Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - One Year Later!

I really can't believe I'm writing this, because if you knew the old me, you'd know how NOT ME this is - but this week marks my one year Exerversary - yes, I have worked out with my trainers for an entire year now! I have to give props to my trainers for pushing me along, because I would not be where I am, physically, without them. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, Brad, Linda, Kara, Andreas and Will. You guys are the best!

In this year, I went from barely walking on the treadmill to running my first mile; yesterday I ran a mile on the treadmill in 11:10. There were tears of frustration shed over box jumps, and finally victory at doing the 12" box jump (still love my medal, Tina!). Along the way I lost nearly 20 inches from my neck, bust, waist and hips, and 43 pounds. I went from wearing size 16 pants to size 8; from XL shirts to medium; my workout capris were size XL and are now size small. I am running every week outside of my workouts - so far this week I've run more than six miles! Amazing - I still shake my head in wonder at all that I am doing. We did skills testing this week - Brad likes to do this every few months to assess our progress. I did a 4:02 plank hold - looking back, I lasted for all of 30 seconds on my first plank hold. I can do a maximum bench press of 105 (one rep), and I did the T-bar row (gotta work those shoulders) with 45 pounds (10 reps). I did 100 curls with 15 pound dumbbells in 3:59, and easily did a 5 minute wall sit.

There are days when it's easy to get up and go to my workout - usually it's nice and sunny outside, and the temperature is warm. Then there are days like today, when I have to drag myself from my nice warm bed, put on cold workout clothes (I should stow my sports bra in bed so at least that would be warm), brush my teeth and hair and run outside to my equally cold car where the outdoor temperature reads 34 degrees, drive through school traffic, doing 20 MPH so the motorcycle cop won't pull me over, and finally arrive at Brad's, where I work my tail off for an hour. The beginnings might be easy and they might be hard, but either way, I'm always glad I went. And that has a lot to do with the people there - my trainers, and the ladies in my group, who are so supportive and just a lot of fun to suffer with workout with! Here is a picture of us today - taken at the end of our workout, so please excuse the sweaty messes that we all are:
L to R: Brad, his wife Kara, Kathleen, me, Linda, Jenny, Nancy

Here's a few pictures of Jenny doing some AMAZING box jumps - for comparison, I did mine yesterday...I managed to hit the 14" jump (after not making it on the first try - surprisingly I didn't hurt myself).
Flying through the air with ease!
This one cracks me up - check out the look on Jenny's face as Brad measures how high she was going to jump (he kept adding weight plates for more height). I believe this was 22" high.And she jumps it with no problem!Moving on to even higher levels, Jenny peaked at 32" - I bet next time she will clear it no problem...she was getting tired at this point.

And just for fun, here's Kara at the start of our five-minute wall sit - she's quite pregnant but doesn't use that as an excuse to not work out.
Arnold is watching her...


  1. Shelley, I am so proud of your progress. It proves that if you keep at it, results will come!

    And mucho impressed with the 4 minute plank. The first time I did it, the trainer said 30 seconds and I was like what? It's hard!

    You are so awesome!

  2. Congratulations! Now this is an anniversary worth to be celebrated!

    I love the pic of you all together.
    And the purple walls of the gym are cool, makes it warm and nice to workout in.

  3. You realize that you are the tiniest person in that group shot?
    And I did not know there was a such thing as an exerversary. I have one every day if that's the case.

  4. that box jumping looks CRAZY!!!!!

  5. Awesome inspirational story. If I tried the box jump, I predict major injury!

  6. Shelley, just delurking to say you are sensational and inspirational! I've only been reading your blog a few months so missed the start point. Wow you've come a long way!

    The box jump is my nemesis as well. I have to admit to not having been as persistent as you (my focus was pull ups, push-ups, wall sit and plank). You make me want to up the dedication factor!

  7. Shelley, you're awesome! Congratulations on all the hard work! You inspire me each and every workout! Your mile time was awesome... much better than I did.... and I thought I was running pretty fast :) As far as plank hold and wall sits... you rock! I can't imagine holding either for as long as you did! Way to go!!!

    Thanks for including me on your blog! I feel so incredibly special!!! I have to admit, it felt pretty stinkin' good to jump that.

    See you Monday morning!!

  8. WOW!! I am amazed at your progress and think this is definitely worth celebrating! Buy yourself something special! :)

  9. Your progress is very inspiring you should celebrate! Buy yourself a non-food treat you deserve it for all your hard work.

  10. Wow, 5 minute wall sit? 4 minute plank? Yikes! But best of all is the 11 minute mile! Yahoo!

  11. Oh Shelley I'm so proud of you! And just look at you! you're the size of the trainer's wife!! You're skinny! LOL You look great and you have reached some amazing milestones. You've not only lost weight but you have become an athlete.
    ((HUGS)) So proud of you, girl.

  12. I have not ever seen "box jumps" and frankly, your pictures scare the crap outta me! I can't believe you can do those!

    Happy anniversary!

  13. I ain't gonna lie...this made my eyes water.

    Happy Exercizeaversary!

  14. Wow...I'm just amazed at what you've accomplished in a year. Our trainer just had us do our first plank hold thingie and I only lasted a minute. I suck, lol. Very proud of you Shelley! :)

  15. Amazing job, my friend! AMAZING! You have so much to be proud of!

  16. I think you all look beautiful in that picture. As for the box jump, well, I can't lie Shelley, it's not even something I want to try to do.

  17. As always, thank you so much for posting, and for the pictures. I even liked reading about the recent drop in clothing sizes. Ya spur me on!

    You truly do inspire so many of us, and I appreciate it. (no pressure!)

    Keep up the good work. Chrissy

  18. Shelley, I couldn't be prouder of how much you have accomplished in the last year alone!

    Makes me want to do personal training sessions - I did a DVD tape today, and while it was hard, I probably could have pushed myself harder! :D

  19. a 4 minute plank! Holy cow! That is incredible!

    We so need to get together and have a kick-ass workout :D

  20. Great pictures Shelley and I love the progress you've made. Wow...Im stunned and even though I face some difficulties in the upcoming month or two, it's people like you that help give me the courage and the inspiration to keep going. So thank you shelley...I can't wait til I can be such a success.
    Second Journey

  21. Amazing. AMAZING! Happy Exerversary! You're inspiring me to keep up working out, and to keep trying new things.


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