Monday, December 28, 2009


My new URL, domain, whatever you call it - my blog is officially a dot com now, thanks to Sam and Max - this was their Christmas present to me! I think everything will stay the same for you readers as far as however you come here (bookmark, follower, feed <----I actually have no idea how that works), but you can now find me at Much, much easier to say than my previous URL, which is why, when people would ask me how to find my blog, I'd usually tell them to google me. I know, how lame. Just in case, you might want to update your bookmarks.

So coming up with the name proved to be a challenge, as I obviously wanted something a little easier to say. Using my first name wouldn't work, as it's often misspelled (Shelley, not Shelly), and a lot of the ideas we had were already taken ("Fit and Happy" was taken, but "Fit and Sad" was available - and yes, this is one of the suggestions Blogger came up with!). Eventually we came up with my journey to fit, and I have to say that I love it, as it embodies what my ultimate goal is - not necessarily to be skinny, but to be healthy and fit.

It was also funny that pretty much everything I received for Christmas had to do with my "new" lifestyle! Jeff gave me a detachable wire basket for the handlebars of my bicycle - now I can take my water bottle with me, and perhaps one day ride to the store and carry home a few groceries! He also got me a cute purple fleece pullover in a size medium, as the one I have been wearing for warmth after working out is so big that I can feel a breeze when it's on! And the last thing he gave me was a Timex Ironman (Ironwoman? It's pink, after all) watch so I can time myself when I run!

My mom (and dad by proxy - you know who really chooses the gifts) gave me a bright green Under Armour short-sleeved shirt and a purple Asics long-sleeved pullover - which I love! I have to admit that when I first held it up, I thought "there is no way this will fit me" even though it's a medium. But happily, it does! And on Saturday, I put on my new tops, laced up my still new running shoes, strapped on my watch, grabbed Max, and went running in my neighborhood! During daylight hours!! With my neighbors outside!!! I did not die of embarrassment, but there were a couple of times when I thought I might keel over - I need to work on doing the same steady pace outside that I do inside when I'm on the treadmill. I had a much better run on Sunday (I know, two days in a row!) - you wouldn't think there is so much involved in running other than, um...running - but apparently there is!
I was sucking in my stomach for this picture - dang, I wish I looked like this all the time! I have no idea why Max struck that pose, other than he's Max, lol!

The other Christmas gift I received that ties in to my whole lifestyle change was this picture frame, with a photo of me in my sweater dress in it, from my friend T. As someone who has ridden the blasted scale up and down several times in her life, she knows all-too-well how easy it is to fall back into the old way of doing things, and is really trying to help me remember to stay in the now. I think she did it perfectly with what is written on the frame, and I have it right by my computer, where I see it on a daily basis.
The wording on the frame says: "Live in the present and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering" - says a lot, doesn't it? (You can also see my new pink watch in the shot!)

Let me know if you are having any issues with accessing my blog and I'll get my crack team of experts (i.e. my sons) on it right away. Or whenever they wake up - they are on winter vacation, after all!


  1. no issues at all! and I am compelled to say again (you know, since you have yer own domain name now and all) HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR BLOG.
    Seeing your smiling face and uplifting HONEST RAW words makes *me* smile.

    now, about that crack team of experts---do they hire themselves out??


  2. No problems with your blog, I came here through Google reader.

    Oh Shelley what a great and thoughtful presents you've got for Christmas. I can understand how happy you are with it. Are you planning on running outside more often or even participate in a 5K run next year?

  3. No issues and I like the new name. You look great!

  4. Everything worked just like it always does! Congrats on your new blog name - very cool gift. And thanks again for all of your kind words. They really helped me.

  5. Found you through Woman's day.

    I too have been released excessive weight. 110 lbs, and counting!!

    Wonderful to find another blogger. Today I am heading for the gym, wish I had that outfit you had on,,LOVED it...too cute.

    blessings to you and yours

  6. This updated in my reader just fine! I love, love the name - it so fits you to a "T" with your amazing workouts!

  7. Such lovely thoughtful gifts! And you look fabulous in that 'medium' girl.

  8. Your sons are so sweet it makes me all teary and I really hope my son turns out to be such a nice kid!

    I love your new domain name, and you really look fantastic!

    I on the other hand gained 6.5 pounds over the holidays and I'm feeling really disappointed with myself, time to hope back on the wagon!

  9. I will continue to read every post as I always do. It keeps me going!

  10. no problems at all, good to "see" you again! I'm getting a headstart on the whole New Years Resolution thing, officially back on program today!

    Happy New Year!

  11. Shelley! You look MAH-VELOUS, DAH-LING! I had to laugh when you said you were pulling your stomach in. Practice up now, girl, it doesn't improve with age!

  12. No problems accessing your blog.

    BTW, I suck in the gut and stand up real straight when I get my picture taken too!

  13. You look great! Sounds like you have a faboo holiday.

  14. Nope, no issues. Your feed's still live on my site. Whoohoo for technology that we know nothing about! Let's just call it magic.

    Happy new year, my friend!

  15. Yeah! Great gifts for the healthy minded person!

    Glad you had such a great time, and congrats on the new domain, I love the name too!

  16. Congrats on the new blog home and the other awesome gifts.
    Here's to a fantastic New Year!!

  17. I will bookmark your new url. How fantastic for you!
    And thank you so know what for!
    You are really an inspiration and you look damn hot in that purple top.
    At least you can hold in your stomach!

  18. No problem accessing your blog.
    Love all the new fitness gifts you got - enjoy them in good health :)

  19. Oh my gosh! (now you know I'm old - I spelled it out) When I looked at the picture of you and Max, I thought that the strip of concrete visible between you was some detail of your shirt! But you DON'T FILL UP THAT SPACE ANYMORE!!!!! Does that qualify as an NSV?
    I think your Christmas gifts were an NSV as well!
    I purchased for myself something I have wanted for years - Dance Dance Revolution. Yup, call me geeky, but it makes me sweat and like it! I am giving it my first try tomorrow morning because I have now been not sick for several weeks.
    Congrats on hitting the big time!

  20. No problems here either! So glad you have your own domain - it's a nice thing!

    I hope you have a fabulous week!

  21. I love the pink watch, I was gifted with one myself this Christmas. I think I need a basket for my bike too.

  22. Ooooh, lookit your fancy new URL! What a cool gift. Very nice presents all around. And yes you DO look good in that picture!

  23. No issues...I like the name and love your blog!!! Great Christmas gifts and love the pic with you and Max (btw, I think he's flexing his muscle?? LOL)

    All the best in 2010!!

  24. I found you OK, no probs! Love that you have your own domain now and I want a crack team of experts too, lol!

    Great Christmas booty - jealous!

  25. Wow, would you stop and look at you girl? What a change, you've got yourself a lifestyle there, my friend. Christmas goodies that reflect where you are today, WL, fitness, and you LOVE them, wanted, what a gauge of how far you have come.

    I love my detachable bike basket, I gotta say. I put my camera in it when we are on vacation. (also water bottle, hoodie...) I feel like it might be aging me, but ah well, I like it.

    I have reached "size Medium" top status too, and it hasn't totally sunk in.

    Wishing you a Happy 2010, even though I know your life is happy. You sure have taken control of your life, and let me say again how much I appreciate what you share with all of us. You entertain AND inspire for sure!


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