Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Randomness

While at Target the other evening I looked at a cute little rice cooker that had a steamer basket for chicken or veggies. It was only $12.99 and my oh-so-romantic husband said "well, do you want a Valentine's gift?" - of course I turned him down...after all these years, I can't believe that he still doesn't realize kitchen appliances are not gifts!

The upshot of this is that I most likely blew my only chance at a gift. Dang!

(Please know that I'm being silly...we haven't exchanged Valentine's Day gifts in forever. I will go buy it myself, if I decide that I would really use it.)


Last week I tucked my shirt into my pants! Haven't done that in more than a decade. Decided I should wear a belt and actually found a very dusty one that didn't look too dated (i.e. braided leather) and put it on. Went to work and felt great, but forgot one thing: undoing a belt adds a few precious extra seconds when you need to run to the bathroom, which, considering the amount of water I consume, I do a lot. Must get better about planning my potty breaks!


It feels weird to be writing a Friday post and not have a giveaway winner. So, since she never wanted anything I was giving away, I hereby declare POD this week's winner of nothing. Whew, I feel better now!


My trainer Linda also takes a workout class with Brad, so she got to do her skills test on Thursday. Girlfriend did 128 burpees in 10 minutes, and then did a 35" box jump! I bow at her feet...she is one determined, fit lady!


To the weather gods out there: I think I can safely speak for everyone in the country when I say "We give! Enough already! No more wet stuff, no more freezing temperatures!"


Have a good weekend - I hope to see some sunshine and go for a run. See y'all back here on Monday!



    we dont do valentines day around here either.
    Although now you have me mulling getting the husband a surprise treat ala the ricecooker/a steamerSOMETHING.
    He recently lost 60 lbs and might love a silly healthy living gift.

    MIGHT being the operative word huh?

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Men! A rice cooker, indeed. Well, maybe he will surprise you. One never knows.

    Meanwhile you ought to read my Be Your Own Valentine post. You will enjoy it.

  3. Congrats on your tuck-in! Funny about the belt and timing.

    We don't exchange gifts either. I feel like a Scrooge - but it works for us.

    BTW - We have a rice cooker and love it. Of course my son only eats white and we make it mostly for him to get carbs for his sports. And I don't eat white anymore:(

  4. Happy Valentine's Day - have a wonderful weekend.

  5. LOL, I take gifts in any form-- kitchen gadgets welcome. I buy my own flowers, but am beyond thrilled when my husband manages to get them for me.

  6. You have already given me the only thing I ever wanted, and that is friendship. Now i have to grow cry.

    Seriously though, I bought myself a new crockpot, I confess, online. I needed a smaller one than the one I have and the one I have came from Chris (the X) and it's cracked and has his germs on it somewhere so I'm going to give that crockpot away in a giveaway post soon. hahaha
    I will by that time have no readers what so ever. But the downside of buying a crockpot online is that I think I may have purchased the exact same crockpot size that I already have. How blond can my graying head be? (No offense, I just had more red added yesterday and am hoping that color will seep into my brain asap.)
    I must concentrate on writing a post today and the idea of random Friday stuff is mucho appeallingo. But I'm still in my robe and must get my exercise done and get my butt off to work in this GD rain! (yes it's raining again). Yay.
    Loved your post. and Love the giveaway. Friendship.

  7. Woohoo for the shirt tuck-in! I have not done that yet, although I wear some pretty form-fitting clothes occasionally...

    And I really laughed at the bathroom timing. Even though I wear scrubs at work, some have more difficult waistlines than others, and I have the same 'timing' problem!

  8. Congratulations POD :)

    ... sniff... I never win nuthin'...

  9. I'm getting a new pair of running shoes for Valentines day. I picked them out and ordered them myself but they are PINK!

    (your comment on my last post made me laugh, I'm really hoping I can hold out on the dog for atleast a few years, but I will keep you updated!)

  10. Note: No utilitarian gifts for Shelley!

    That reminds me of the year that my brother bought a vacuum cleaner for his wife and gave it to her on her birthday. Did not go over well needless to say. LOL!

    Enjoy your weekend lady!

  11. Now if that rice cooker held a diamond ring or tennis bracelet then it might be a different story! Yeah a rice cooker is fine as long as it is the gift box for the REAL gift. :)

  12. I'm totally with you: Winter go away! Spring please come soon!

    We don't celebrate Valentine's Day either. In my opinion it's too commercial.

  13. We're not big on doing anything special or exchanging gifts for Valentine's either. We try to feel the love year round. Hope you got good weather for your run. I've got 12 degree wind chill and a bad case of bronchitis so no running outside for me!

  14. Ha - that's too funny about the rice maker being a V-Day gift! I always get roses - and its perfect - no cards even and we are just fine with that!

    OMG, you I totally forgot about braided belts!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  15. You can use that rice cooker to make awesome steel cut oatmeal :)


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