Thursday, May 15, 2008

...Day Two

Well. Apparently I drank too much iced tea yesterday (something like two gallons worth) and I couldn't fall asleep last night. So yay me, my stomach was growling and I was wide awake until 2 am. But that was ok, because I got to sleep until 5:10 am. Gotta love life sometimes.

So on to day two. I worked today and had hoped that I would be distracted from my clock-watching obsession of yesterday. Guess what? We have clocks at work, too!

Came home and had a Lean Cuisine Brick Oven pizza (garlic/chicken) which was really, really good. Super delish. Plus I had some cherry tomatoes, English cucumber and cauliflower. So I was full for a good few hours. But dammit, my stomach is growling again! Shrink, damn you!!!

Two days on the shakes and I haven't bitten anyone's head off. Except for my husbands', but he deserved it. Seriously.

Off to sleep, perchance to not be hungry.

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