Herniated Disc

In 2019, I had a herniated disc in my L3-L4.  It pressed on the nerve in my spinal column, giving me the worst pain I'd ever had in my entire life.  An L3-L4 herniation isn't one of the more common ones and I had a hard time finding much written about it, not to mention firsthand experience.  Being the writer/blogger that I am, I documented my journey as best I could, in hopes that this might help someone else with this very painful issue.  I've compiled my posts below, and if you are dealing with this and have any questions, I'm happy to share more - you can leave a comment below (please know comments are moderated once a post is 30 days old, but I will see it and respond) or email me at 40somethingsjourney@gmail.com.

WWU - I'm Not Being a Babybitch
Gonna Make This Quick
Herniated Disc Update #1
Herniated Disc Pain
I Used to Run. I Used to Exercise 
Herniated Disc Update #2
WWU - In Which I Go to Physical Therapy
Herniated Disc Update #3
My Brain is Borked
Herniated Discs Suck
Herniated Disc Update #4
Worst. Ride. Ever.
Herniated Disc Update #5
I Feel Like a Pincushion 
Quick Surgery Update
Herniated Disc Update #6 - Surgery Edition
Herniated Disc Update #7 - Post Surgery
Herniated Disc Update #8
Herniated Disc Update #9 - One Year Later

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