Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Mishmash

First, I had no idea there were actual lap counters out there for swimming!  Thanks to the many people who left me comments and links, I have one arriving later today from Amazon - this will be fun to see if I can work it how it works!  Thanks for the help, everyone!


So I was a little distracted when I wrote last Friday's Mishmash, and I forgot to include some pictures of our weekend in the Frisco area (near Dallas), where our son Sam now lives.  First, in the midst of crazy Dallas traffic, I spotted the WORLD'S BIGGEST ENGAGEMENT RING STORE!  How did I not know something like this existed?!?  Well, beside the fact that I've been married for nearly 27 years, but still!  Jeff thought I was crazy for taking a picture of it as we drove by (I also may or may not have told him to slow down, lol), but I needed evidence that such a mecca existed!  Good to know for when my future second husband and I get married, anyway.
There is a ginormous engagement ring in the window, too - wish I'd gotten a better picture!

Sam had a paid internship his last semester of college, and saved up his pennies to furnish his new apartment - here is a shot of Max and him on his new Ikea sofa/chaise (and coordinating ottoman!):
They rated it two thumbs up!

This is Sam's new entertainment system, also from Ikea.  Amazing that it came in a gazillion flat boxes!  I think it came out really nice.
I almost broke a sweat watching boys and Jeff hang those upper cabinets!

 Max demonstrating how to cook on Sam's new BBQ:
Quite the narrow balcony - but a gorgeous view of the tree tops!

Paco had to demonstrate how nice a (mostly) white dog looks on the red sofa:
We got to demonstrate vacuuming up pet hair off of said sofa right before we left!


A while ago both Fran and Ann gave me this award, which was really sweet of them!  I think you are supposed to list ten things about yourself, but what could I possibly tell you that you don't already know about me?  Instead, I will give you my Top Ten Shopping Idiosyncrasies:
  1. I always bring two sizes of each piece of clothing into the dressing room;
  2. I start with the bigger size first;
  3. I do rehang my clothes when I am done trying them on;
  4. I don't refold, however - those just get draped over the rack;
  5. I secretly love it when a saleswoman "starts" a dressing room for me, but then I get intimidated and don't want her to come back and check on me;
  6. Thankfully that doesn't happen at TJ Maxx or Ross;
  7. I only bra shop with my best friend, Barbara, which can be a challenge considering we live 1,500 miles apart;
  8. I love a clearance rack, but get overwhelmed if there are too many - at that point, I won't even look at them;
  9. I have to open the box if I'm buying something to make sure nothing's broken;
  10. I won't buy a boxed item if a corner is crushed - even if I've opened it to check.  Something is sure to be wrong with it!
As you know, I hate choosing people to pass these awards on to - you're all my favorites!  So if you'd like to do this, please feel free to take the award and post your own crazy list.

    All this swimming has worn me out.  No Senior Yoga for me today.  I am really understanding the importance of rest days - and while I'll swim this morning, I'm looking forward to taking it easy on the weekend.  I guess I should look at it like, if I ran for an hour, I would be tired.  Don't know why I keep thinking that I shouldn't be any less tired when I swim for an hour, or as it were every day this week, an hour and 20 minutes (don't ask me why that was my daily time - it just worked for me).  So it's a much needed (and well-earned) rest weekend for me.

    Speaking of Senior Yoga, I did go last Friday, and it's quite different from regular yoga, but not in how you might imagine...they talk!  There was so much chitchat going on during the class that I just cracked up - this is not your normal relaxing, quiet, introspective, feel-your-body-as-you-breathe-deeply class - oh heck no!  There was all kinds of banter going on...quite funny, once I got used to it.  I'll definitely go again, but it's a big time commitment as the class is at least 90 minutes long, and doing that on top of swimming wipes out my entire morning.  Then it's time for lunch and a nap!  I know, I know, my life is rough.  I acknowledge that. ;)


    And now, it's time for UNfashionable Friday.  What can I say?  It's summer in Texas (no matter what the calendar says, when we hit over 100 degrees, it's SUMMER here!), and I've pretty much been living in either my swimsuit or shorts and a t-shirt.  I can't tell you the last time I styled my hair, unless you count pulling wet hair back with clips a style.  Makeup?  What's that?!?  I haven't even been wearing my jewelry, which to know me is to know I loves me some sparkly things...but with all the getting in and out of the pool, I haven't bothered.
    Still loving the mantra on my shirt!
    This is also unfashionable because of the sad state of my family room - do you think we will EVER do anything around that massive fireplace/mantle area?  It's only been 11 years, after all!

    I'm wearing my favorite t-shirt, and an old pair of workout shorts.  Good thing I'm not a fashion blogger, right?  Hoping that by the end of summer, everything will be a lot looser on me - I'll talk more about that in Monday's post. 
    "No one ever drowned in sweat" - I love this saying!

    Tomorrow morning roles will be reversed as I'll be manning a water station while Jeff runs a 10K with our running club.  I'll be wearing our super-cute new shirt, though, and a coordinating red visor.  Janell, you'd be impressed. ;)

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


    1. YAY mishmash.
      and hooray for unfashionable friday as well.
      If you do a post like the prom one for us readertype of the unfashionable friday I have myriad pics already scanned in I can send :)

      Have a great weekend.
      Ill be water manning too.
      at the house.
      making the child hydrate.

    2. Unfashionable Friday - I love it (and I'm living it, as I stand here typing at the kitchen counter, in workout capris and an old t-shirt belonging to my husband)!!!

      I can't wear make-up in summer when I'm in FL, either. I just melts off - so I have tiny squirrel-eyes/look tired all summer long!

    3. Sam's got the hookup! Mr. Helen would call that a Passion Pit (not that you want to hear that).

      Of course you'd be tired after an hour plus of swimming you nut. Senior Yoga is 90 minutes? Is that because it takes so long to get through the moves or because they won't shut up? LOL!

    4. Love the red couch! And I love Ikea - I could spend days in that store.

      I need to get that Nike shirt to keep me motiviated - love the message too about no one ever drowned in sweat!

      Looking forward to Jeff's race recap - good luck Jeff - I am sure you'll do great!

      Have an awesome weekend Shelley!

    5. Sam's apartment looks fantastic, he will live there with so much pleasure.

      Of course you need a rest day silly. What did you think? Swimming isn't getting you tired? You deserve a rest day.

      Honestly I wouldn't like it if they chitchat all the time at yoga. What I like about yoga is the quietness involved.

      You look adorable in your Summer outfit.

      And your top 10 is great!

      Have a great weekend and have fun at the water station this weekend.


    6. Shelley, LOVE the pic of you in the orange shirt. You're rockin' girl! Sam's apartment is awesome, love me some ikea as well.
      Oh and um... I'm taking the Adorable blog award like you said to. I need more awards. lol

    7. Hey :o) Love the enertainment unit. Wish we had an ikea close by [so jealous!]
      I like the mantra on your shirt too :o)

    8. Hey Shelley! I know I haven't commented much but I am an avid reader of your blog!

      I used to swim in high school and because of your blogging topics lately I am missing it like crazy! I missed it so much that I was motivated to finally join the gym that's two blocks down with a pool. I can contribute some of that motivation to you! I can't wait to start creating work outs for myself!!! I just wanted to let you know that you were part of my inspiration! Thanks so much and keep on truckin'! :)

    9. Not much make up wearing in Atlanta, either. I feel so guilty every time I read about your swimming adventures. I keep putting off taking the plunge even though I know it would be so good for my knees. Hats off to you for your perserverence.

    10. Didn't know about lap counters....I've used my fingers, or just the mantra in my head is the lap I'm on "three three three, four four four" then I lose count, it's a mess.

    11. I love volunteering at races. Have fun tomorrow!

      And, 90 minutes of any type of yoga is a tough workout and time commitment. Stack it on with swimming and a nap is definitely in order!

    12. I actually get more fashionable in the summer because I hate wearing shorts. Flippy skirts and dresses every day!

    13. Love unfashionable Friday, and the shopping facts!! :) Paco doesn't seem to care about fashion or your mantle, there is obviously something facinating going on outside of your window! Have a great weekend Shelley!!!!

    14. yeahh! not make up (at all) here in Madrid either! summer is here, tomorrow is the season openning of the swimming pool in my condo, so I will be thinking in practicing your rutine. Really like your son´s appt. (also my house it seems to be a model scene of Ikea, everything is Ikea at home!!)(but I don´t really enjoy to buy in Ikea... I got claustrophic in there).. Have a great weekend! : -)

    15. oohh -- I love Ikea furniture! That's how Carlos and I furnished our house last year! I wonder if they sell new roofs?

    16. I'm a huge IKEA fan. When it gets a bad rap it's usually because it wasn't assembled well. Mr. Splurge is an IKEA perfectionist and my closets are to die for! Sam's apartment is totally "thumbs up."

    17. That yoga yapping would drive me nuts!

      Props to the Ikea furnishing - looks like a productive shopping trip.

      I lounge in shorts and t-shirts. They are comfie after all :D

    18. Fun to get another gadget! I love that purple wall, it really is a beautiful color.

    19. Max & Sam testing the furn w/thumbs up is cracking me up.

      Wow, that entertainment system is mighty impressive. I'm surprised there are no "during" photos..must have been quite a task putting that together.. I picture boxes & instructions everywhere, and I can almost hear a curse word or two if I lean in real close to the picture. hahaha! It looks great! And so organized! So do you have one boy who is organized like you, or 2? Two would be over the top, I'm thinkin' you probably got one. :)

      I can imagine that was SO much fun getting Sam all set up. (haha you broke a sweat watching the assembly..)

      Love hearing about your latest workouts. And LOVE that somehow I am allowed back on Blogger! What the heck?

    20. What? There are swimming lap counters? Really? What are they actually called? How cool! I'm starting up swimming again next week, any advice?
      Love your purple paint in the family room!

    21. Your son's apartment looks great! I am envious of his entertainment center.

      As for the fashion, as long as you're not wearing shorts and a tee shirt to work, you're fine! Enjoy staying as cool as you can. I wish I could dress casually every day!

    22. Love Sam's new place and the furniture. Thinking I may need a trip to IKEA now. :)

      Girl, you're looking good! Swimming must be agreeing with you. And I had no idea there were lap counters! Cool beans. You'll be posting pictures?

      Agree with ya: tee and shorts is the official TX summer outfit. Just too hot to get all dolled up.

    23. 'no one ever drowned in sweat' - classic, I love it!!

    24. Hey - next time you are in Dallas, email me - I would love to meet for coffee!


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