Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Mishmash

Why yes, I'm bookending the week with mishmashes...

Wearing my new BCS Marathon top that my running club coaches gave me - how sweet!  I love it.

Yesterday I lost 50 pounds.  OK, not really, but it felt like I did.  I did the last bit of work I had to do in order to close out my tenure as Organizer for our running club - the budget.  Which, if you remember my distaste for all things math, should come as no surprise that I put off doing it for a month.  But I finally got it done, with a minimum of flop sweat, and officially handed it in to the home office.  Ahhhhhhh.  Now I can just run this year.  You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to not being responsible for anything club-related.


I don't know if it's his age, but Paco seems to be napping a lot nowadays.  And what is cuter than a dog falling asleep?  Evidence:


My favorite yarns to knit with are Madelinetosh DK and Vintage.  I love the way they feel as I'm knitting, I love the beautiful hand-dyed colorways, and I love how nice my projects turn out.  Trust me - I've knitted with some less-than-stellar yarn, made a duplicate project, and there was a marked difference.  Madelinetosh isn't cheap, but to me, it's worth every penny because I like it so much.  On that note, oftentimes I end up with leftovers after I've finished a project...and I hate to see this yarn unused, so lately I've been making things with the extra bits.  Here's what I've made recently:
Earwarmers!  Tart on the left, Esoteric on the right.  

Previous projects from Esoteric were another earwarmer, and fingerless gloves:
Pattern is Spiced Cocoa

And previously from the Tart, a hat:
Pattern is Boardwalk

I also made another Turn a Square hat using leftovers!  Although, I came down to the wire with the blue yarn - I could see I was going to run out with just a few rows remaining, so I dug through my box of, what else, leftover yarn, and found a teeny tiny ball - just enough to finish the blue stripes, whew!
Yarn is Whiskey Barrel and Baltic

Previously, I'd made another hat with Whiskey Barrel:
Pattern is Turn a Square - what can I say, I like this pattern!

And Baltic - oh how I love this color!  I have several skeins and tend to hoard it, but I made this cowl:
 Pattern is Cabled Feather Cowl

And now seeing all of these projects has me itching to cast on with some more Madelinetosh yarn.  Unfortunately, I'm making myself finish a scarf that I've been working on for nearly a year.  Guess why it's taken me so long?  The yarn.  Turns out I do not enjoy mohair, so I keep putting it aside.  But I want it done (and I want those needles back), so I'm gutting it out.


Guess how many miles I'm going to run tomorrow?  Guess guess guess!  THREE!  Aha, that number makes me giddy.  Loving my low miles!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WWU - What's Next?

My medal rack - still room for a few more...

I took a full week off of running after the extravaganza weekend that was Houston, and I feel great!  I was pretty sore for the first few days, but by Thursday, nothing ached anymore and I started getting a little antsy to run.  But a recovery period is recommended after a big race, and I didn't do that after the BCS half because I was still training for Houston.  Since I managed to make it through the last year injury-free, I felt like I needed to acknowledge and appreciate that by giving my body a real rest and recovery.  I have to say, I highly recommend doing this - I ran for the first time yesterday and it felt wonderful!


OK.  I know I said I was hanging up my distance shoes.  And I meant it.  I still mean it.  But Houston was really fun.  And they opened up registration to everyone (no lottery, no qualifying time) right after the race was finished, for five days or whenever they hit 10,000 registrants (and then it's closed to mortals like me until June).  And my JFR Crew started signing up.  I held off - I was not wanting to even THINK about running another half marathon...but there was peer pressure.  And I still held off...until the following day, when my former running pal Loretta signed up.  She is coming off of a stress fracture, surgery, and now has pins in her hipbones, and she still wants to run.  I really enjoyed running with her before her injury and the idea of getting to do that again pushed me into registering.  So I'm all set, and now I don't have to think about running long distances for quite a while (and I'll be looking at changing up my training, when the time comes).

Back to now.  I'm going to work on my speed and endurance for a 5K.  Three point one little miles.  Once upon a time, I used to be able to run for several miles without having to take a break.  At a decent pace (for me), too.  So that's what I am going to play with for the next several months...working my way up to running a mile without stopping, and then adding some extra effort to see how fast I can do it.  I have a few 5K races in the spring, and I'd like to finish them in under 40 minutes, and see continual improvement as the months go by. 

I've also started going to Planet Fitness again, as of Sunday.  I really like working out there; I only stopped because I was just plain worn out with all of the high miles I was running.  But I'm feeling refreshed and ready to take on a little extra, and doing more of a full-body workout can only help, not just with my running, but with overall wellness in general.

So this is the plan.  Shorter runs, short workouts - it sounds pretty refreshing, and I'm looking forward to it, which is all I can hope for when it comes to exercise and me!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Mishmash (work with me here, people...)

 Spy mode:  engaged

I upgraded my phone last week - moved up from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6, woohoo!  I finally have LTE coverage, and I'm amazed at how fast this thing is.  But the coolest feature on it?  The fingerprint security access.  Now, I didn't even have a security code on my old phone, and I really don't need it on this one...but I couldn't resist setting it up, and I have to admit, I feel like a spy every time I unlock my phone with my thumbprint. 
With the new phone came a new case.  I love the pretty watercolor flowers, and I thought I could do the mint green silicon liner, but after just a couple of days, I caved and bought another liner, in purple.  Why the mint green hate?  Well, because back in the olden days, this used to be called seafoam green.  And, back in the olden days, I painted our master bathroom that exact color.  Have you ever started painting a room and thought to yourself "wow, it looks different than what I expected" - and then, have you continued to paint the entire room because you thought "surely this will dry and look better" - and then, having finished painting the room, have you sat back and thought to yourself "oh, this was a big mistake..." - yep, that is why, to this day, I am not a fan of seafoam/mint green.  Amazing how some things just stick with you - this was back in our California house, and we haven't lived in CA in over 22 years!

Anyway, here's the fix:
 It's a small thing, but it made me much happier.


Remember that telecom magazine that I was featured in?  They sent me a link to the article so you can read it online, if you'd like - click here for it.  Nothing like extending my 15 seconds of internet fame!


Paco missed us when we went to Houston, even though he got to play with his favorite dog friend, Ginger, while we were gone.  We'd only been home a couple of hours when Jeff went to go read in bed.  I was still at my computer, writing my race recap, when he texted me this picture:
My junk was still on the bed, but he was blissfully asleep - I don't think he rests when we're gone.  He's on patrol the entire time...someone has to keep watch, dontcha know!


I play solitaire on my iPad.  A few months ago they started a Daily Challenge thing, and I finally made it onto the  "fewest moves" scoreboard.  I was so surprised that I took a screenshot of it:
That's me, Anonymous!


Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Endnotes About Houston

Now that I've had a few days to process the entire weekend, I discovered I have more to say about it, which probably isn't a big surprise to anyone, haha.  This is going to be random, so bear with me...

Here's a screenshot of the half marathon route via my Garmin:
(click to enlarge, if your eyes are as bad as mine)

See the red marker?  That's where our hotel was.  See mile marker 6 on the route?   That's right around where the restaurant was that we ate at the night before the race.  As we were running and realizing that we were approaching the restaurant, both CC and I couldn't believe it.  She said to me "It took a long time to get there last night and we DROVE!" - and that's when it hit me just how far away from the finish line we were.  Understatement of the week, but dang...13 miles is far!


Looking back, I think the reason why I ran out of energy during the latter part of the half was because I expended too much the day before.  What I should have done was run the 5K (because it was great fun), but not walked the nearly mile to breakfast...and the mile back.  And for the expo, I did a lot of walking there - I wish I had the nerve to rent one of those carts like they have at grocery stores, and scooted my way through the expo.  Think anyone would have given me a funny look?  Probably, but I bet people would also be jealous of my ride.  Who knows - this may be the next big thing at race expos...leg-saving scooters!  You heard it here first, folks.


I was amazed at the amount of race officials, volunteers, police officers, and spectators on the course during the half marathon.  I've never seen such a well-supported race!  It felt like the entire city was there, and everyone was so, so friendly.  Oh, and the aid stations were awesome, as well.  Most of the people handing out cups of water or Gatorade were wearing official race volunteer rain jackets - not because it was raining, but because that is a job where splashing happens.  I thought it was great that the race committee took care of their volunteers by providing those's that kind of thought that makes a long day a little more comfortable.  The Houston marathon/half marathon has been happening for over 40 years, and it's evident that not only do they have it together when it comes to putting on a great race, but that the citizens of Houston support the race, too.


The other neat thing about the half marathon was seeing a different Houston.  Even though I live fairly close (about an hour and a half away), I haven't been there very often...and wasn't impressed with what I've seen.  Mostly because I'm usually on the freeway, and let me tell you, Houston freeways are SCARY - and I've lived in and driven on Southern California freeways!  Plus there is a lot of industry just off the freeways; never a very pretty sight.  But where we ran for the half was really nice!  We saw lots of upscale shopping areas, and then we ran through some amazing neighborhoods with beautiful houses on huge lots with trees that shaded the entire road.  We ran by the Contemporary Arts Museum, which was a lovely area, and then we ran on Montrose Blvd, where there were lots of eclectic eateries, shops and housing (and a ton of spectators).  I was impressed from start to finish - Houston, it's much nicer than I realized!


The official race pictures have been posted, and boy howdy is there ever a difference between Saturday's 5K and Sunday's half marathon.  I look pretty decent at the 5K finish:
Coming in for the finish - last push, but still standing tall (and smiling).

But the pictures from the half marathon told a different story - I was worn out, feeling crummy, and I looked it: 
 On a bridge, saw the photographer, couldn't even muster up a smile.

Yep, that's running for you.

Have a great weekend!  I won't be running, for a change. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ABB 5K Houston Race Recap!

On Saturday, I ran the ABB 5K race in Houston, as part of the Houston Double.  Running this race plus either the half or full marathon the following day would earn me an additional medal, so of course I had to do it.  Actually, Cary was the one who discovered this, and she talked most of our JFR Crew into doing it.  She's kind of like the Tom Sawyer of our group...I wouldn't be surprised if we end up whitewashing her fence soon!

Front of the race shirt.

Anyway, as I wrote on Monday, we were up very early for this race since we had to drive to Houston (it's about an hour and a half away), plus we had to do packet pick up as well.  We waited for the race to start at Discovery Green Park, where (naturally) we had to take some pictures:
Julia, Brian, Cristy, Cary, me, and Jeff - Day 1 for the JFR Crew!
 Me and the sisters!
This is my "too impatient to wait in line for the official backdrop" pose - Julia was my accomplice in taking this picture.  

What's with the BEEF shirt, you might be wondering?  Well, as of 2015, I am now part of the Texas BEEF a provisional member, or Beef Tip, as they call it.  I need to wear their official shirt to at least three races this year, and then next year, the BEEF team will partially reimburse race entry fees for any BEEF approved races that I do, from a 5K on up.  The shirt is pretty crazy and I'm not thrilled with the placement of the word BEEF across my bustline, but hey - it's only three races this year.  And maybe next year they'll have a new shirt design.

Anyway.  Somehow I thought there would be 600 people running this race, but it seemed like there were a lot more waiting around.  Imagine my surprise when the announcer said there were 6,000 people running it!  Oh.  Guess I missed a zero.

Jeff ran with Brian, Cary and Cristy, while Julia and I ran together.  We did 2:1 intervals, and although we said we were going to take it easy, we ended up feeling really good so we kind of went for it.  We finished in 40:57!  That was not the intention, but hey - sometimes running just feels great.  Our splits were really good:

Mile 1 - 12:06 (holy moly!)
Mile 2 - 13:13
Mile 3 - 12:47
Mile .25 - 2:51

Average pace:  12:35.  And I actually hit 39:XX on my Garmin at mile 3.1, which is a 5K - unfortunately, I wasn't at the finish line when that happened.  Julia and I had to run zig zags around a lot of people/kids/walkers, and we added to our mileage.  So even though I've had a goal of breaking 40 minutes for a 5K race, I'm not officially counting this as having done that.  I'll get it, and soon, I hope!

Coming in for the finish - photo thanks to CC

Finished and feeling exhilarated:
This is the first medal I've ever earned for doing a 5K.

After the race, we went to the food tent for bananas and muffins.  We were all pretty hungry at this point and scarfed everything down.  Then another group picture:
Julia, Cary, Brian, Jeff, me, and Cristy, with our first medals of the weekend!

CC wasn't registered to run this race, so she ended up being our sherpa:
This was the bag they gave us at packet pickup - it was crammed with our jackets and extras, and CC lugged it all around during the race for us!

I'm glad I did this race because it was a great way to ease into the whole Houston half marathon weekend experience.  Having such a good time running it was a sweet bonus.  I don't normally run 3 miles the day before a half marathon, so I don't know if, by doing this race, it affected me for the half - yes I hit a wall, but maybe that would have happened anyway?  Who can say for sure?  Any case, it was really fun.

After the race, we went back to our hotel rooms (hurray for super early check in!) and quickly changed into dry clothes, and then met up for second breakfast.  Hey, when you have been awake since 3:00 am, your hunger cues are a little messed up!  Cristy was craving breakfast tacos, so Cary found a place on Yelp and we had a little adventure walking to it...let's just say it wasn't in the best part of town, but it was hugely popular (long line out the door), and it was good.
CC posing by the giant lady at the restaurant.  I was jealous because she'd stopped at the Starbucks in the hotel lobby for coffee; I love coffee and ended up having none all weekend!  Something was wrong with that...

Because we did this race and the half marathon, we got an extra medal on Sunday:
Sweet!  After the race we were clanging around like Mr. T  with all of our medals.

This was a fun race; I'm planning on doing it again next year for sure.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Aramco Houston Half Marathon 2015 Recap!

The race I've been waiting for is finally finished!  Yesterday, I ran the Aramco Houston Half Marathon, along with my JFR Crew...and about 25,000 other people.  We had such a great weekend in Houston that this race is already on the list for next year!  But wait - I'm getting ahead of myself.  Our weekend started at 3:00 am on Saturday - that was wake up time for us, because we had a 4:00 am departure time for Houston.  Everyone met at our house and we drove in a caravan to our hotel, the Hilton Americas, which also happened to be the host hotel for the race.  Why in the world did we leave so early, you might be wondering (and rightly so)?  Well, a few months ago, we signed up to run the Houston Double, which meant that we would run the ABB 5K on Saturday morning.  I'll recap that race on Wednesday's post, but that's the reason why we were on the road so dang early.

So we got to the hotel, where we knew that we would be able to park, but check in time wasn't until 3:00 pm.  I cannot say enough good things about the Hilton Americas - do you know, when we got there at 6:00 am, they let us check in?  We all got our rooms, which was so wonderful...we figured we'd be working out of our cars all day, what with changing clothes after the 5K race, and dropping off our stuff from packet pick up.  They also gave us a late check out on Sunday - 2:00 pm, which again, was wonderful.  We didn't have to rush to get cleaned up right after the race - we actually got to hang around and enjoy the post-race atmosphere!  Plus, everyone who worked there was so nice...we are definitely going to stay there again next year.
Participant race shirt front

We went to packet pick up at the expo, which was conveniently located across the street from the hotel.  The expo was huge!  Packet pick up was really easy, and we all did our thing with shopping and stuff - Jeff and CC even went for free massages!  Most of our crew went in expecting to buy some Houston Half Marathon-branded merchandise, but there wasn't a whole lot to be had...and apparently they sold out of the half marathon shirts by the time we got there at 11:00 am!  Boo on that.  I spent a lot less than I'd budgeted for, which was OK, I guess.  Here's my loot:
Sketchers jacket in a really pretty teal - this one has the half marathon logo on it.  I love it, and was happy with the price - everything was 20% off!
Addaday roller - I've wanted this since I tried one out last September, when I was at a running store in California.  It's more intense than The Stick, which is what I normally use to roll out sore muscles on my calves.  I also got some new socks in fun colors - buy 2 get one free, yay!  And one Sweaty Band. 
Coffee mug - I admit, I have a thing for coffee mugs and these seem to be the souvenir I bring home most often.
 Artsy shot of mug with Houston skyline, taken from our 10th floor room window.
Freebies - a towel that will be nice to sit my sweaty body on when I drive my new car to go run, an inflatable water bottle, and throw-away gloves.

I think just about everyone took a nap that afternoon, and then we reconvened to go to dinner at Carrabba's Italian Grill - we had 5:00 pm reservations, and by the time we were finished eating, the restaurant was jam-packed.  Go us for eating at the old person time!  Dinner was delicious, and I think I was in bed by 8:30.

Race day:  We met up in the lobby at 6:00 am.  It was so nice to not have the stress of driving in and finding a place to park - this was just about the most relaxed I've been on a race morning.  We took some pictures before we walked to our corral:
JFR Crew - CC (in green - she took Amy's place, who unfortunately came down with the flu on Thursday), Julia, Andi, Cristy, Cary, Brian, me, and Jeff.
Jeff and I in our throwaway tops - I was happy we had these, as it was WINDY while we walked to our corrals.  Luckily the wind died down before the race started.
No, I wasn't asking for some beads!  My friend was going to be on the course, and I needed to show her what I was wearing so she'd have a better chance at spotting me.
In the corral - Cristy took these two pictures and I swiped them to show you.  We were in corral this was just one quarter of the people doing the race!  Looks packed, but we never felt squished.

So I thought I would be running this race solo.  Which is hard for this social runner, but I knew I was capable of doing it, since that's how I ran the BCS Half Marathon in December.  But at the last minute, CC decided to run with me and hopefully pace me to an under 3 hour finish.  She hadn't run since the BCS Half, and since this race was unplanned (she got the offer to run on Friday afternoon), she decided to be conservative...and help a friend - bonus for me!

We set off doing 1:30/1 intervals (run for 1 minute 30 seconds, walk for 1 minute).  CC did the math and said we needed an average pace of 13:43 to finish in under 3 hours, so we ran at a pretty fast pace and tried to walk quickly, too.  We did OK for a while, especially in the beginning when we were having to dodge around other people doing intervals.  Although it was fairly cool when we started, it did warm up, so we made sure to get Gatorade and water at almost every aid station.  Our splits started out good:
Mile 1 - 13:28
Mile 2 - 13:51
Mile 3 - 13:14
Mile 4 - 14:18 (we think this was where we got caught up in the crowds, plus there was a bit of a hill and we saw a man fall so we slowed down - luckily a bicycle medic was there almost immediately)
Mile 5 - 13:38
Mile 6 - 14:03 (we walked a bit extra while fueling, I think)
Mile 7 - 13:22

And then it started getting tough:
Mile 8 - 14:23
Mile 9 - 14:17 (although this mile felt like it went by in a split second - we were routed around a museum, and it was just beautiful to see the grounds and art...and I guess very distracting, too)
Mile 10 - 14:32

At mile 10, I saw my friends Terry and John!  I was so happy to see them!!!  Here's the good picture:
Yay!  Friends!!!  (sorry for blocking your face, CC)
And this is my "oh dear god why oh whyyyy am I doing this?" face.  Terry had an ice-cold bandana in that blue bag for me and it was heavenly!  I wiped the salty sweat off of my face and then tied it around my neck for the rest of the race.  She did not get the good end of that exchange, as I handed her my fuel trash that I'd been holding.  She did get a sweaty hug, so maybe that made up for it?  LOL.

We started running again, and then I hit the wall.  I have never hit the wall like this - we'd get about one minute into our running interval, and the backs of my legs would turn to Jello.  They lost all energy and I just couldn't run.  It was terrible!  I tried to eat another Shot Blok but I couldn't even get it down.  I felt really bad.  My lips were chapped but I couldn't even muster the energy to take out my lip balm and use it.  Toward the end I seriously thought I was going to have to go to the medical tent after I finished, I was feeling that awful.

Mile 11 - 13:53 (that time does not show how terrible I was feeling)
Mile 12 - 14:15 (OK, that time does show it)
Mile 13 - 13:45
Mile .27 - 3:49

So close!  But no cigar.  We finished in 3:04, which was still a post-ankle injury/surgery PR for me.  Our average pace ended up being 13:56.  I was really glad to have CC alongside for this run - had she not been pushing me toward the end, I probably would have added another 10 minutes to that time, because I bet I would have stopped running completely and just walked the last mile.

When we were almost at the finish line, the announcer called out both of our names and high-fived us, which was fun.  The crowd support and the volunteers were amazing, from start to finish.  This was by far, the best half marathon I've ever run, and I was really impressed with how well everything went.  The marathon committee has it down when it comes to race day! 

Once we finished, we got our medals and were routed inside the convention center, where we posed for an official race picture, got some much-needed water, and then found Jeff and the rest of our crew.   It was really nice being inside that building - we got our finisher's shirts, then went and exchanged them because the women's sizes were really small.  Then I got my additional medal (I got one for running the 5K, one for the half, and a third one for doing the double), and Julia, CC, and I went to get our hot breakfast - HEB (a Texas grocery store) is the food sponsor, and they had scrambled eggs, breakfast sausages, biscuits and gravy, along with hot coffee, sodas, chocolate milk, yogurt and ice cream sandwiches ready for the runners.  I ate a couple bites of my biscuit, one sausage, a banana, and some chocolate milk and felt pretty decent. 

More pictures - in our finisher's shirts and with our medals:
 CC and I
 Jeff and I
 Me and Julia
CC, Julia, Jeff, me, Cary, Brian, Cristy and Andi - the JFR Crew looking good in our finisher's swag!

After we showered, we checked out of the hotel and went to my favorite out-of-town post-race restaurant, Red Robin.  Jeff, CC, and I chowed down on burgers and bottomless steak fries:
 And I even had a chocolate milkshake for dessert.  Yum and YUM!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Mishmash - Xmas Knits Revealed, Part 2

I didn't just make hats for Christmas - I went outside of my comfort zone and made a lace-edged shawlette for my mom, which actually went quite well.  I was a little gun-shy when it came to lacy shawls, given how challenging the first one that I made was; the second one that I made was a little easier, but I still had to be really careful to double-check which row I was on all the time - it definitely wasn't a mindless knit!  But I really loved the finished product, and when I came across this pattern, I decided to give it a go.  I'm glad I did - I love how the two-toned colors looked, and the pattern ended up being fairly simple to memorize:
Pattern is Piper's Journey; yarn is Tosh Merino Light in Mandala (the purple/blue) and Begonia Leaf.  Mandala is a new colorway for Madelinetosh and I love it so much!  I chose it for the body and then found the Begonia Leaf for the lace, which brings out the subtle pinks in the Mandala.
 This wasn't a Christmas knit, but rather, a treat for me, once I'd finished my gift knits.  This cowl has been made nearly 15,000 times according to Ravelry, but it's usually in one solid color.  Well, I wanted mine to be different, so I planned on doing a three-stripe, using an entire skein for each stripe.  Luckily, I listened to my inner voice when I was nearly finished with the second skein, because adding that third one would have made it too bulky for my body.  This is meant to wear doubled - you can see in the one picture how long it is.  I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cowl and have worn the heck out of already!  It's so soft and squishy - I can't stop squeezing it!  Pattern is Gap-tastic, yarn is Madelinetosh A.S.A.P. in Cove and Weathered Frame colorways.
Just when I thought I was finished with my gift knitting, our dear bloggy friend Biz lost her beloved husband.  Being so far away, I couldn't give her a hug in person, but I could send her one.  So I made her a Gap-tastic cowl.  Being that I wanted to get started on it right away, I bought the yarn at a craft store in town and went to work.  I finished it in one week and got it mailed off just in time for Christmas.  Her favorite color is blue, but I decided on making it in a neutral color so it would go with every blue instead of competing with whatever she wore.  Yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Solids, colorway is Fisherman.


 A few of the 15...

I was interviewed for a regional telecom magazine recently - the article was published in something like 15 magazines that go out to customers in Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South CarolinaThey are doing a series on bloggers in 2015, and started the year off with health and fitness, and picked me, which was nice.  It doesn't seem to be available online, but here's what it looks like in print:
Not gonna lie, I still get a thrill seeing myself in a magazine, no matter how small!


Well, I'm as ready as I can be for the race(s) this weekend...oh, did I mention we're doing the 5K on Saturday, as well as the half marathon on Sunday?  Somehow that seemed like a good idea several months ago, when we signed up for it.  I'm just going to take it super easy on that 5K, but the cool thing is that we'll get a medal for that race, and then of course a medal for the half marathon, and then a third medal for doing both races...which might have been why we signed up for that 5K.  It's going to be a fun weekend with our running friends and I can't believe it's almost here!  I'll be back on Monday with a recap of the half marathon.

Have a great weekend!