Monday, May 17, 2010

Of Cheesecake and Running...

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my last post - I was pretty tired when I wrote it and forgot to mention that the reason why I have been successful this go-round with dieting is because of blogging - the support, feedback and camaraderie that I've received over the past two years has made me feel like I was a part of a wonderful group of people who have my back. You peeps are the best!

So, you may be wondering what one does to celebrate a two year's a hint:

Nom nom nom...

Actually, Jeff was being inducted into the Delta Omega society because he has such an awesomely fit wife he is so smart, and the luncheon served this amazingly good chocolate cheesecake - you can see that I already dove into it before remembering that I had my camera and should document such deliciousness. Man, that was good! The topping was white chocolate and fudge...oh yeah, definitely worth the splurge!

Of all days, it was ironic because I was sitting next to the wife of the head of Jeff's school, and while we were eating she said something to the effect of "you are about half the size from when I met you two years ago" - how funny was that?!? Then she asked me the question that I seem to be getting a lot - "did you have weight-loss surgery?" and when I said no, it was just changing the way I ate and adding in exercise, she announced it to our (luckily small) table! But one thing I realized, and I did say to her, was that a year ago, I probably wouldn't have eaten anything at this luncheon except for the salad and raw veggies that were served. Now, I am ok with having food that I normally wouldn't eat (lasagne made with white-flour noodles, for example) (oh, and that dessert!) because I know that I'm not going to gain it all back in one day, and I'm also not going to go off the deep end and start eating the way I used to. It was a good thing to verbalize so that I didn't beat myself up for eating what was served. Still learning, I am!


I went for my regular run yesterday morning - I brought my camera and asked Jeff to take a few pictures so I could show you what this park looks like...unfortunately, my photographer didn't get a lot of shots (I guess you get what you pay for, lol), but here goes:
The start - walking toward the big puddle of water just ahead of me...I didn't want to start out the run with soaking wet socks so I made my way carefully through this mini-lake......and I'm off! This park has about two miles of paved paths, so I kind of run in a figure eight.Crossing the road to the "American Mile" path - there are brick dividers throughout the path that are engraved with high points of American and local history. Usually I run it backward and can't read them, but this time I remembered to reverse my normal route and got some learning in!

I was aiming for my weekly 5K, but when I hit mile 2, I about was not super hot, but the grounds were saturated from thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday, and the humidity was really up there. I considered walking the last mile, but then thought about that bottle of purple nail polish sitting on my bathroom counter - I want that pedicure, people! - so I kept running. I got my 3.1 miles done in 35:32 - slowly but surely, I'm getting faster!

See this red face? This is not sunburn - the sun wasn't out - it's just what exertion looks like on a pale-skinned person. Also? The sweat burns my much so that I carry facial wipes to use as soon as I'm done running. The pain of exercise - who knew it wouldn't always be muscular?
After running (Jeff biked), we went out for our traditional bagel/egg breakfast sammie - I have got to get better at taking food pics, because the couple I took of it made it look ginormously weird. But here I am with my coffee and my skin tone back at its natural state.

Not sure if I will be able to fit a run in on Tuesday - I will be doing an extra workout that morning as a favor to Brad (more on that in my WWU). I am tempted to run anyway, because I really think that is what is helping me lose weight and I want that purple pedicure (have I mentioned that already?)!!!


  1. ok Im totally laughing at the YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR as my loving husband has said that to me when Ive looked at a vid.he's shot or a picture he's taken.

    I do need to remind myself that he's free ;)

  2. Thats some park you jog in (big) not a lot of shade. Don't forget the suncreen and be careful in the humidty...if possible go early in the day.
    That cheescake looked like it was worth the calories. You'r a good role model and I can't believe that lady had the nerve to ask if you had surgery!

  3. OMG the cheesecake! OMG Some PEOPLE!

    I continue to be impressed. Humidity knocks me down like Ironman, sure enough.

    Have a great week!

  4. What I love about your cheesecake venture? It's not even a really big piece. Just a piece. And you had it. And you are secure in where you were and where you're going. All awesome.

  5. Freedom baby! That is what it is all now have the freedom to eat what you want because you know that it won't set you back, won't define your old behaviors. That is is what is most exciting!

  6. I know that purple pedicure is right around the corner :)

  7. Congrats to your hubs! Why is it that people think that you can't lose a ton of weight unless you have surgery??

    You look wonderful Shelley - and my face gets beet red when I exercise too - but sadly, I haven't worked out hard enough to get a red face - this week I will!

    Happy Monday . . . so much closer to your purple pedicure!

  8. We must have a similar skin type. Sweat burns my face, too, which is annoying during longer exercise periods.

    Running in humidity is like swimming on land only there is no noodle. Uck.

  9. I forgot to say in the last post that I loved that purple polish.

    So here's something you have to look forward face turns that exact same color with no exertion at all. Just a hot flash. Yuck.

    Yes indeedy that was a super special cheesecake.

    I always clarified that I did not have weight loss surgery. It is so common nowadays, and so rare that someone loses a large amount of weight in a natural way. I never minded that people wondered, just wanted to make sure they knew that was not me, and that it could be done naturally.

  10. Hi Shelley!!

    Happy Monday! I cracked up at your red face because I get the same look. I guess that's what I get for being a sassy thing who rarely ever gets embarrassed. :)

    It was wonderful to come over to visit and read about how important your blog peeps are to your journey. I feel the same way. I know that without you - specifically YOU SHELLEY - I would never had given myself the shot of courage to run that first step, that first block, and now, I'm proud to announce, as of this morning MY FIRST FREAKIN' MILE!!! I did it! I am on cloud nine. I feel so proud and giddy and thrilled and sassy and sappy all at the same time. It took me 23 minutes, but I ran the entire time. I can't wait to blog about it later tonight.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your journey with me and thank you for being a buddy and a role model. You, my beautiful friend, have changed my life forever.

    :) Hugs, Kirsten

  11. You are so funny Shelley, you always put a smile on my face.

    And that cheesecake: it's so delicious!!!!!! I almost took a bit of my screen :lol:

    Good for you that you went for a run. Mine was lousy yesterday but I know what's caused it, more on that tomorrow on my blog. I'm not feeling myself these days and with reason but it will pass and after that I'll be back at running too.

  12. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I get red faced (and arms and chest) easily too. I used to be so embarrassed by it.

  13. I know that red face well! Sometimes people ask me if I have rosasea because I get so red and I tell them "no, I'm just fat and sweaty!" They don't ask again :P

  14. ugh my face gets so red too!

  15. That is an awesome park to run in WOW! I need a pedicure! A fun summer color sounds good :)

  16. I've been following your blog for awhile and really enjoy it. You are motivating me to get back out there and start running again!

  17. Thank goodness your skin coloring returned to normal. You were creeping me out!

    Love the cheesecake. Could not just eat one (whole cheesecake! dammit anyway).

  18. Oh that cheesecake looks wonderful. Congrats on your 2 year aversary!
    You are so inspiring. I love checking your blog. I know I will be reading about your Purple Pedicure soon!

  19. Girlfriend, that is a fast 5k in my book!! I've only clocked 37 and change, so I am impressed.
    And, man that cheesecake looks AWESOME!!!

  20. Happy two year anniversary! You are such an inspiration! I swear that I burn calories just reading about all of the exercise that you do.


  21. Congrats on 2 years!!! You are doing so well. I am going to start jogging outside too, just not ready for the photo shoot thing yet!! :)

  22. I get SO red too - and the sweat burns!

    Unfortunately though, the red take awhile to go away, so I am always showing up for classes looking like a lobster!

  23. That purple pedi is so close I can almost see it! :)

  24. Right, Said Fred!
    And me.....the pain isn't all muscular.

  25. I'm a red-faced runner too, it's a fun club!

    I almost licked my computer screen when I saw that chocolate cheesecake. YUM! That was torture, especially when I went on and on about cherries!!
    Cruel, Shelley, cruel. :)

  26. Wow, your workouts are inspiring! I also have very pale skin and people at the gym always ask me if I'm alright because me face and arms turn BRIGHT RED and blotchy. I'm fine, I'm just very white, thanks. When you said you usually run your path backwards, I thought you meant you run backwards! I walked backwards the other day for about 1 mile and MAN was I sore! I need to blog about that!


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