Friday, May 14, 2010

Two Years!!!

My, how time flies! I can't believe that today marks my second Diet-and-Blog-iversary!!! Yes folks, on May 14, 2008, I started what I hoped would be my final journey into weight loss. Never did I think that a mere two years later, I would weigh 105 pounds less, easily fit into size 8 pants and medium tops, consider fruit and veggies a staple in my daily diet, workout regularly and like it - oh and there's that whole running thing, too - if you would have told me back then that I'd have six races under my belt I would have laughed myself silly!

But here I am. I weighed 256 pounds on May 14, 2008. Today, I weigh 151. I am in the best shape of my life - better than high school, when I did a lot of biking and walking and was thin but not really fit. Today, I don't have to flex to see the muscles in my arms (although it is *quite* impressive when I do, lol) - and the thought of doing burpees, push ups, box jumps and anything else that Brad throws at me doesn't immediately fill me with fear - instead I see a challenge to overcome (and then I see fear). By losing weight I have gained confidence, both in myself and in what my body can do. I don't have to stay at home anymore. I can get out and DO things. My feet won't swell and my thighs won't chafe and I have the energy and desire to live and enjoy life.

Those of you who have gone on your own diet and fitness journeys will understand what I'm talking about; and for those of you who are thinking about it, or or already on your way, I want to tell you that it is SO worth the trip. Join me, won't you?

Pictures - of course I have pictures!
Left - me at the beginning (256 lbs) Right - me now (151 lbs)!L - May '08; M - May '09; R - May 10!

Once again, thank to my youngest kid for doing these photo montages!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary!

    You have come a long way and are such an inspiration to so many of us. I'm glad I found you between all these weight loss blogs all around.

    I always read your blogs with pleasure and hope to do that for a long time in the future.

    Again: congrats, I'm so proud of you!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! You have done an amazing job with yourself! I am happy for you.
    Enjoy your fitness journey!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    You look stunning! And you seem to get younger every year too :)
    Funny how weight loss gives you that gift too...

    You are a huge inspiration to us all in this struggle, and now you are a fitness goddess, as well!

  4. YOU Look great, I'm so proud of you.
    What an accomplishment.

  5. You are such an inspiration! Congrats on the anniversary!

  6. I can't beieve we have been friends now for well over a year! You have been such an inspiration (I know you hate that....too bad)and a cheerleader to me. Thanks!

    The pictures really tell the story. You look MARVELOUS!

    Fashion Friday???

    Congrats and a great big {{{hug}}

    word verification- lessess, which are...less!

  7. You hate being called an inspiration? Where did I miss that? Well, face it sister, you are awe-inspiring!

    You've made this journey with such joy and enthusiasm and no whining!

    BTW, what kind of feedback have you got from your kiddo(s)?

    Again, congratulations on your anniversary and all your many accomplishments.

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration:)

  9. Shelley, have I told you that I want to be you when I grow up?

    Seriously girl you are the bomb. You never say never, you never say quit, you never say die. You are a role model for the rest of us - those who can't get 100 pounds off in a year.

    Thanks for that.

  10. Happy Diet-and-Blog-iversary to you!!! You look amazing and, even better, you feel amazing.

    You're going to have to live with the fact that you are an inspiration. Get used to it.

    Just imagine what you can do in another 2 years ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Congrats on the anniversary, I have read your blog for about a year now, you were part of the main reason I started one of my own, thank you!!! keep up blogging, you reach so many people and inspire them every day!!!

    thank you

  12. What a tiny thing you are now! Congratulations on all the hard work. It has paid off in huge dividends for you!

    Thank you for being such a fabulous inspiration to me and so many other people :D

  13. Great job on your weight loss and happy happy anniversary!

  14. Wahoo, woman! Congratulations! And keep it up. I love reading your blog. You sound so confident, and it makes me want to get some of that.

  15. Congrats on the two year anniversary and the 105 lb weight loss. The pictures are great and you look amazing.

  16. Those stunning before and after photos only scratch the surface of a much more meaningful "before and after." Happy 2 year anniversary!

  17. I'm so thrilled for you...happy anniversary!

    It is never too late to get healthy (well, not totally true, but you get my drift). I'm glad to share your journey as a 40+ something too.

    While I've always been meh on my birthday, I'm really considering starting over this upcoming B-day and having a 1st b-day again. We both have a new life to celebrate.

  18. You continue to inspire me Shelley! I actually think I found you through my brothers blog initially, and am so glad that you and I have become friends!

    Seriously, if you and I were neighbors we'd have the best time! Cooking and exercising together!

    Congrats on the two years!!

  19. you are my she-ro!

    i remember last may when you posted your progress pic, and I thought - wow. now, I am speechless again! you are so awesome, and such an inspiration to me. thank you for showing me that it can be done!

  20. Happy Diet-Blogiverary, Shelley!
    You are an inspiration to me as you were about the weight before that I have been and you are now at the weight I want to be. You look fantastic!

    I just love that pink bike. ♡

  21. Well done, my friend. Wow. It's always fun to look at your pictures. They sure tell a story, don't they. (yes, indeed, THANK YOU, Max!!)

    Hmm...doesn't like to be viewed as an inspiration. I'm guessin' it is a bit o' pressure, and probably just plain old hard to wrap your (slender) head around the fact that folks view you that way. You are probably still adjusting to the new you also. So, well you totally, um, influence, affect, encourage, embolden, fire us up, impress, motivate, invigorate, spur us on, stir us up, urge us on, mobilize, and all that then. How's that? And I mean it. I think someone else called you a role model. That is better than a "roll model". So, thank you Shelley for sharing your journey with us. It truly is helpful. Love, Chrissy

  22. Clapping hands in gleeful delight in anticipation of Fashion Fridays!!!

  23. Happy Fitversary and Blogversary Shelley! Not only has it been a pleasure and a joy to watch you reaching your goals but you are changing others lives by blogging and showing us that if we set our minds to it we can do anything! I love ya lady!

  24. How do you do a wolf whistle in a text box? WREEEFFFF! WROOO!!!!

    Happy Anniversary to you! Your success is well-deserved and amazing, not to mention its inspirational aspect. ENJOY all of the accolades and compliments; you've worked so hard to bring out the runner in you.

  25. happy blogaversary! YOU rock! I love your pics and its funny we do become creatures of habit in a healthy way after awhile and food choices and attitude towards workouts does reflect that.

    I want to personally invite you to my challenge. With summer coming I want to encourage getting past self consciousness and getting to the pool BEFORE summer officially starts.

  26. Happy Awesome-versary! You're one of my true heroes, Shelley!

  27. Congratulations. You've done an excellent job. I'm hoping that my muscles get bigger soon. ;)

  28. Amazing! That is the only word I can think of right now!

  29. Incredibly inspiring... they should do a billboard series, with you and Lori and Diane. It would really help people to see it being done and without harsh dieting.

  30. I would just like to ditto whaat everyone has said. My goodness! You look like a different person! So healthy and beautiful and full of life. It's almost a rebirth.

    I'm proud of ya, buddy. You've come a long way. And may I just say that I LOVE those cute sandals!

  31. Hi Shelley, Congratulations! This has to be the most amazing and inspiring weightloss journey ever. You're simply awesome. I hope you keep going.

    I started reading your blog sometime last week. And have been coming back again and again, just to keep myself motivated.

  32. You look awesome. I am ready to
    start my journey to health. You
    are an encouragement to me. Thanks.

  33. Wow, I especially love the change from 09 to 10.

    You rook mahvelous, dahlingk (said in my best Billy Crystal imitation.

  34. You are such an inspiration! Congrats to you!!

  35. That is ABSOLUTELY fantastic! It must be SO cool to have done this!! I am so inspired!! Thank you!

  36. You really look SO HEALTHY now. Not just thin, but healthy. You've really accomplished a lot more than just weight loss, Shelley. It's been a pleasure to watch!

  37. Way to go!! Happy Anniversary! You look awesome :)

  38. Happy Blog-oversary! You are an inspiration, my dear. You give me hope to just keep going.

  39. Shelley!
    Catchiing up this morning on some blogosphere reading. Actually, I saw this post's title yesterday morning, but ran out of time before I had to hit the shower/head to he**. Oops...I mean THE OFFICE. :) So it seemed appropriate to wish you

    HAPPY 47th BIRTHDAY and TWO YR ANNIVERSARY at the same time!

    Such an amazing journey you're on, friend... congratulations and thank you for sharing with us. You are an inspiration!

    HUGS from Orlando!


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