Tuesday, June 14, 2011

USAFit 10K Race Recap!

On Saturday, our running club had the final run of our spring training season - a 10K.  This is what everyone has trained for since April - well, everyone except for me.  OK, and a couple of others who had some injuries as well.  But ME!  I couldn't run this race!  Sigh.  Are you tired of hearing me whine?  I kinda am.  Anyway, what is that saying?  Those who can't, teach run a water station?  That is what I did - worked the aid station that the runners passed by at miles .5, 3.2 and 5.5.  I worked it along with Karen, who is dealing with a hip issue and couldn't complete the program either.  But hey - we had fun, even if we couldn't run!

As there are (quite sanely, I might add, with our hot hot temperatures) no formal races in our part of Texas this time of year, the coaches made our own race, complete with bib numbers, a starting line, the aforementioned aid stations, and a meal afterward (breakfast tacos and fresh fruit - yum!).  It was funny to have people drive by our aid station and ask us what race was running - "oh, the USAFit 10K" we'd answer, like they should have heard of it.  LOL

Pre-race - Jeff going over his strategy with Coach A.J. and his wife Brandi.  Or else he was telling them what he had for dinner the night before.  Odds are pretty even on this one.
This is J.P., and yes, he IS wearing combat boots.  He will run 1,000 miles in these boots over the next year, raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  I am in awe that he is taking this on - what a great thing to do!  He started this on June 1st, so the boots were not broken in...and each one weighs 2.5 pounds.  For comparison, his running shoes weigh 10 ounces each.  He looked like he was hurting a bit toward the end of the race, but he finished with a smile on his face - way to go, J.P.!  He started a blog about his journey if you're interested - find it here.
And here they come!  This was at the half mile mark - everyone is looking good!  Jeff is behind the woman in pink.
My car served as the beverage center for the aid station - Karen brought her Hulk Hanks and was "knuckling" everyone as they ran by - too funny!
We found ways to entertain ourselves while waiting...
Fun times!  Karen's hat was from a Warrior Dash that she did - similar to Beach Palooza that I'll be doing with Jeff, Kelly and Chuck in September.
Coach Dale dropped by and couldn't resist the lure of the Hands!
I'm telling ya, put these things on and you can't help but make crazy poses!
Jeff coming toward mile 5.5 - it was hot and he was ready to be done!
My Half Homie Julia dropped by!  She posed with the Hands, too, but that picture must be on Karen's camera. 

So the race ended but I don't have any pictures of the finish because I was still at the aid station.  Jeff finished second and is impossible to live with I am very proud of him.  He's come a long way in 10 weeks!
Congratulations, Mr. Runner!

After everyone had breakfast, Coach Joni gave out awards, with prizes - woohoo! 
Jeff got a "diploma" because Joni said he's graduated to the half marathon program.  Actually, it was an enrollment form for the upcoming half training program...which he registered for.  Dallas White Rock on December 4th, look out!  I got a lighted hand clapper thing for being USAFit's biggest fan.  Which I am - it's a great program, and a great group of people.  I'm glad I found them!

So, Jeff starts his half marathon training on June 25th.  I will not be joining the group this go-round.  And as sad as I am about that, I have to say that looking at the weather forecast makes me a tiny bit glad that I don't have to think about running in this heat.  Swimming is looking pretty nice right about now!


  1. Congratulations to Jeff for a job well done! I guess he's hooked now, eh? And you are to thank for that Shelley so you totally deserve your award. So nice that you (injured) guys did the water stop... there's a lot of folks who wouldn't have had the heart to support the others. But we knew that about you all along, I think!

  2. Congrats for Jeff, he sure has come a long way those 10 weeks and I'm proud of him he's going to take the half challenge.

    You guys were so funny at the water stops, had to laugh at the pictures.

    And I don't envy Jeff either with those temperatures. Way too hot for this girl LOL

  3. Poor Jeff! What a reward to graduate into a training program in that heat, yikes!

    Volunteers at races are the best, you know that. It's nice that you are still involved through your injury. Some people would have a hard time being sidelined and still giving back.

  4. Congratulations to Jeff! And on your award - I know you had a blast, even though you would have rather been running yourself.

    Man, that weather forecast is brutal, isn't it?

  5. Congrats to Jeff! And your friend with the boots? Amazing... truly.

    My niece has those hulk hands - they are funny :D

  6. awesome!!! the hulk hands rocked!!!!

    I really like that you guys made up your own 10K.

  7. Looks like a fun time. I'm sorry you didn't get to run, someday soon hopefully.

  8. You are so awesome for volunteering at the race! Love the Hulk hands.

    I'm super impressed with JP. What a great way to support the Wounded Warrior project.

  9. Awe, happy memories of Texas (the weather chart.) I remember driving around in an unconditioned car thinking, I can take this. I was younger and more foolish then.

    I love reading race re-caps. Much better than actually participating in a race!

  10. Not that this comment is about you but if that guy runs in those combat boots, I'm in shock. Complete, utter shock. Shocked into silence.

  11. I'm just catching up with you. Crazy week.

    YAY JEFF!!!! And you make the cutest cheerleader. Love your team spirit. :)


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