Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life...

Today I'm starting the NutriMed 420 program, which consists of 4 shakes and a Lean Cuisine-type meal. I'm supposed to exercise every day (this will be interesting). And at the end of a month, I should have lost 20 pounds (I'll believe it when I see it).

First shake: Vanilla. Really, really sweet. Not bad, though. Easy way to start off breakfast. If you eat breakfast at 11:00 am. I slept in, trying to delay the hours I would spend awake and hungry.

Second shake: Strawberry. Really, really, really sweet. Not gonna be a favorite, but I can stand it once in a while.

Third shake: Chocolate. Oh yes, I've hit the jackpot!!! Now this is good!

Forth shake: Chocolate, natch. Tried it over crushed ice (which I made by filling a zip-loc bag with ice cubes and pounded with my meat mallet - oh, and this will count for some exercise today). It was ok, but no shaved-ice snow cone, that's for sure.

I have to eat dinner around 5:00 pm today because I have to work tonight from 6 - 9 pm. So I've tried to space out the shakes every couple of hours in order to accommodate the early dinner. Consequentially, I've watched the clock I feel like all I've thought about is when I can whip out my cute new tornado mixer and whip up another shake. A bit obsessive, to say the least.

Oh, "shake" is a misnomer. Try "slightly thicker than the water you add" beverage and that would just about describe it. But fine, if it really does jump start me into a nice weight loss, then I can handle it.

One more hour and I can microwave my dinner. (See? I really am watching the clock!)

Sigh. Off to drink more iced tea.


  1. shelley...
    i have gone through your blog,.. and im inspired.. i so needed to hear so many of the things that you wrote in so many of your posts and i so related to them..
    im hoping to find the strength in me to change my life like you did..


  2. LOL, I'm making endless copies of the trust, and so I decided to read back through your archives! Your writing style was just as fun way back when! LOL at your exercise for the day.


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