Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Day Is It?

I have been so crazy busy I haven't been able to keep up with this blog! We have had family in town for my son's graduation and have been on the go since Monday (today is Saturday). Still, I have been sticking pretty close to the diet...went out to a nice Chinese restaurant yesterday before the grad. ceremony and ordered the "healthy" steamed veggies with chicken (no fat, oil or msg). It came with a garlic/soy sauce on the side and I have to say was really good. The shakes are going long as I drink them on a steady schedule, I feel pretty normal.

As for exercise...the bike riding was going well, adding more laps every night, but I couldn't ride for two evenings because we were gone, so tonight when I rode my thighs were burning! Shows how not worth it skipping exercise is.

Onward and downward...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day Fifteen

Ok, so I had my weigh in today, and I am kinda pissed. After following the diet to a T, and exercising, I lost a measly 3 pounds. That sucks! I know, it's a total of 10 pounds lost in 2 weeks, but still, I expected more. Why, Nutrimed 420, why?!?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day Fourteen

Two weeks today! I think I have settled into a routine with this diet. And exercise, believe it or not...I've been riding laps on my bike around my street (usually while racing Paco). I'm really feeling the exercise in my thighs, and have been adding a lap or two each evening.

Weigh in tomorrow...then off to get a pedicure with my mom, and then to La Riviera Bakery & Cafe for lunch...plan on getting a salad. Hopefully I will have had a nice weight loss and will be motivated to leave the dressing off the salad because of that.

Day Thirteen

There was no day thirteen.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day Twelve...Hah!

Today was a good day. Dare I say it's getting easier? I think I'm getting this down to a science and I'm not feeling like death anymore. And may I just say that Healthy Choice Steamers rock?!? I had something beef/veg/merlot sauce and it was really good...even the meat was tasty, and that's usually what I find lacking in the frozen meals. So yay!

Rode my bike again today. Hit a large rock as I was braking while going into the garage and did a slow fall off the bike. It was hard to get up because my thighs were shaky from all the laps I just did! Plus I have a red mark on my palm, because what else would you do while falling but keep squeezing the brake?!? What.a.goober.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day Eleven...Or When Will She Stop Counting The Days Already???

I only had 3 shakes today, along with the usual V-8. I did have a nice salad with my L.C. Panini, which was great. I made another batch of gazpacho so that will be ready tomorrow. And I exercised! I raced my dog around the court 4 or 5 times - me on my bike, him running. He beat me, but he cheats - cuts across the grass in the center of our street. Any case, it was fun for both of us.

Man oh man, I hope I lose more weight this week.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day Ten...Snowcone Day!

Once again it is Friday and that can only mean one thing...SNOWCONES!!! Yum. I am seriously becoming addicted to Sugar-Free Blue Coconut.

I have been so hungry the last couple of days, and one thing that I was doing earlier in the week that seemed to stave off the feeling of death was to drink 8 oz. of V-8 in the afternoon. Of course, I forgot all about doing this once I went to work on Thursday and memory, or lack thereof, amazes me sometimes. So single-serving bottles of V-8 will go on the grocery list.

I'm getting used to being hungry. I don't like it, but much like a nagging headache, it's there.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day Nine

So tonight at work we had an event with food from Outback Steakhouse. Ugh. I was so hungry. I brought a Lean Cuisine meal, but was dying. So I ate dry Romaine lettuce sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yes, you read that right. Salt.and.pepper. And guess what? I liked it. Me, the Ranch dressing QUEEN, who loves to drown her salads in dressing, ate dry lettuce tonight. I don't even recognize myself anymore!!!

I wonder if my being around a lot of people who are eating good food (and rich chocolate cake!) and NOT eating any of it will make me lose more weight today, just because I stuck to my diet. If there is any justice/karma/good juju in this world, I will have lost extra. Now...where's my halo? ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Eight...THE WEIGH IN

Annnndddd, the magic number is:


Ok, now I have a confession to make. For the five days preceeding starting the diet, I ate every meal like it was my last - whatever I wanted, in whatever quantities. So I was a little concerned that that vast amount of calories would "spill over" into the first week of dieting and the whole week would essentially be a wash. What.a.relief. I had "great success" (Borat voice) in spite of myself.

Onward and downward...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day Seven!

I never thought I would reach this day...ONE WEEK!!! Yay me!!!

I must say, it's getting easier. Not easy by any means, but less horrible. And tomorrow I go get weighed, so hopefully there will be a nice loss to spur me on.

I think I have the shakes down now...mixing either chocolate or vanilla with cold coffee totally tastes like a Starbucks Frappucino, plus it cuts down on the sweetness factor of the shakes. Any case, I actually look forward to the shakes because they taste like treats now.

Gazpacho news: I made it today and I impressed myself with how good it turned out! I found a recipe online and followed it somewhat, but didn't add the olive oil. Still, roma tomatoes, English cucumber, onion, bell pepper, garlic, juice of one lemon, V-8, tabasco, Worchestire sauce, salt and pepper blended in my food processor made for a damn fine soup! And it was not totally pureed, so it was sort of "chewable." There is enough for the next few days - by then, I'm sure I'll be tired of it, but nice to have another veggie option.

Day Six

...was not bad. Although I didn't get to make the gazpacho because A. Turns out I was out of cucumber, and B. I couldn't get to the food processor. But cuke is in hand and food processor is now on kitchen counter, so the gazpacho experiment will continue.

Because I've been going to bed really hungry (I stay up pretty late), I had three shakes during the day plus 8 oz of V-8 juice (50 calories, all vegetables), then dinner (Healthy Choice panini, YUM) and some veggies, and then my last shake around 9:30 pm. That seemed to work well, so I'll try it again today.

On to Day Seven!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day Five

Is it over yet? My goal is to do this until August 31, and then eat 3 low-cal meals per day plus lots of veggies. Sounds like a plan, no?

Today I started with cold coffee mixed with chocolate, then poured over ice. So good. So very, very good. I think this will be my new morning drink. I also mixed vanilla with diet A&W Root Beer - yummy. Creativity will definitely help in keeping this from getting boring.

Tonight I chopped up some roma tomatoes and cucumber, threw them together in a bowl and added salt and pepper. And then I had an idea...gazpacho! So tomorrow I will haul out my food processor and attempt to make it, although I need another liquid meal like a hole in the head. But still, I have to give it a whirl (get it - food processor, whirl?).

Anyway, feeling better today than yesterday. Could it be that the worst is over? Let's hope!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day Four

It's official. I hate everyone and everything. Starting with Kip, who ran out the back door when I was letting Paco in this morning. I had to muck through mud, thanks to all the recent rain, to grab him out of the bushes, while Paco jumped all over me, "helping." Of course, I had to get to work so didn't have time to change. Spent the day in a muddy shirt.

I had two shakes at work, and since it's Saturday and I only work until 2pm, I planned on having a strawberry/vanilla double shake when I got home. One thing. Is it too much to ask, as someone who pretty much only uses cups for meals, to actually have a clean cup anywhere in the house? Meltdown ensued. Obviously I can't make it to 3pm on two shakes. So my son cleared no less than 13 cups from his room, I loaded the dishwasher, and now I'm set.

Speaking of my son, he has a couple of friends over for movies and brownies. Now normally I don't mind the brownie nights - in fact, I keep several boxes of Betty Crocker Brownie Mix on hand for these occasions. And usually they eat the entire batch before my husband or I get any. No big deal. But for crying out loud...brownies? Now???

This has been the worst day so far.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Three, or as I like to call it, "God Hates Me"

So, you're on a partial-fast diet, suffering through the first few days while your body adjusts to the extreme lack of food. What possibly could make it worse? Yes, that's right...have Auntie Flo come for a visit. Argh. Cramps, backache and hunger. Not.Good. Pity, party of one? Right here.

Although my sweet co-worker just brought me a sugar-free Blue Coconut Snow-Cone (zero calories, woot!) so my day is a bit brighter (plus my tongue is blue, which makes me laugh. Go on, stick your tongue out in the mirror and try to not laugh if it is blue. Unless you are suffering from a horrible disease that gives you blue tongue. Then you have my permission to not laugh. Like you needed it anyway.)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

...Day Two

Well. Apparently I drank too much iced tea yesterday (something like two gallons worth) and I couldn't fall asleep last night. So yay me, my stomach was growling and I was wide awake until 2 am. But that was ok, because I got to sleep until 5:10 am. Gotta love life sometimes.

So on to day two. I worked today and had hoped that I would be distracted from my clock-watching obsession of yesterday. Guess what? We have clocks at work, too!

Came home and had a Lean Cuisine Brick Oven pizza (garlic/chicken) which was really, really good. Super delish. Plus I had some cherry tomatoes, English cucumber and cauliflower. So I was full for a good few hours. But dammit, my stomach is growling again! Shrink, damn you!!!

Two days on the shakes and I haven't bitten anyone's head off. Except for my husbands', but he deserved it. Seriously.

Off to sleep, perchance to not be hungry.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life...

Today I'm starting the NutriMed 420 program, which consists of 4 shakes and a Lean Cuisine-type meal. I'm supposed to exercise every day (this will be interesting). And at the end of a month, I should have lost 20 pounds (I'll believe it when I see it).

First shake: Vanilla. Really, really sweet. Not bad, though. Easy way to start off breakfast. If you eat breakfast at 11:00 am. I slept in, trying to delay the hours I would spend awake and hungry.

Second shake: Strawberry. Really, really, really sweet. Not gonna be a favorite, but I can stand it once in a while.

Third shake: Chocolate. Oh yes, I've hit the jackpot!!! Now this is good!

Forth shake: Chocolate, natch. Tried it over crushed ice (which I made by filling a zip-loc bag with ice cubes and pounded with my meat mallet - oh, and this will count for some exercise today). It was ok, but no shaved-ice snow cone, that's for sure.

I have to eat dinner around 5:00 pm today because I have to work tonight from 6 - 9 pm. So I've tried to space out the shakes every couple of hours in order to accommodate the early dinner. Consequentially, I've watched the clock I feel like all I've thought about is when I can whip out my cute new tornado mixer and whip up another shake. A bit obsessive, to say the least.

Oh, "shake" is a misnomer. Try "slightly thicker than the water you add" beverage and that would just about describe it. But fine, if it really does jump start me into a nice weight loss, then I can handle it.

One more hour and I can microwave my dinner. (See? I really am watching the clock!)

Sigh. Off to drink more iced tea.