Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Statesman Cap10K 2017 Recap!

This year's shirt - 40 armadillos for 40 years!

For the third year in a row, I ran the Statesman Cap10K race in Austin.  Sunday marked the 40th year for this race, and they celebrated big with lots of extras, plus they had over 21,000 people participating - it was huge event, and so much fun.  You all know that I am not a fan of hills, and the first three miles of this race are all hills - shoot, they even have a race-within-the-race on one of the hills, with a timing mat at the bottom and top, for runners to vie for the King and Queen of the hill - and this year was no different in how challenging just walking up hill after hill is for me, but I had the best time, and not only would highly recommend this race to everyone, I'll be back next year to run it once again.

We drove to Austin on Saturday morning to hit the expo - it's very well-organized and super easy to get your bib and race shirt.  It wasn't crowded when we were there, which was just before noon, and both Jeff and I were able to get a free massage from a wonderful massage therapist named Heidi, courtesy of the race sponsor, Baylor Scott & White:
Jeff said his foot felt 100% better after she worked on him.
I asked her to work on my tight calves; she also showed me some stretches to do for that issue.

The expo was decently-sized; I ended up getting fitted for a new sports bra and I'll do a review on it once I've run in it a while.  We ran into my old buddy Leo Manzano, so I asked him to sign my bib like he did last year.  He gave me some tips for running up the hills (lean into them, and try to raise your knees higher as you run), and told me about what he's doing this week, which is trying to break a speed record in the 1500 on Saturday in Iowa...he's looking at somewhere in the 3:30 range, which seems impossible to me, but I hope he succeeds.  I got a picture with him:
I think it's funny that I'm wearing my "World's Okayest Runner" shirt while standing next to an Olympic champion runner - hey, there's room for all abilities when it comes to running!

After the expo, Jeff and I went to a yarn shop (because big city means good shopping), and then had a late lunch, followed by a light dinner with Cary and Brian, and Cary's mom, Cindy.  We couldn't get a free LaQuinta room at any of the nicer hotels in the city, so we stayed at an older one; about the only good thing I can say about that location is that it was really close to the start line.

Race morning dawned and we did our usual thing, which was to arrive by 6:00 am, park in our good spot, and then take a nap until 7:00.  The weather turned out to be perfect - it was a little cold, with a bit of a north wind blowing, but I knew once we started running I'd be fine in my short-sleeved shirt.  I was glad I'd brought a sweatshirt to wear beforehand, though!  It was such a nice change from the unseasonably-warm race days we've had...even the humidity was a low 55%!  The race began at 8:00 am, but because of the size of entrants, they'd implemented a corral system and estimated that our corral would start at 8:35 am, so we were just hanging around and didn't even get in the corral until well after the race started, which left time for some pictures:
Diane, Cary, and me - hanging out by the dumpster outside of the liquor store, LOL.
A news helicopter was hovering overhead and it gave me flashbacks of the manhunt in my neighborhood a few weeks ago!  Luckily this was for the race and nothing sinister.
Renegades, represent!  Jeff, Diane, me, Brian, and Cary.
Finally in the corral, but not going anywhere.  I pulled out my phone for a selfie and I love this - three clowns and Brian's "oh we're really doing THIS" face - he's not a fan of getting his picture taken, but he's a good sport, considering he's friends with a blogger.
Shoe twins part one:  Brian and another runner.  These are On brand of running shoes - Brian really likes them.  Someday I'll have to try on a pair.
Shoe twins part two:  Me and another runner, who tapped me from behind and pointed out that we were wearing the same shoes - we bonded over them and of course had to take a picture.  Because that's what female runners do, right?

We finally started moving, making our way toward the starting line.  I will say that the atmosphere of this race is really casual - well, in our corral, at least.  I guess if you were a really fast runner you'd be in the first corral and the mood might be a little different there, but we were all party city - people were in costumes, there were lots of dogs and strollers (although I think they were supposed to be in the corral behind us), entire families - it was very relaxed.  Well before we reached the starting line, we could hear the announcer calling in the first finishers, which was funny (and holy moly, they were FAST - this is a tough course to actually race, and the first male finished in 30:31 while the first female finished in 36:46).  We started at 8:44 am, so about 10 minutes later than the estimate, but no big deal, really.

Because the weather was so good, I kept my phone out to get a picture of the Capitol building as we ran toward it:
It really was a beautiful day for this race.

Diane, Cary, and I planned on being pretty low-key about this race; we were going to do our regular 1:30/45 run/walk intervals, plus we decided ahead of time that we would walk whenever anyone called it - and we knew that we'd pretty much be walking all of the hills, regardless of what our interval said we should be doing.  Diane is tapering for her marathon and at this point, she's all about not getting injured before her big race; Cary is pregnant (hence the visit to the yarn store - I get to knit some tiny baby things!), and of course I am anti-hill.

So how did it go?  It was wonderful.  So much fun.  We ran and chatted and hit all the water stations - I think there were more than last year, which was great - and truly, it was one of the best times I've ever had during a race.  It's interesting how, if you let go of expectations and just go with the experience, what a difference that makes.  For example, Cary needed a restroom break - I never ran when I was pregnant, but I remember having those "baby's making me have to pee" times so I can only imagine how it must feel to be running and have that happen.  We were fine with stopping - we all paused our Garmins and headed toward the porta-potties that were just past a water station.  What we found was a long line - there were five porta-potties, but a lot of people waiting for we just hung out, chatting with each other and the lady behind us in line, and eventually we started running again.  Cindy (Cary's mom), who was walking the race and had started in the corral after ours, came upon us while we were in line and was pretty surprised to have caught up to us, but like I said, we were there a while.  However, zero expectations meant none of us really cared about the wait, although with such a backlog of people waiting, I do think they need to triple the amount of porta-potties along the race route.

We kept running, enjoying the live music along the route - again, since the weather was so beautiful, and not foggy or rainy, more musicians seemed to be out and were entertaining all of the runners.  We continued to get water at every water stop, and Cary had one more quick potty break, but there wasn't a wait at that set of potties so we only paused for a minute or so there.  Before long, we were in the last mile, which is nice and flat, but it was the most crowded with walkers that I've experienced in this race, and there were times when we couldn't run because the road was filled with slower moving people.  Oh well.

We finally hit the finisher's chute and literally got stopped by clowns - a family all dressed up as clowns, with clown children in two strollers and all their clown accessories had stopped dead center to get everything adjusted, I'm assuming, for a good finish line picture.  We got around them and were running toward the finish when I heard from the sidelines "Diane, Diane, Mom, MOM!" - I looked over and saw two of Diane's sons there and caught her arm to show her.  She was surprised to see them; although they live in Austin, she'd told them not to bother coming because the race was so crowded.  Well, they are sweet kids, er, adults, and of course they came, so that was really cool.

We crossed the finish line and while we were still moving through the chute, we were handed bottles of water, YAY!  The previous times I've run this race, you had to search out water afterward and it wasn't close to the finish line nor was it very clear where it was located.  I'd mentioned this in my post-race survey, and while I'm sure I wasn't the only one to comment on the water situation, I'm really pleased that they listened and made that change.  We went in search of Jeff and Brian; I thought it was odd that we didn't see them at the finish line, as in previous years, but when Cindy had crossed, they figured they'd somehow missed seeing us finish as they knew she'd started after us, so they went to our preset meeting area.   As it turns out, we lost 16 minutes while waiting for the porta-potties; because we paused our Garmins, we could see the time difference once the race results were posted.  Funny thing is that my time this year was the same as last year, but I had a heck of a lot more fun this time, go figure!
Shirt, bib signed by Leo Manzano, VIP credentials - pretty sweet souvenirs from a fun race!

So because I am a famous running blogger (HAHAHAHAHA), the race director offered me access to the post-race VIP tent, which of course I accepted.  I got Jeff on the list as well, but the rest of the peons renegades had to wait outside while we got the VIP treatment:
Wearing my VIP badge with all the rest of the cool people.

They had a nice spread of food, and even though we were going out to breakfast with our group, we got a plate to taste:
Hot food plus pastries and fresh fruit, and the best fresh orange juice I've ever tasted.

I noticed a small amount of medals laid out on a table nearby, so went over to investigate - this race doesn't give out finisher medals, so what could these be for?  Turns out, they were All Year Runner medals for the 31 runners who've run this race every single year for the last 40 years:
...and here's two of the recipients!  They did a little ceremony shortly after Jeff and I sat down to eat; it's another very cool way this race commemorated its 40th anniversary.

We didn't want to keep the rest of our group waiting, so we quickly ate and left the VIP area, only to hear that they were out of bananas for the regular runners, so Jeff went back in the VIP tent and got bananas for everyone.  In years past, there's always been a finish line festival going on, with some activities for children, but this year the entire area felt much more welcoming and friendly, and had we not had plans for breakfast at Kerbey Lane Cafe, we easily could have spent some more time there.

One last group shot:
Me, Brian, Jeff, Diane, Cindy, and Cary...and please note the bananas, LOL

And then we were off to breakfast, where I had my once a year treat of Eggs Francisco:
This makes those Austin hills worth every step!

One last picture, just because the juxtaposition was too funny - Cindy is vegan, and the menu she got versus the menus the rest of us got...well, see for yourself:
To be fair, her meal looked pretty delicious, even without the Eggs Francisco.

This was the last of our spring racecations, and it was a great way to finish out our racing season.  I'm already looking forward to next year!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Swimsuit Shopping With No Angst??? It Happened!

We are planning another trip to Orlando; hey, why not - we all still have our annual passes to Universal Studios, and now that we've done it up big, we can be a little more casual with less eating out and spending money on wands and stuff.  We'll be staying at the Cabana Bay resort once again, because we really liked it, plus our room has a little kitchen, so we're planning on having most breakfast and lunch meals with food we bring; except for all things Butterbeer and dinner out, we should do a decent job of not coming back with too many extra vacation pounds.  But the best part about staying at Cabana Bay is that they have a lazy river and a huge pool, and considering that we'll be in Florida when the weather will be in the 90 degree range, that's going to get a lot of use.

Since I plan on spending a lot of time in the pool, I needed to get a swimsuit.  Yes, it's a little early to buy one, but previous experience has shown me that if I don't start looking while the stores are full of options, well, my options will be pretty limited.  So I started looking online, and ended up ordering a bunch of tops, bottoms, and one-pieces from both JC Penney and Land's End.  Free shipping, easy returns, and a credit card sure makes for some easy purchases - plus I could try on everything in my own home instead of getting all hot and sweaty in a store dressing room.

Now, I didn't have a lot of hope when I was picking out suits - honestly, I was just looking for something that would work so I could cool down in Florida.  I was mostly interested in tankini-type suits, with different bottoms (boy shorts, skirts, etc) and I ended up being pretty surprised by what I was seeing - there were a lot more options than the last time I really shopped for a swimsuit, which was over five years ago.  There were tankinis with a loose, blouson shape, and some that looked like you were wearing a cute sports bra with a tank top over it.  Seeing as I am never happy with how my stomach looks (this holds true for when I was at my thinnest - my stomach never went back to the flatness of my youth, unfortunately), I was intrigued by the possibility of getting a suit that wasn't tight on my belly.

My first shipment arrived, and I took a deep breath, steeled myself for the worst, and tried on a top and bottom.  You know what?  I didn't hate it.  I did not hate how I looked in that swimsuit.  If you knew how amazing that was, well...actually, I suspect most of you do, because trying on swimsuits is not for sissies.  But it was OK.  I could have gone with the first thing I tried on, miracle of miracles.  Emboldened, I went to the mall and tried on some other suits while I was waiting for the rest of my order to arrive, and I came home with a pair of high-waisted swim shorts that I absolutely love, so at that point, all I needed was a top.

Diane happened to be over when the UPS truck arrived bearing a huge bag of swimwear and I had a little try on session so she could help me decide.  She was pretty funny - some of the suits I'd chosen (because I was casting a pretty wide net) were rejected immediately - she was all "you're not even going to try this one on, it's too old lady" - and she was right.  Like I said earlier, I didn't have high hopes of anything looking good, so I put a lot of different suits in my cart.  This is what I ended up choosing:
Not me, obviously.  It has a T-strap in the back that's pretty cute.

The bonus was that I only paid $22 for this after some online discounts, so that was pretty sweet, and it leaves me some extra money to find a cover up, woohoo! 

The question now is, why did I feel OK about these suits?  My body hasn't miraculously changed shape or size recently.  I haven't been consciously doing any positive mantras toward body acceptance.  My legs are still large and in charge, as is my stomach.  But maybe all the running has firmed things up a tiny bit?  Or maybe all the running has made me appreciate my body more for what it can do, and I'm not so focused on looking like a beach babe in a swimsuit - sadly that ship sailed while I was a teenager (and I didn't appreciate that body while I had it).  So I don't know, except that this was a new and, dare I say it, GOOD experience.  And that hasn't happened very often for me when it comes to swimsuits.  I'll gladly accept it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

FMM - Oh, Henry!

The other day I walked into my bathroom, saw Henry in a new spot, spun back on my heels to grab my phone, and got the cutest shot of him:
He found a comfy hidey-hole!

I mean, am I thrilled that my cat is lying on my bath towels?  No.  But look how content he is, all tucked in behind the stack of towels.  How could I be mad?


As I was driving Paco to the vet earlier in the week, we came to a red light.  Suddenly he started barking like a madman, which he doesn't usually do in the car.  I looked around and realized that a garbage truck was in the lane next to us, and he recognized it.  Garbage trucks are his mortal enemies, followed closely by the UPS truck and the mail truck.  He barked enough that it drove away, so job well done, Paco.


On Wednesday evening, I met up with my fellow Renegades at Salata for dinner, and then we went to the movie theater to see Boston:  An American Running Story.  I was surprised that hardly anyone was in the theater, but I don't think the movie was promoted very well.  Here we are:
Me, Diane, Cary, Andi, and Julia.  My arm needed to be a couple inches longer to get a full shot, but you get the picture (har har).

What you aren't seeing is the man Julia was sitting next to - he was wearing his Boston Marathon shirt and she was talking to him quite a bit about his experience running the race.  I was too far away to really hear much, but we entertained ourselves well enough until the movie began.
That morning I ran 5 miles with Diane, had a 250 calorie breakfast, salad for dinner, and a box of Milk Duds at the movie - I think I was actually fine with my daily calories, although it wasn't the most nutritious day...but it was exactly what I wanted.

The movie was really good and had all of us tearing up at various points.  And when we were watching the great MEB come in for the finish of the 2014 race, we were all cheering him on, even though we already knew he won.  It's just as exciting to see the second time around.  If you get a chance to see this movie, I highly recommend it.


We have a 10K on tap this Sunday; fingers crossed the predicted weather forecast with a morning low of 52 degrees holds true; I think that would be the best weather we've had for a race in forever!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WWU - The Taper Begins

Not my taper, Diane's - but that means that I do get to run less, which is nice.  As much as I've enjoyed running with Diane for part of the distance of her Saturday long runs, it's been a challenge.  My body just doesn't like going the distance like hers does - which, as I keep saying, is why she's going to run a marathon while I don't even want to run a half marathon right now. 

Diane only (only - hah!) had 10 miles on her schedule for Saturday.  Now, I could have run that with her, but honestly, after the last few long runs, I needed a win - and by that, I mean mentally I needed to finish a long run and feel good about it.  So I ran the first 5 miles with her and Jeff, and then I left them at the water stop and headed back to the clubhouse, while they set off for another loop of 5 miles.  And you know what?  That was the right thing to do.  I felt great about my run, plus I had so much more energy for the rest of the day.  For me, running 5 - 6 miles hits the sweet spot of effort.


I am in the process of breaking in a new pair of running shoes, which is odd as I haven't felt like I've needed to break in my previous pairs.  These are the same make and model as my older shoes - the Hoka Clifton 3 - yet they feel stiff.  However, I'm ridiculously thrilled by the bright color, so I'll deal with the break in period:
They kind of glow in the dark, which I love.

I keep track of the mileage on my shoes via Garmin connect, and I name each pair so I can tell the difference (which is necessary since all three pairs that I'm rotating are the same make and model).  This pair is named Walking on Sunshine, and yes, that song goes through my head every time I lace them up.


My running peeps and I have a date tonight to see Boston:  An American Running Story, which will be shown for only one night only.  I'm really looking forward to seeing it, plus I already have my box of Milk Duds stashed in my purse (can't beat Target's movie-theater box candy for a buck).  If you're interested in this movie, jump on it because it seems like tonight is the only night to catch it in the theater!


What does a runner do after a long run?  Why, read about other runners:
Hammock time!

Still really enjoying this book - and I was cheering for Kathrine Switzer as she ran the Boston Marathon on Monday, 50 years after her first eventful race there!  She has been such a great example for women athletes and I'm so happy that she's still running, at age 70 - she gives me hope that I can continue with my running as I get older.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Springtime Gardening, Texas-Style

We are a little behind in getting our yard spruced up for spring; between running all the miles and Jeff's travel schedule, the yard has fallen by the wayside.  However, we got a burst of energy on Saturday and after breakfast, went directly to Lowe's, bought a few plants, and by midday on Easter Sunday, we'd gotten a lot accomplished!  Of course I don't have before pictures to show you because we just dove right in, but here are the after shots, beginning with the backyard:
Most everything survived winter of '17, which was January 6 - 8.  Seriously, we had a hard freeze those three days, and that was it, winter was over. 
We needed a little something for this little pot and Jeff picked out this purple flash ornamental pepper - it's so pretty!  Just an annual, but hey, for four bucks, if it lives through the summer, the color enjoyment we'll get will be worth it.
My bougainvillea!  We used to have these growing along our back fence at our house in California, but they don't live through the winter here in Texas, so I've always been reluctant to buy one.  However life is too short to not have a beautiful blooming bougainvillea if that is your heart's desire, so we splurged and $18 later, here it is...and I know I'll love seeing it out my windows every day.

The front yard needed a lot of weeding in the beds, plus our oleander bushes froze; they are coming back, but all of the dead limbs needed to be cut off, so I did that.  All I can say is thank goodness I bought myself some garden gloves recently, because I was a lot more willing to get into the dirt with them; somehow knowing that my skin will not have first contact with bugs and other crawling things made this a much more pleasant task.

We lost one plant - a lantana - in the front bed from the freeze, but really, I think it was almost dead beforehand - we'd had it in a pot in the backyard all summer, and it got root bound, so we replanted it into the front bed but it was too late.  However, I've seen lantanas growing like crazy all over here, so we bought two more to see if we can't make them work this year:
See the one bit of greenery by itself?  That's all that came back from last year's lantanas.
I love that this batch has three colors - the orange, yellow, and pink just drew me in!
I'm putting this shot in as a "before" shot to show how much the plant grows over the next few months.
This area needed work - I pulled out all of the pots, we weeded, and Jeff got the stones that the pots are sitting on back to being level.  Then we put everything back and laid down new black mulch.
This plant - a dracena red sister, replaced one plant that had gotten really sticky and ugly, plus it mostly froze.  I can see the pink leaves through the window while I'm sitting at my desk, and it makes me happy.
I think this is portulaca - honestly, I just loved the flowers, saw that it needed full sun, and boom - this empty pot had a new occupant!  There is still one more empty pot just to the left of this plant that we need to fill, but we miscounted when we were at Lowe's, so came home one plant short.
Once we get that last pot filled, we can call this area finished - unless we find some more pots at a great price...then filling in with more color might be nice.
Here's the oleander that I cut down, and here's also where we ran out of mulch, darn it!  I thought we had bought too much, but nope.  Oh well, it was getting hot anyway so we were ready for a break.  Soon enough, we'll get the rest of the mulch and THEN we'll really be done.

Is it weird that washed my garden gloves?  They were really dirty!  I kept them on my hands and used a bar of soap like I'd be washing my hands, only the gloves were cleaned.  Then I set them outside to dry:
Hammock stand works quite nicely to air dry gloves!

Friday, April 14, 2017

FMM Quickie

Just a couple of things before I leave you to go buy a chocolate bunny for Easter Sunday...priorities, right?  I remembered to take pictures of the Fossil watch tin display yesterday when I was at the gift shop, although it looks better in person, I think - it's hard to get a decent shot with all of the glass and lights, but here you go - you can see the tins in the back, behind the jewelry and watches:
Top shelf - I love the turquoise dangle earrings and coordinating necklace in here. 
Second shelf - I took the picture right when I got to the gift shop, then realized some jewelry had sold and moved things a little to reset the display, but my phone was put away by then.
Third shelf - we've sold a lot of watches recently - usually we have more colorful ones, but they were pretty popular.

There's a bottom shelf, but that has men's watches and hand-painted eggs on display - nothing too exciting there, although you can get a peek of the eggs in the last picture if you look through the shelf.  It remains to be seen if any of the other volunteers will actually let the customer choose a tin from the display when they sell a watch - that is the point of this, after all; plus, I have a lot more neatly stacked in the bin below this case.  We probably have triple the amount of tins versus the watches on hand, which is wild, because the few times that I've bought a Fossil watch over the years, I made sure to come home with the cute tin that came with it!


With all the effort I've been putting into running more lately, I wanted to treat myself - I used to do this fairly often when I was training for my first few half marathons and had to run my long distances by myself - I'd come up with a bribe when the miles got tough.  Sometimes it was a new yoga mat, sometimes it was frozen yogurt - but it was always a little reward for literally going the extra mile(s).  Instead of doing a food treat, I decided to do a body treat, in the form of sugar scrubs from blogger Lori's shop, Savonology!  I had such a hard time choosing which scent to buy that I ended up picking two - Rosemary Lemon and Cafe Latte:
She threw in a bar of Rosemary Lemon soap as an extra goodie, so I'm all set!

I love these - they make my skin so soft, plus it forces me to massage my tired legs, which feels pretty good after all the miles.


Short run for me tomorrow - I'm pretty sure I'll only run 5 miles.  Maybe 8, but probably 5.  Diane has 10 on tap - I know I'm not going to attempt that again.  Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WWU - 20/10, Let's Not Do That Again...

This is the face of someone who just ran 20 miles:
Her longest run ever!

I mean, look at her.  Diane ran for over five hours on Saturday, and not only is she still standing, she's smiling!  She even said, when we finished the run, that she felt like she could run more, which bodes well for her marathon next month.  She's so ready for 26.2 miles!

Her day started with Jeff - they met up and took off running shortly before 4:00 am, and ran a five mile loop; then Cary joined them and ran the next five mile loop with them.  I was waiting for them for the next five mile loop - Jeff and Cary dropped off at that point and I headed out with Diane.  That went really well - she was feeling good and the weather was nice; my car thermometer said it was 52 degrees when I drove there, and while the humidity was high, it felt comfortable.

The sun rose while we were running, and as we got back to our starting point, where we refilled our water bottles, the wind kicked up.  We ran into the wind for about two miles, which wasn't super fun; then we hit our turn-around point and had it at our backs, but by then, the sun was up and we were wishing we had our sunglasses.  We normally are finished running by this time of day, but with such a long run, that wasn't possible; any case, it was good for Diane to run with the sun out like that as her race doesn't start until 8:00 am.  She even practiced for race day by wearing sunscreen (again, not usually necessary as we are vampire runners), wearing her earbuds connected to her phone (even though she wasn't listening to music for this run since she had company), and of course, with using all kinds of fueling options.

I had my usual Tailwind and Bolt energy chews, and felt OK until about mile 8 - then, I just wanted to be done running.  We had been on an incline, plus we were running into the sun, but honestly, mile 8 seems to be my kryptonite mile - I just start to feel like hell around that point.  It will surprise absolutely none of my regular readers to hear that I swore off ever running a half marathon during those last two miles, LOL.  Seriously, I was so done.  Luckily, Diane wasn't - which is also why she's going to run a marathon soon - she likes this!  Crazy woman.  I took a couple of extra walking breaks while Diane ran ahead, but I caught up to her at the stop light; traffic was really busy by then so we had to wait a few minutes for the signal to change so we could cross the road.  We've learned from past runs to keep moving, because it's amazing how fast you can stiffen up when you're at the end of a long run and you have to wait for a green light to keep running, so we were the weirdos walking in circles at that intersection - but it worked! 

Once we crossed the road, we were about a half mile from the end - Diane went on ahead of me while I did shorter run/walk intervals.  Finally, FINALLY I was finished.  I'd hoped that this 10 mile run would go better for me than my previous long runs, but once again, I hit a point where I'm done...except that I'm still miles away from my car, so I have to keep running.
Diane and I - 20/10 miles DONE!

I was super thirsty when I was finished running.  I'd had most of two big bottles of Tailwind, so I was hydrated, but I wanted pure water.  I ended up drinking straight from the jug of water that was at our refill station, and stopped twice on our short walk back to our cars to drink more; I even carried the jug into Blue Baker so I could keep refilling my water cup without having to walk back and forth to the drink dispenser.  I continued to drink water throughout the rest of the day and into Sunday, and I finally felt quenched.

We drove to Blue Baker and met the rest of the crew, who were fed and rested and relaxed.  I sat there and alternated drinking water and coffee, waiting for my appetite to come back.  It took about an hour and a half, but finally I was hungry, so I went to the counter and told the woman there that I needed bacon.  I must have looked like I REALLY needed bacon, because she handed me a plate with five pieces on it - normally you get three.  It hit the spot!  I also ate a cranberry walnut muffin, but after that I didn't eat again until dinnertime.  It's weird how running longer distances affects my appetite so much; hmmm, maybe I should run that far every day?  Nah.  I'd fall apart before I lost any weight.

CC and Loretta came in shortly after Diane and I got to BB; CC ran her first post-baby 5K race that morning, while Loretta pushed Mason in his stroller for the family 1 mile walk.  I got to hold Mason:
He's a happy little guy!

And then we went home for a well-earned nap.  Oh, but before I dozed off, Diane dropped by with an early (really early, it's not until June) birthday gift for me - she said she didn't want to wait on giving it to me because she knew I'd probably buy it (and once I opened it, I laughed, because I actually had this in my Amazon cart):
Kathrine Switzer's book!  She is the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon (although you can see by the picture on the cover, once the race director discovered A WOMAN was running his race, he physically tried to rip off her bib and pull her from the course).

I spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday reading the book - it's really good and so inspiring, and I cannot believe that once upon a time, in my lifetime, women weren't allowed to run long distances.  I'm forever grateful that she and several other women pushed hard to make changes regarding running so people like Diane can run a marathon, if they want to.