Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Purple Nail Polish - The Reward Awaits...(Alternate Title: Kashi Stock Plummets)

This is sitting on my bathroom counter, waiting for the scale, which has finally been dropping, to hit the 140's - at which time I will take it to my local nail salon and reward myself with a pedicure. (I like to bring my own polish so I can do touch ups if when I need them.)

I know - can you believe I just wrote that the scale has moved for me?!? I, along with Biz, Debby, Lori and Kelly, have recently been working on losing a bit more weight - in my case, I'm trying to get off fifteen pounds. No time limit - just actively working a little harder...and over the last ten days, the number on my scale has actually dropped. After about five months of unintentional maintenance, I wasn't sure that this was possible. I almost hate to mention this as I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm too excited and motivated not to!

So, what have I done differently? Along with my Monday and Wednesday workouts and running about 7 -8 miles a week, I've cut out crackers at lunch - even though I was carefully measuring out a serving of Kashi TLC crackers, the 130 calories weren't doing me any favors. I've also, for the time being, swapped the quarter cup of my beloved Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal for half a cup of Fiber One cereal - I eat this with my equally beloved Fage Greek yogurt and fruit . The Fiber One has a lot more fiber, which helps me to stay fuller all morning, but more importantly, while it tastes good, it's not as tasty as the Kashi cereal, so I'm not snacking on it, or popping a few extra bites in my mouth while I'm measuring and pouring it into my bowl. I'm telling you, those extra bites add up! Also, my bar habit has been put on hold...no more Luna, Lara or Kashi TLC bars for me. Again, if I was hungry, I needed to be eating something better for the calories (hello broccoli and asparagus, I'm looking at you).

Mostly, I'm trying to be a little more aware of what I'm eating, scaling back a tiny bit on the calories, and moving more - the running is definitely helping. So far, so good - I may get that pedicure soon (I hope I hope I hope)!


  1. Good job on getting the scale moving down once again. I'm right there with you trying to remove about 12 more pounds and I seem to be stuck right now so its time to drag out the food log and look at calories again:(

  2. I need to follow your example and look at what I am doing for some little changes that can add up. It is easy for me to get lazy. Lately, lazy has led to overeating. Sigh.

    Love the purple:)

  3. Love the purple, for lots of reasons. My last pro pedicure had me in purple polish. Love it.

    Congrats on getting the scale moving again! You'll be pretty in purple before you know it.

    And on a serious-er note, thanks for all the support, encouragement and wisdom. I do appreciate it.

  4. It does seem like the little stuff adds up, doesn't it? Gratz on the progress!

  5. I'm picking up on a fondness for purple!...the color of the nail polish is beautiful (and purple looks great on you, too).

    Two great ideas here that are sticking in my brain: having the polish out as a reminder that the pedicure is coming once you reach your mini-goal, and bringing your own polish to the salon, in case of a touch-up needed later on.

    Seeing that little bottle of nail polish every day would be a great motivator...especially if my toenails were getting raggedy.

    Kashi will just have to get over its losses...their loss is your, er, "LOSS"! :)

  6. I want to be you when I grow up Shelley. I'm serious.

  7. Love the color! Woot on the scale moving. Just putting in a little extra effort makes alot of difference!

    I am hoping that you do a Fashion Friday. Catchy name..no?? You can use it....lol.

  8. You're one smart cookie! Oh wait. I should not talk cookies right now. ((stomach growls))

  9. oh yeah, and very good nail polish idea!

  10. That's a cool color, reminds me of the 80s, which I've been OBSESSED with lately, so now, obviously, I can't wait for you to get your pedicure! Kashi can take the loss, you need cute toes more than they need your $15 a month :P

  11. Good job, babe! I'm with you on the carb thing. When my scale goes up, I KNOW it's because I ate too many crackers and not enough veggies or fruit. It's a sad fact of life since those crackers are so gosh darn tasty, but... look what you get! That polish is perfect pedicure color! I had my toes done yesterday in a pretty sparkly coral color. Of course it SNOWED today and is 40 degrees so my toes are buried in socks, but I know they're there.

    This blog WAS about me, right? *eyeroll*

    Back to you...WONDERFUL weight-losin' you! I love the color, love your plan, love you!

  12. Yay for the thing that we shall not mention for fear of jinxing it!!

    I hope said unmentionable keeps happening for you. :D

  13. I had a pedicure two weeks ago. They're such a treat. Nothing soft feet with well painted toe nails. On that note, I'm going to go change my polish right now. (well in a min)

    I'm not sure I could give up my afternoon snack for broccoli. This is probably why I haven't lost any weight in a few months.

  14. Patience paid off and your body responded...nice nail color...there will be hand modelling...yes?

  15. I LOVE that polish color. It will look beautiful on your 140's toe nails.
    Kashi give me gas anyhow..so there...although, hmm...about that Fiber One...gas central?
    And, the bars, oh, that Lara Bar, it is 5 points on WW. I have had to cut that out too.
    I'm digging your inspiration, it is helping me during this tough PTSD week (see my post today, I highlighted you)

  16. I am wearing practically the same color polish right now! Of course, I did the home pedi and the name of my polish isn't as cool, but it works. :) YAY for Everyday Celebrations! I bought new running shoes today. Turns out 6 years is too long for 1 pair, who knew??? :) Great job on getting conscious of the little stuff. You rock. :) Hugs, Kirsten

  17. Love the polish!!! I have a feeling you're gonna get that pedicure sooner rather than later. I love that as a reward idea... Brilliant!

    Thanks for the tips about the crackers. I love those things. It's so helpful to hear what's working for you!!!

  18. You are an inspiration!! I called yesterday to make an appointment with Curves for next week. I'm tired of seeing 'this' version of me and although I don't want to see my previous 'version' I do need to see an improvement of how I'm seeing me now and feeling about me. I'll definitely be visiting you again and thank you for sharing your journey. I need to read more of your blog to see what you eat now etc. Congratulations on loving yourself :-)

  19. You are doing great Shelley! Me, not so much - I'll have to email you on the side soon.

    Thanks for your comment on my last post - what sucks is that our friends nephew called us the day after it happened, but it went to Tony's old work phone - they never deleted his message!

  20. Love that purple polish! So pretty. :)

    Congrats on getthing that scale moving again. Yeah! Little bites, licks and nibbles really do add up. I think that has been my problem lately. A bite here. A nibble there. It's so easy to really add on the calories that way.

    I've got a countdown counter to our half marathon on the blog. Is it ok for me to mention you running it with me? :) Didn't know if you were ready to make any announcement or fully commit just yet.

    OK. What's the next race on the horizon? Anything planned?

    Oh, and I think I'm going to make reservations at the ultra-expensive but oh-so-close-to-the-post-race-party hotel at Moody Gardens. Hotel.com has some deals though not a huge savings. We can take the free shuttle bus to the race and the finish line is right by the hotel. I'll probably make the reservations in the next week or two. Then the following payday I'll register for the race. I think Chuck is going to do the half with us!
    This is the longest comment I've ever left on a blog. Maybe I should have sent an email. :)

  21. Love the color! And I want a pedi too! My feet have been Yucky lately!

  22. I'm sure you're going to get that pedicure in no time Shelley and love the color. Fits good with my new blog :lol:

    You're doing great and are an inspiration to me. Need to change things too.


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