, having seen myself in a swimsuit, but really people...keep it to yourself unless someone asks.  /off soapbox.


Yesterday was our 27th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated it by going out for the early bird special at Texas Roadhouse and of course, Red Mango frozen yogurt.  A little ironic, considering we bought a new grill with the money my parents sent us for our anniversary (and Jeff's birthday (next week) - June is a big month for us).  But hey - while we like grilling, we are terrible at steaks.  And that's what we wanted last night.  Here's a couple pictures of our new Weber Q:
 So cute!  And it's portable, should we want to tailgate.
Grilling chicken tenders, which I burned a little (talent, I haz it) and pineapple spears (yum).

I liked that the grill slots are much narrower than our old grill (a cheapie that rusted away in three years - here's hoping the Weber does better than that) - I can throw veggies on it and not lose them through the grill like I used to.


We are off to Denton this weekend to visit the boys and help our younger son, Max, with his new apartment.  Luckily the only thing we have to put together is his new desk (from Ikea, of course).  I'm sure he could handle it on his own, but it will be fun to help.  Or help by watching, as is my plan.  The other thing that I'm excited about is that we will pick up MY new desk while we're up there - Jeff and the boys pitched in to get me set up with a new desk (and drawers!!!!!) for my birthday gift.  This will replace the desk we bought when we first got married - its' single drawer has frustrated me for years, and it isn't the sturdiest thing anymore.  I can't wait to get it built and organize my office!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - GEAR!!!

Ricky Bobby has a sibling!
Thanks to all the advice from last Wednesday's lap-counting question, and my birthday money, I bought this nifty Sports Count lap counter!  Of course it reminded me of my Garmin, Ricky Bobby, so along those same lines, this little guy is Baby J.
Baby J is incredibly easy to use - you just slip it on your index finger, push the button to turn it on, then push the button each time you complete a lap.  At the end of a workout, you push and hold the button one final time, and it gives you all sorts of statistics, none of which I'm particularly interested in beyond the lap count.  (There was a lower-end model for about $5 cheaper, but that one had nearly $5 worth of shipping, and on this one the shipping was free - Amazon Prime is strange sometimes.)  Anyway, should I want, I can see my average lap pace, fastest, slowest, etc.  Not being a numbers person, I don't care about all that stuff.  But I'm thrilled to have this!  The only thing is that I can't wear my aqua gloves with it...but that is working out, because I also bought (again with the birthday money, woohoo!) fins!
How much do I love the orange toenail polish with the yellow fins?

After a lot of back-and-forth emails with Stacia, and testing out a couple different pair of my pool buddy, Nancy's fins, I ended up ordering the Finis Zoomer fins in gold, which is their new, softer fin.  Nancy's were the blue Zoomers, and these are actually more comfortable than hers, which I thought were pretty dang comfy!  I've worn them Monday and Tuesday for about half the length of my workout - I hear you are supposed to work your way into wearing them.  So far, I really like them!

Also, Baby J is working out just great - it's really easy to use.  The only thing I had to change up after my first day was to do my laps in sets of tens or twenties so I would know that I just needed to do whatever stroke to an easy number to remember.  It's hard to describe - heck, I had to write it down to keep it straight (and we've once again established that numbers are NOT my thing, lol!):
So I do all this, and it takes me about an hour and a half.  I'm not fast, but I am steady.  And when I'm done, I'm tired!  As this is Shelley Swimming™, I count every lap - up and back.  The pool is either 25 meters or yards long (I really have no idea), so 100 laps equals 2,500 whatevers, and I'm pretty happy with that.  Also pretty tired.  Did I mention that already? 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

USAFit 10K Race Recap!

On Saturday, our running club had the final run of our spring training season - a 10K.  This is what everyone has trained for since April - well, everyone except for me.  OK, and a couple of others who had some injuries as well.  But ME!  I couldn't run this race!  Sigh.  Are you tired of hearing me whine?  I kinda am.  Anyway, what is that saying?  Those who can't, teach run a water station?  That is what I did - worked the aid station that the runners passed by at miles .5, 3.2 and 5.5.  I worked it along with Karen, who is dealing with a hip issue and couldn't complete the program either.  But hey - we had fun, even if we couldn't run!

As there are (quite sanely, I might add, with our hot hot temperatures) no formal races in our part of Texas this time of year, the coaches made our own race, complete with bib numbers, a starting line, the aforementioned aid stations, and a meal afterward (breakfast tacos and fresh fruit - yum!).  It was funny to have people drive by our aid station and ask us what race was running - "oh, the USAFit 10K" we'd answer, like they should have heard of it.  LOL

Pre-race - Jeff going over his strategy with Coach A.J. and his wife Brandi.  Or else he was telling them what he had for dinner the night before.  Odds are pretty even on this one.
This is J.P., and yes, he IS wearing combat boots.  He will run 1,000 miles in these boots over the next year, raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  I am in awe that he is taking this on - what a great thing to do!  He started this on June 1st, so the boots were not broken in...and each one weighs 2.5 pounds.  For comparison, his running shoes weigh 10 ounces each.  He looked like he was hurting a bit toward the end of the race, but he finished with a smile on his face - way to go, J.P.!  He started a blog about his journey if you're interested - find it here.
And here they come!  This was at the half mile mark - everyone is looking good!  Jeff is behind the woman in pink.
My car served as the beverage center for the aid station - Karen brought her Hulk Hanks and was "knuckling" everyone as they ran by - too funny!
We found ways to entertain ourselves while waiting...
Fun times!  Karen's hat was from a Warrior Dash that she did - similar to Beach Palooza that I'll be doing with Jeff, Kelly and Chuck in September.
Coach Dale dropped by and couldn't resist the lure of the Hands!
I'm telling ya, put these things on and you can't help but make crazy poses!
Jeff coming toward mile 5.5 - it was hot and he was ready to be done!
My Half Homie Julia dropped by!  She posed with the Hands, too, but that picture must be on Karen's camera. 

So the race ended but I don't have any pictures of the finish because I was still at the aid station.  Jeff finished second and is impossible to live with I am very proud of him.  He's come a long way in 10 weeks!
Congratulations, Mr. Runner!

After everyone had breakfast, Coach Joni gave out awards, with prizes - woohoo! 
Jeff got a "diploma" because Joni said he's graduated to the half marathon program.  Actually, it was an enrollment form for the upcoming half training program...which he registered for.  Dallas White Rock on December 4th, look out!  I got a lighted hand clapper thing for being USAFit's biggest fan.  Which I am - it's a great program, and a great group of people.  I'm glad I found them!

So, Jeff starts his half marathon training on June 25th.  I will not be joining the group this go-round.  And as sad as I am about that, I have to say that looking at the weather forecast makes me a tiny bit glad that I don't have to think about running in this heat.  Swimming is looking pretty nice right about now!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Goals

After a rough start to the year what with my ankle injury (ack!), losing all hopes of running the half marathons I'd trained for (double ack!), then my mom getting diagnosed with cancer (super ack!), things have turned around nicely - my mom is doing great, which is all we could hope for, and while my ankle still is giving me problems, I think I'm starting to make peace with the idea that not only will I not be running in the near future, but also that doing a half marathon this year is looking improbable.  (That is not to say that I won't be pursuing anything I can to get me healed up and back to running, but you don't just run a half marathon without a lot of training, and my time frame is rapidly diminishing for that.)

Anyway, I said all that because as you know, I've stress eaten over those two things, and, coupled with losing a major calorie burner in running, I put on some weight - the fact is that while I can squeeze into the shorts I so effortlessly wore last summer, there is no way I would go out in public wearing them (much less attempt to sit down).  This tells me that, were I to step on the scale, the news would not be good.  But I don't need to do that - the shorts say plenty (those little brats).  And honestly?  I don't care how much I weigh anymore.  I just know the "size" I want to be.  I put size in quotation marks because with all the crazy sizing, you can't even really pick a size goal...but for me, I like how I look and feel when I can easily fit into size 6's and 8's (the shorts in question are a size 6, btw).

The good news is that my eating has been much more in check lately.  And I've discovered something about myself - I'd much rather have a smaller portion now to maintain than eat less later to lose.  Which is where I am now - eating to lose.  You know what?  I hate having to lose weight.  I don't want to be doing this again.  And yes, it's not all that much, in the grand scheme of things, and certainly not much compared to where I was in May of 2008, but having to lose any weight at all is no fun.  And as we all know, I prefer fun.

So while I'm doing something I really don't enjoy (working to lose weight), I'm also trying to make this fun - well, as fun as it can be.  I signed up for Biz's 101 Days of Summer Challenge - this is the second year she's hosting it, and it's been a good reminder of my summer goals.  Plus she's been great about sending out motivational emails which helps keep me focused.  My goals this summer:
  • To eat super healthy for 5 out of 7 days each week
  • To fit back into my smaller-sized shorts by the end of summer
  • To make my body fit and toned by swimming 5 out of 7 days each week
And my bonus goal is to comfortably fit into the sheath dress I bought last summer in time for my 30th high school reunion in late August.  Being that the dress is silk, and the event will be held outdoors, I'm not going to promise to wear it - if it's super hot, I don't want to wreck it by sweating all over it.  But I want to have it as an option.
You will be mine again, lovely silk dress!

I've already started on these goals with the return of my Texas-sized Big Salads.  We've been eating them at least three times a week.  Frozen yogurt only twice a week (those would be the two days of not-so-super-healthy-eating, although in the grand scheme, froyo is a pretty healthy splurge).  No more bags of coconut M&M's.  Tons of water.  And we've been grilling chicken once a week - lately, we've been stuck on the combo of grilled chicken, brown rice, steamed summer squash, and the ultimate in deliciousness, grilled pineapple - holy cow, is that ever good!
I really should have a green vegetable on this plate, but the yellow squash is just really tasty right now!

I am taking advantage of the fact that I'm not working right now - and that means lots of pool time, Monday through Friday.  Yoga (senior or otherwise, lol) when I can fit it in.  Hitting the grocery store every few days for fresh vegetables and fruit.  Taking the time to prepare healthy meals.  I have the time to do all of this, and I will.  I'm putting the focus on myself and how I really want to live my life for the long run - I think I got lost there for a while, but I'm back.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Mishmash

First, I had no idea there were actual lap counters out there for swimming!  Thanks to the many people who left me comments and links, I have one arriving later today from Amazon - this will be fun to see if I can work it how it works!  Thanks for the help, everyone!


So I was a little distracted when I wrote last Friday's Mishmash, and I forgot to include some pictures of our weekend in the Frisco area (near Dallas), where our son Sam now lives.  First, in the midst of crazy Dallas traffic, I spotted the WORLD'S BIGGEST ENGAGEMENT RING STORE!  How did I not know something like this existed?!?  Well, beside the fact that I've been married for nearly 27 years, but still!  Jeff thought I was crazy for taking a picture of it as we drove by (I also may or may not have told him to slow down, lol), but I needed evidence that such a mecca existed!  Good to know for when my future second husband and I get married, anyway.
There is a ginormous engagement ring in the window, too - wish I'd gotten a better picture!

Sam had a paid internship his last semester of college, and saved up his pennies to furnish his new apartment - here is a shot of Max and him on his new Ikea sofa/chaise (and coordinating ottoman!):
They rated it two thumbs up!

This is Sam's new entertainment system, also from Ikea.  Amazing that it came in a gazillion flat boxes!  I think it came out really nice.
I almost broke a sweat watching boys and Jeff hang those upper cabinets!

 Max demonstrating how to cook on Sam's new BBQ:
Quite the narrow balcony - but a gorgeous view of the tree tops!

Paco had to demonstrate how nice a (mostly) white dog looks on the red sofa:
We got to demonstrate vacuuming up pet hair off of said sofa right before we left!


A while ago both Fran and Ann gave me this award, which was really sweet of them!  I think you are supposed to list ten things about yourself, but what could I possibly tell you that you don't already know about me?  Instead, I will give you my Top Ten Shopping Idiosyncrasies:
  1. I always bring two sizes of each piece of clothing into the dressing room;
  2. I start with the bigger size first;
  3. I do rehang my clothes when I am done trying them on;
  4. I don't refold, however - those just get draped over the rack;
  5. I secretly love it when a saleswoman "starts" a dressing room for me, but then I get intimidated and don't want her to come back and check on me;
  6. Thankfully that doesn't happen at TJ Maxx or Ross;
  7. I only bra shop with my best friend, Barbara, which can be a challenge considering we live 1,500 miles apart;
  8. I love a clearance rack, but get overwhelmed if there are too many - at that point, I won't even look at them;
  9. I have to open the box if I'm buying something to make sure nothing's broken;
  10. I won't buy a boxed item if a corner is crushed - even if I've opened it to check.  Something is sure to be wrong with it!
As you know, I hate choosing people to pass these awards on to - you're all my favorites!  So if you'd like to do this, please feel free to take the award and post your own crazy list.

    All this swimming has worn me out.  No Senior Yoga for me today.  I am really understanding the importance of rest days - and while I'll swim this morning, I'm looking forward to taking it easy on the weekend.  I guess I should look at it like, if I ran for an hour, I would be tired.  Don't know why I keep thinking that I shouldn't be any less tired when I swim for an hour, or as it were every day this week, an hour and 20 minutes (don't ask me why that was my daily time - it just worked for me).  So it's a much needed (and well-earned) rest weekend for me.

    Speaking of Senior Yoga, I did go last Friday, and it's quite different from regular yoga, but not in how you might imagine...they talk!  There was so much chitchat going on during the class that I just cracked up - this is not your normal relaxing, quiet, introspective, feel-your-body-as-you-breathe-deeply class - oh heck no!  There was all kinds of banter going on...quite funny, once I got used to it.  I'll definitely go again, but it's a big time commitment as the class is at least 90 minutes long, and doing that on top of swimming wipes out my entire morning.  Then it's time for lunch and a nap!  I know, I know, my life is rough.  I acknowledge that. ;)


    And now, it's time for UNfashionable Friday.  What can I say?  It's summer in Texas (no matter what the calendar says, when we hit over 100 degrees, it's SUMMER here!), and I've pretty much been living in either my swimsuit or shorts and a t-shirt.  I can't tell you the last time I styled my hair, unless you count pulling wet hair back with clips a style.  Makeup?  What's that?!?  I haven't even been wearing my jewelry, which to know me is to know I loves me some sparkly things...but with all the getting in and out of the pool, I haven't bothered.
    Still loving the mantra on my shirt!
    This is also unfashionable because of the sad state of my family room - do you think we will EVER do anything around that massive fireplace/mantle area?  It's only been 11 years, after all!

    I'm wearing my favorite t-shirt, and an old pair of workout shorts.  Good thing I'm not a fashion blogger, right?  Hoping that by the end of summer, everything will be a lot looser on me - I'll talk more about that in Monday's post. 
    "No one ever drowned in sweat" - I love this saying!

    Tomorrow morning roles will be reversed as I'll be manning a water station while Jeff runs a 10K with our running club.  I'll be wearing our super-cute new shirt, though, and a coordinating red visor.  Janell, you'd be impressed. ;)

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!