Monday, June 20, 2011

Of Heat, Food and Other Miscellany

What a busy weekend!  We drove up to Denton on Friday afternoon.  It was incredibly hot.  Each time the temperature gauge on our car registered a new high, I took a picture and texted it to Helen.  I'm sure it kept her highly entertained.
 Yes, that would be 111 degrees - even for Texas, this was unseasonably hot!

But look who was a happy camper:
"Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I'm going to see my boys!"

Anyway, I consider this weekend a rousing success for me, eating-wise, because for once I did not succumb to what I like to call "car food" - somehow, even though I rarely eat junk, it seems not only normal but necessary on a long car ride.  I think this harkens back to the days of driving from one end of California to the other, where strawberry milkshakes and lemon drops took center stage.  We left right around lunchtime, and were kind of in a rush.  I grabbed a Honey Milk protein drink, a Clif Bar, and an apple.  Who am I???  That is just so strange to me, that I would eat such decently healthy food on the road.  I guess I really DO want to fit into my smaller-sized clothes!

By the way, one day last week I woke up feeling hungry, and my stomach also felt deflated - two signs that in the past have meant that I was finally losing weight.  Which is great - I've been much more aware of my portion sizes and have cut out the "extras" that I was eating.  I've been swimming diligently every weekday, so it seemed right that I would be losing weight.  After I got home from swimming that day, I decided to try on my silk dress to see how it was fitting.  Guess what?!?  I'm still fat.  Can you believe that after nearly two weeks of  dieting, the dress did not miraculously fit?  I know, I was shocked too.

I know I may sound like I'm joking around, and I am in a way, but I have to remember that, once again, I did not (re)gain this weight overnight, and I certainly won't lose it overnight, much as I would like to.  But I am secure in knowing that as long as I do my part, I WILL lose the weight.  I know this, because I did it once already.  But this time, as Bob is my witness (wasn't Rugrats a great cartoon?!?), I will keep the weight lost. 


  1. as long as I do my part is so so much the key component.
    when I was a full time trainer I had MMMAAANNNY clients who were not successful (ok five :) not that I remember at all) and it was all due to their not doing what *they* had planned out and committed to.
    when they did
    when they stuck to their plan

    sign me,

    Stating the Obvious McGee


  2. Good job Shelley.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Success doesn't always come in the form of a number! You've been staying active and that's great inspiration for at the moment for me!I'm feeling those lazy days of summer creeping up on me.

  4. Wow, that is super hot. And yes, Rugrats was great. You'll get the weight off again, Shelley. And I'm so happy you've been out there rocking the swim workouts - awesome!

  5. Highly entertained I was! And still hoping for some of that heat to head our way as we remain 10-15 degrees below normal. At least it warmed up enough for the beach day with the kiddies.

    A Wo-man with a Plan. Imagine that. Now imagine yourself definitely fitting in that dress by reunion time...

  6. It was sort of a Dante's weekend, weatherwise, no? I don't know if I exercised or got sandblasted!

    I love, love, love your attitude. No panic, just the faith and knowledge that if you do what works, it will work.

    I vote we go visit Helen. NOW.

  7. Damn dress!

    I agree with you about car food. My other bad eating "place" is the movies. And, I usually eat all the snacks during the previews, totally ridiculous.

  8. Ha! Car food. My nemesis. And the movie food. That's why I don't go to movies. I've been thinking I need to avoid the long car trips.

    I didn't watch Rugrats. But that is FUNNY!

  9. Way to go on the car food! Probably one of my biggest downfalls. Just keep doing what you're doing and those smaller clothes will fit before you know it. I loved Rugrats. Phil and Lil were my favorite!

  10. Ugh, don't you hate it when that happens? Keep with it. You have such a good mindset, I'm sure you will.

    Great job on the car munchies!

  11. You are amazing Shelley!!! With your determination and motivation, these few lbs will drop off sooner than you know! LOVE the picture of Paco!! AWWW. Have a great week.

  12. You and I have both had "Who am I" moments the past couple weeks, haven't we?!

    Yep, I keep getting discouraged with the -.6's, but I guess if I string enough together I'll get to my goal.

    Thanks for letting me vent! :D

  13. You definitely will get there, no doubt about that.

    Can you send some sunshine my way? It is a beautiful day today but too much wind and it could be a bit warmer.

    I have internet on my vacation address so will check in on you this week.

    Big hug from me to you my friend.

  14. I get annoyed when I am really good one day and then the scale doesn't move the next day. Like I am going to drop 5 pounds overnight. How long does it take to learn that anyway?

    Congrats on the car food! I have the same thing coming up this weekend. I am on a trip with my sis and we *always* eat crap (which she usually brings). I will keep your success in mind.

  15. You will get there Shelley! I would love to be at my goal weight by tomorrow, but I know if I keep going I will make it!

    Great job on the car snacks - that's someone who is a healthy eater!

  16. Road trip food is one of my downfalls too. Good job on keeping it healthy. Rugrats is one of my favorite kids shows! I still quote it all the time too. I also want to lose my excess weight overnight. It's very hard to be patient with ourselves isn't it? I guess we have no choice but to take it slow and do it the "right way". We'll get there.

  17. I like reading how you put things into perspective. Have you added any other car activities to replace the boredom of being in the car for long hours?

  18. Catching up from the past few days. It's been crazy hot where I am at....hell....I mean Phoenix. I just came back from where it was rainy and in the 50's. THE FIFTIES!!

    You and I are right there together. We both know what it takes, and more important, we know we HAVE what it takes! Thanks for the reminder.

    Now come get my kitchen organized!

  19. Love the RugRats.... I did pediatrics during the hayday....I still catch myself quoting the misquotes!

  20. Hi there. I am in the same boat as you are. Any of the weight I put back on is all my doing. I take full credit for every pound, and every reappearing roll :( Its totally up to me to do it.

    I have a question for you. A while back you blogged about honey milk protein drinks. Any idea where I can get that or something else like it? I have decided that you are right (thanks for the warning) that I am very hungry with all this running I am doing and that I need to be eating the right things to make me less hungry and promote weight loss. Also, I want to get the most out of my runs! So thanks for all your comments youhave been leaving for me. I really do look forward to what you will have to say! Your words of wisdom are always welcome!


  21. Shelly,

    It was very hot in Florida this weekend as well. I have to admit it did not get to 111 degrees. I want to commend you on your goal to get into that dress. The weight you want to lose will come off over time as long as you set your mind on your eating and continue with your daily swimming routine. In my case weight loss was a change in my daily lifestyle. I like your choice of travel food. A Honey Milk protein drink, a Clif Bar, and an apple was a good selection. I have been studying interval training lately and maybe you could add interval training to your swimming routine. Studies show that fat burning happens a little faster with interval training.

    Good luck with your weight loss goals and getting into your dress

  22. Yikes, that is hot. Maybe the heat is shrinking the dress? Even though it doesn't fit YET, you are getting healthier and fitter. You'll reach your goal, you have great determination.

  23. Tv food. The worst is when I watch The Biggest Loser and BINGE!!!! But I try to keep it healthy!

  24. 111?! That's hot!! It got to 107 in San Antonio.

    Good job on the car food. That's tough for me. We stop at Bucees all the time and I have to remind myself to be a good girl and NOT get the fudge they taunt me with. ;-)

    The beauty about losing weight is that you know how to do it and you know you'll get there so it's not the almost panic state we feel when we (me) first get started. You know it will come off so there is a peace about it.

    Good job, Shelley.


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