Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day Nine

So tonight at work we had an event with food from Outback Steakhouse. Ugh. I was so hungry. I brought a Lean Cuisine meal, but was dying. So I ate dry Romaine lettuce sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yes, you read that right. Salt.and.pepper. And guess what? I liked it. Me, the Ranch dressing QUEEN, who loves to drown her salads in dressing, ate dry lettuce tonight. I don't even recognize myself anymore!!!

I wonder if my being around a lot of people who are eating good food (and rich chocolate cake!) and NOT eating any of it will make me lose more weight today, just because I stuck to my diet. If there is any justice/karma/good juju in this world, I will have lost extra. Now...where's my halo? ;)

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  1. I stopped using dressing last year, and relying on the onions, etc., for flavor (and using spinach instead of lettuce... a little more robust tasting). Now a lot of things such as dressing just taste too rich and seem ucky.

    Great job!!


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