Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Eight...THE WEIGH IN

Annnndddd, the magic number is:


Ok, now I have a confession to make. For the five days preceeding starting the diet, I ate every meal like it was my last - whatever I wanted, in whatever quantities. So I was a little concerned that that vast amount of calories would "spill over" into the first week of dieting and the whole week would essentially be a wash. What.a.relief. I had "great success" (Borat voice) in spite of myself.

Onward and downward...

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  1. 7 pounds the first week???? Holy Mackrel! What is this magic potion shakes you been on??? I want Bet your wondering why you finally got a post here a over a year later...well...I'm attempting to read your journey from day one... wish me it!


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