Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Goals

After a rough start to the year what with my ankle injury (ack!), losing all hopes of running the half marathons I'd trained for (double ack!), then my mom getting diagnosed with cancer (super ack!), things have turned around nicely - my mom is doing great, which is all we could hope for, and while my ankle still is giving me problems, I think I'm starting to make peace with the idea that not only will I not be running in the near future, but also that doing a half marathon this year is looking improbable.  (That is not to say that I won't be pursuing anything I can to get me healed up and back to running, but you don't just run a half marathon without a lot of training, and my time frame is rapidly diminishing for that.)

Anyway, I said all that because as you know, I've stress eaten over those two things, and, coupled with losing a major calorie burner in running, I put on some weight - the fact is that while I can squeeze into the shorts I so effortlessly wore last summer, there is no way I would go out in public wearing them (much less attempt to sit down).  This tells me that, were I to step on the scale, the news would not be good.  But I don't need to do that - the shorts say plenty (those little brats).  And honestly?  I don't care how much I weigh anymore.  I just know the "size" I want to be.  I put size in quotation marks because with all the crazy sizing, you can't even really pick a size goal...but for me, I like how I look and feel when I can easily fit into size 6's and 8's (the shorts in question are a size 6, btw).

The good news is that my eating has been much more in check lately.  And I've discovered something about myself - I'd much rather have a smaller portion now to maintain than eat less later to lose.  Which is where I am now - eating to lose.  You know what?  I hate having to lose weight.  I don't want to be doing this again.  And yes, it's not all that much, in the grand scheme of things, and certainly not much compared to where I was in May of 2008, but having to lose any weight at all is no fun.  And as we all know, I prefer fun.

So while I'm doing something I really don't enjoy (working to lose weight), I'm also trying to make this fun - well, as fun as it can be.  I signed up for Biz's 101 Days of Summer Challenge - this is the second year she's hosting it, and it's been a good reminder of my summer goals.  Plus she's been great about sending out motivational emails which helps keep me focused.  My goals this summer:
  • To eat super healthy for 5 out of 7 days each week
  • To fit back into my smaller-sized shorts by the end of summer
  • To make my body fit and toned by swimming 5 out of 7 days each week
And my bonus goal is to comfortably fit into the sheath dress I bought last summer in time for my 30th high school reunion in late August.  Being that the dress is silk, and the event will be held outdoors, I'm not going to promise to wear it - if it's super hot, I don't want to wreck it by sweating all over it.  But I want to have it as an option.
You will be mine again, lovely silk dress!

I've already started on these goals with the return of my Texas-sized Big Salads.  We've been eating them at least three times a week.  Frozen yogurt only twice a week (those would be the two days of not-so-super-healthy-eating, although in the grand scheme, froyo is a pretty healthy splurge).  No more bags of coconut M&M's.  Tons of water.  And we've been grilling chicken once a week - lately, we've been stuck on the combo of grilled chicken, brown rice, steamed summer squash, and the ultimate in deliciousness, grilled pineapple - holy cow, is that ever good!
I really should have a green vegetable on this plate, but the yellow squash is just really tasty right now!

I am taking advantage of the fact that I'm not working right now - and that means lots of pool time, Monday through Friday.  Yoga (senior or otherwise, lol) when I can fit it in.  Hitting the grocery store every few days for fresh vegetables and fruit.  Taking the time to prepare healthy meals.  I have the time to do all of this, and I will.  I'm putting the focus on myself and how I really want to live my life for the long run - I think I got lost there for a while, but I'm back.


  1. ahh this resonated with me. and I think we all have the time if we choose to use it for what we need.
    this morning
    I need rodney (yee)
    and a babysitter ;)
    too bad the yee doesnt babysit!


  2. It's so smart to make your summer goals reasonable and not UNattainable. I've read summer goals lately that give a number of pounds. It's so much smarter to work at the behaviors that will get you there, not the number of pounds. You've given me something to think about.

  3. I'd bet money that the shorts and the dress are both yours even before the end of summer.

    Thanks for writing this... now I don't have to to write a post about what I'm doing since, yep, I'm doing the same thing and have some goal shorts to boot!

  4. Yayyy Shelley - you're going to rock this summer!

  5. Favorite line--"having to lose any weight at all is no fun. And as we all know, I prefer fun."

    All I can say is amen, sister!

  6. You lost me at that gorgeous blue dress (is that not inspiration to get on track, fab U lous) and grilled pineapple. Yummy, yummy.

  7. Those are some great goals and there is no doubt in my mind that you'll do it. With the swimming and eating healthy you'll get there.

    I'm with ya: it doesn't matter so much what the scale says as long as you look good in your clothes.

  8. I totally forgot about that dress - it looks so good on you - I have no doubt that you'll fit into it again!

    So happy you joined my challenge again this year - I am super motivated this time around for some reason - I've kinda ditched my normal "diet" mode and I don't know how or why, but I am taking it. I no longer beat myself up for eating an extra piece of pizza, and while the scale isn't moving as fast as I would like, I know my body shape is changing.

    My 12's are now a bit loose, and while I wouldn't wear my size 10's outside to pick up the mail, they zip up!

    Happy Monday - here's to a great week!

  9. You can do this. Like probably everyone who reads your blog, I have been there, and done that. I am in maintenance mode, but it is a slipperly slope to needing to lose a few again, so the work really never ends. Such a huge bummer about your ankle!! I have become a "runner" in the past few years, and as much as I don't love it, I would be miserable if I really could not run anymore. Your goals sound awesome. My sister and I lament that once you lose the weight, it should just stay off forever!!! Sadly, the weight gods don't listen to us... You go girl!

  10. Yay Shelley! I have NO doubt you'll reach your summer goals, but still have fun while you are working toward them. LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!!! Have a great week!!!

  11. You are a beautiful woman no matter your weight. Having said that, please know I understand how important it is to one's sense of self to be comfortable in your own body. So, I'm cheering you on for your summer goals - they are very doable, and you are just the woman to get 'em done!

  12. Right on! Good news. Tight size 6 isn't so bad. U r beautiful!!! Swimming is great especially for the glutes and legs. At least you don't have to run around half naked all the time like here. The dress is awesome. U r doing fantastic!!!!

  13. The food looks delicious. Your post is very inspirational. Who ever heard of Coconut M&Ms? I think you wrote about them in the past. But my husband's fave food was M&Ms and look where he is now?

    Other than that, I have nothing evil to add.
    You look great in the silk dress. I'm shocked they sell silk in TX.

  14. I just tried grilled pineapple this weekend. Amazing!! I need to set some summer goals - thank you for the reminder - you are such an inspiration as always!

  15. Having to lose weight again does suck. I am in that boat.

    It just seems harder now to stick with it.

    I know you will do it and own that dress again!

  16. Fantastic goals!

    I received my delicious granola. Thanks so much! It was a CRAZY price to pay for shipping, which makes it even more appreciated.

    Here's to fitting into our skinny, summer clothes!

  17. Welcome back!

    It's so hard to figure out how to work around an injury. I have no doubt you will get back into your comfortable size. That dress is fantastic.

    I love Biz's summer challenge. Crossed into onderland last summer and may actually get to goal this summer. Still taking it slow and steady.

    Nothing says summertime like giant salads and pool time. Enjoy!!!

  18. Love your Summer goals and no doubt in my mind that you will reach them too and look fabulous in the dress (already keeping fingers crossed it will be cool so you can wear it).

  19. Go Shelley!!! You can do it!!!

    And as long as you eat the rainbow, there is no problem if you don't eat green at dinner :-)

  20. Great goals, reasonable and that fit into your life. I find true summer to be the easiest to eat healthy during -- all that fruit and veggies are so plentiful and fresh, and I want to exercise more.

    Now if only the weather would cooperate and BE summery!

  21. I quote you "And I've discovered something about myself - I'd much rather have a smaller portion now to maintain than eat less later to lose." I keep thinking in those words since I read it last Monday. I think I have never heard before a better advice regarding eating habits. Thank you Shelley!

  22. Those are great goals, and you sound really motivated. I like the idea of picking a clothing size that makes you comfortable rather than a number on the scale. I hate the scale!

    And that dress is gorgeous, as well as you in it!


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