Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Mishmash

Sometimes I amaze myself with my brilliance.  (Please read MUCH sarcasm in that last sentence).  Do you know that as of yesterday, we've lived in our current house for 11 years?  And also, even though my kitchen is plenty big, do you know that I've struggled with fitting all of my crap dishes, glasses, etc in the cabinets the entire time we've lived here?  Would you believe that it never occurred to me that the cabinets on one wall might be wider than the cabinets on the other wall?  Well.  Turns out they are.  Who knew?!?  Obviously not me, until last weekend.  The straw that broke the camel's back was my new Fiestaware lunch plates - I'm probably the last person on the planet to join the "smaller plate" club, but finally, I'm in, with the purchase of two plates.  (Truth be told, I only paid for one as Kohl's periodically sends out "spend $10, get $10 off cards, and I am the queen of spending only $10 and getting my stuff for free...but this time, I actually bought an additional plate, so I got two for $10.  More than you wanted to know, I'm sure...)  Anyway, before I so rudely interrupted myself, I could not fit these plates into my cabinet.  No how, no way, and it looked like I was going to have to separate my pretty Fiestaware.  But wait!  I finally thought to LOOK at my cabinets, and my problem was solved!  Well, after I moved everything.  Turns out, sometimes you just need to look at a problem with a different set of eyes to find a solution.

The narrower cabinet:
 Dish cabinet before
Now the bakeware/bowls/water bottle cabinet!  And yes, the tower of cake platters is crazy - I really should see if I can order an extra shelf.

The wider cabinet:
And after!  I can breathe again - why didn't I see this sooner?!?

In the midst of doing this, I mucked out a bunch of things that we haven't used in forever, and in the process, now have a cabinet that has extra space!  And I'm not planning on filling it anytime soon, either:
Not pictured is another cabinet where the coffee mugs/travel mugs and regular glasses are - ironically enough, I thought to place them over the spot where the coffee maker is.  Another shot of brilliance - I'm telling you, I felt like I could have joined Mensa last weekend!

Oh - I did have one little problem - my big yellow bowl, that I use for everything from tossing salads to making granola, didn't fit into the smaller "bowl" cabinet:
Works for me.  :)


Do you ever run into people who knew you back when you were overweight?  I had that experience yesterday at a health expo - I was there helping out with our running club's booth, and then afterward, Erica and I walked around.  I was wearing my new 10K "Stay Fit" shirt and a pair of shorts, and ran into a guy who I used to work for back in 2004/2005.  I was probably even bigger back then than I was when I started my diet in 2008, if that tells you anything.  I did see him over the holidays when he came into the jewelry store that I worked at, but this time, I was not all "wintered up" in my clothes (you know - black slacks, heavy sweater).  I just wonder what he must have said to people after I left - something along the lines of "you should have SEEN this woman before" or "damn, she looking fiiine!" - LOL.  Probably nothing, in actuality.  I have an active imagination.


Oh, and also?  In the pool yesterday I had to share a lane for the first time - ugh.  The college-age girl who I was swimming with trapped me and an older gentleman who walks laps in the pool and had to tell us all about her fantastic weight-loss system that she had discovered and how it had revolutionized her life.  But really.  Honey.  I get that you're enthusiastic.  However, you don't know where people are in their lives.  Or how far they've come.  I would never presume that the older man, who is overweight, needs to be informed of this - who knows...maybe he's already lost a bunch of weight?  And what the hell - did she think I needed to lose weight?!?  I am mock indigent, of course, having seen myself in a swimsuit, but really people...keep it to yourself unless someone asks.  /off soapbox.


Yesterday was our 27th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated it by going out for the early bird special at Texas Roadhouse and of course, Red Mango frozen yogurt.  A little ironic, considering we bought a new grill with the money my parents sent us for our anniversary (and Jeff's birthday (next week) - June is a big month for us).  But hey - while we like grilling, we are terrible at steaks.  And that's what we wanted last night.  Here's a couple pictures of our new Weber Q:
 So cute!  And it's portable, should we want to tailgate.
Grilling chicken tenders, which I burned a little (talent, I haz it) and pineapple spears (yum).

I liked that the grill slots are much narrower than our old grill (a cheapie that rusted away in three years - here's hoping the Weber does better than that) - I can throw veggies on it and not lose them through the grill like I used to.


We are off to Denton this weekend to visit the boys and help our younger son, Max, with his new apartment.  Luckily the only thing we have to put together is his new desk (from Ikea, of course).  I'm sure he could handle it on his own, but it will be fun to help.  Or help by watching, as is my plan.  The other thing that I'm excited about is that we will pick up MY new desk while we're up there - Jeff and the boys pitched in to get me set up with a new desk (and drawers!!!!!) for my birthday gift.  This will replace the desk we bought when we first got married - its' single drawer has frustrated me for years, and it isn't the sturdiest thing anymore.  I can't wait to get it built and organize my office!

Have a great weekend!


  1. whoa
    best mishmash ever as I got tired reading it---now if only I could gets me ORGANIZED LIKE THAT reading it.

    Have a fantastic weekend in Denton!

  2. Sometimes a good reorganise feels fantastic and makes you wonder 'what have I been thinking all this time?'. I understand running into people from the past and having them see you or react to you differently. My situation is the opposite though. After falling ill and gaining the 30plus kilos we moved back to my home town. People who now see me remember me when I was fit and healthy and known as being 'really good at sports'. They can't get their head around how I am now and some even avoid me. Weird. It's not catching people! I'm loving your swimming posts and am working to get back into the water myself. This is so long it should have been an email!

  3. Haha - I love your solution. That's my style. Happy belated anniversary!

  4. Right - a place for all the foodie stuff! What a good problem to have. Couple of years ago, for me - it might have been junk food storage problems!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    You tell Jeff that when I come to TX I am going to show him how to grill a steak and he'll never want to go out for one again! In fact I've got a method to do the whole meal on the grill, including the potato!

    Have fun with Max, can't wait to see your new desk.

  6. Can I come over when Helen grills the steaks LOL! I'm not that good at steaks either. Plus, Texas Roadhouse? YUMM. Our parents did know what they were doing after all!

    You were really funny this morning!

    And girl in pool? Didn't you tell her that she needed to get her own blog so she could talk about it all she wants?

    Your grill is cute. I hope mine will rust pretty soon so I can get a new one.

    And now. I'm off to organize my cabinets. They are driving me nuts. And come to think of it, I do believe one of my cabinets is deeper than the other. I don't think it'll help me much though...

  7. Reorganizing is the BEST, and finding new ways to fit everything into the correct space is really smart. Hmm, I have similar problems with the food versus the plate cabinets; I wonder if switching them would help? Thanks for the idea!

    Honestly, I think you should have just said to the girl at the pool, "I lost 100 pounds and have kept it off. I know about revolutionary diets, thanks." And then gotten out of the pool and walked away. Just to shut her up for good! :)

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the grill.

  8. Fiesta ware is always so pretty in the cabinets (ok and on the table too!)

    Yay on figuring out the trick to your cabinets! Wanna come work on mine?? LOL

    Happy Birthday (s) and happy anniversary!

  9. Love this Mishmash post!!! BIG congratulations on your anniversary. Woo Hoo for the Q!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Jealous of all your fiesta ware - and your cabinets - my cabinets are awful particle board, with 1970's yellow and brown mushroom tack paper that try as I might, have never been able to remove.

    We've lived in our house 11 years too next month. :D Time sure does fly.

    I seem to always have people ask to share a lane with me - out of six lanes I don't know why I am always the target - maybe because I am slow? Ha!

    Have fun in Denton - I'd just watch them build the desk too. :D

    Happy Friday Shelley - have a great weekend!

  11. in our house re orgnaization means renos ;-).
    Great job Shelley, hope you can find a spot for that bowl ;-).
    Happy anniversary!

  12. So...I shouldn't mention that the newly discovered cabinet room could be filled with more Fiestaware?

    Your organizing has inspired me as I dig out of my trip...I have piles everywhere.

    Happy Anniversary and enjoy your weekend!

  13. Lemme guess ~ the college age girl was a "beach body coach" and she was selling Shakeology? I hear wonderful things about the P90X program and admittedly, the shakes are phenomenal but I refuse to use them out of principle because the "coaches" are so dang pushy!!! Grrrr. Pet Peeve of mine!

  14. I always think of you when I see Fiestaware and I always use the bowls I got from you!

    Sorry you had to share a me there is nothing worse but then you said she talked to you...that's worse. I wonder if you are allowed to just say no if someone asks ;)

    Have a fun weekend and happy anniversary!!!

  15. the cabinets made me's so true we just get used to things being a certain way and don't take the time to try to make them better...why?!

  16. Well Dang - happy anniversary! 27 years, too :D

    Now you need to get glass fronted cabinets to show off your neatness and organizedness.

  17. Congrats on the new grill. Looks pretty neat. I love organizing. I love being organized. Wish I had more time to, but maybe someday. Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Happy Anniversary! 27 years is WONDERFUL!!! :)

    Have fun helping Max with the desk. Gotta love Ikea!

  19. Happy Anniversary! Bill and I only have a year on you guys although we've never made it official, still living in sin.

    I need to work on getting organized now. I keep thinking I haven't gotten anything accomplished since getting laid off and then I remember losing 90 + pounds is something (and very time consuming).

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Love the reorg! I need to do that every now and then just to stay sane. I also love the Fiesta Ware, and have some too! Your grill is very nice also! Fun post!

  21. Happy Anniversary Shelley! 27 years? Were you six when you got married? :0) You don't look old enough to be married that long!

    Love the organization - I have to do that in my kitchen. My problem is the cabinets are so high - I need a step stool to reach stuff!

    Have fun with your boys this weekend

  22. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Love your new Weber. We're going to buy a Weber too, I think after we come back from our holiday.

    The cabinets look really neat, smart idea after 11 years LOL.

    I would be annoyed at that girl too. I never try to talk people into doing something that worked for me. Sure I tell them about it if they ask.

    Have a great weekend with your boys.

  23. Have a great weekend with your boys!

    I'm jealous of your new grill. There are grills in my apartment complex but they're charcoal and (I don't know how to work them) I never want to grill for only myself. :)

  24. I am not going to remark about eating the early bird special on your 27th anniversary. Whenever we go out to dinner early, my husband always makes fun of my age!!

    Congrats to you two, 27 years, amazing!

  25. Your cupboard project is pretty inspiring...I had to clean our cupboards and organize when we put this house on the market. Geesh, it's so much work but yours look awesome!
    Sounds like you're going to have a fun weekend Happy Anniversay!

  26. I have Fiestaware too, I love it! Great job with the cabinet reorganization. And Happy Anniversary!

    Speaking of people from the past, a friend told me the other day that she was looking at pictures of me on facebook and she doesn't remember me being so "big" (she meant FAT!). She has known me for 20 years, regular sized, then fat, and now regular sized. I'm glad she doesn't remember!

  27. Hey, Happy Anniversary!

    I often think if I moved in to my home all over again tomorrow, I wonder how I would see things in terms of decorating and such. I might not really be 'seeing' anymore.......I need fresh eyes.

    Re cool yellow bowl. Are your cabinet shelves adjustable? If so it looks like there might be a mate to the yellow bowl in the cupboard. Maybe they could 'nest' if the shelf went up a bit. Just a thought.

    Love hearing your updates. Glad Paco got to go along on the car trip.

  28. You are a busy girl, my friend.

    Love getting the tour of your cabinets.
    I can't believe that girl was trying to share her weight loss "secrets." I think I would have asked her why she was telling you that. Did she think you need to lose weight? People can be frustrating sometimes.

    What a cute grill!! Ours is dead. :( We have an old smokey now. So I have a little grill envy right now. LOL


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