Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update

Warning - this post is picture heavy (hope you have a fast internet connection).

Monday: Worked out. (Sorry, brain is dead and I can't remember what we did. I'm sure it was hard and sweaty, though!)

Tuesday: I met up with Jenny for a run! And it was a good run, even though it was already hot and humid at 8:30 in the morning (gotta love Texas!). We ran 3 miles altogether, with a couple of walking breaks thrown in. I've missed running with Jenny and we had a lot to catch up on, so much chatting ensued as we ran. I felt great during the run - very energized! My legs and knees were a little sore later in the day, but nothing that a little Motrin and work with The Stick couldn't handle.

Wednesday: Have mercy. Today was the day we completed our Spring Fit Point Challenge - we had to weigh in and then do a repeat workout that Brad timed back when we started - we got a point per minute of improvement. Of course, we didn't know what workout was going to count for the challenge, so we couldn't deliberately throw it in hopes of showing a huge improvement (rats!). Today, we found out that it was the Sweaty Sixty workout (eight stations, sixty reps at each station that must be completed before you can move on) - my last time was pretty bad and I was the last person to finish. So, I'm thinking that I'll do better, right? Um...not so much. I am just slow! And even though I started with what I thought was my worst exercise, push up thrusters, to get them out of the way, I didn't pick up speed as I went through the rest of the stations. Luckily for my team, Jenny killed it and improved her time by six minutes! At the end, I finished four minutes faster than my old time, but believe me, I was still very slow. Going into this challenge, Jenny and I were a distant second (to the killer team of Abbie and Linda) - I doubt we'll end up winning, but we did give it our all, that's for sure!

And now for the pictures:
Push up thrusters - ugh!Cool shot of movement during the "thrust" part - Ashley is taking a breather next to me, Jenny (pink shirt) doing cable/bar thrusters, Jeri doing skull crushers.
Jenny doing skull crushers - you bend from the elbow toward your skull (don't drop the bar or the name will come true!) and then straighten. Do that sixty times - eek!One, two...
...and lift! My arms were like limp noodles by the time I got to this exercise!15 lb. dumbbell hammers (and yes, "Hammer Time" was going through my head, lol!)Keep your elbows by your side when you do this one...raise your arm up without swinging (of course I had some swinging, but Linda caught this picture of me doing it right, yay!)Squat thrust with a 20 lb. weighted bar and 10 lbs. of weights. You pop the bar above your head...this one was a killer!Jenny finished her workout in something like 20 minutes!!! Thumbs up means she lived through it - you go, runner buddy/teammate!!!


  1. That looks amazing! I'd for sure need a partner and encourager!

  2. You totally didn't mention how I was dYiNg during that run on Tuesday and how you were having to slow down and walk because of me! You are a running machine! I'm so impressed by how much your endurance has improved!

    Great workout this morning!

    Go Team Jelley!!!!

  3. I'm always agog at your workouts. You are a machine!

  4. Wow you guys look great. I am impressed. You can see the muscles in your legs. Good going..

  5. Gosh, I feel like I burned some calories just looking at the pictures. That looks tough! Congratulations on just surviving it. :)

    And good job on the run. Today was one of those rare days when I didn't hate running. LOL Those days are good.

    Just thought I'd say you look terrific! You've come so far.

  6. Awesome workout! Look at those muscles!! Yah! Iron Girl Shelley!

  7. I'm exhausted just reading those pictures!

  8. I <3 skull crushers very much! They burn so good!

  9. Way to hit that run with the has still been cool here recently...almost too cool for me really. Looks like there is warming trend coming in the next 4-5 days and pretty soon, I'll be regretting it.

  10. Way to go ladies! I love the way you are so motivated and diligent!
    I'll ask CB about the Rubber Duckie song. Last week on FB, I "caught" him dressed up for the HB Circus...let's just say that I was a LITTLE frightened. I'm sure he'll come home hungry and grown up.

  11. I think I broke a sweat just looking at the pics! You are She-Ra princess of power! ROAR! :) Great job! Hugs, Kirsten

  12. Looks like a awesome workout I love lots of pictures!!! Good job :)

    how fun!!

  14. Maybe I'd do stuff like this if I had a team and all...

    Isn't it amazing to look at your photos and think, "I pay someone to hurt me like this?"

    4 minutes is great Shelley, don't cut yourself short.

  15. Tough workout but great pictures!
    Well done!

  16. Nice job on your workout! You look fantastic.
    Where in Texas do you live? I was born/raised in San Antonio and currently live outside of SA in Spring Branch.


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