Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Workout Update - Boring Edition

This week I am on my own for working out - my trainer and his gym, like many businesses in our community, are closed this week for some much-needed R&R.

Let me just get this out of the way first: I NEVER, EVER, IN A MILLION YEARS, thought that I would miss my regular workouts. But it's true and I do. Let me also state that it is rather boring doing weights and other strengthening exercises by myself. I am terrible company! I realize that I have become rather spoiled, being able to go to my little classes with a great group of people, and doing a workout based on whatever my trainer has designed for that day or week. I miss the camaraderie, and I miss the accountability and encouragement. Having this time off has made me really grateful that we are able to fit the cost of my workouts into our budget. I am not very happy doing this on my own. Monday, January 4th can't come soon enough for me!

That said, I am not really behind in my workouts. To recap, last week I did my regular M/T/W workouts with Brad, took Thursday and Friday off (like I always do, as I work those days, although I was off for the holiday), then got all motivated to go running (thanks to my new gear) on Saturday. So my exercise has gone like this:
  • Saturday - Running about a mile
  • Sunday - Running about a mile and a half, plus walking at least another mile
  • Monday - Off (my legs were surprisingly sore)
  • Tuesday - Jump rope, push ups, MizFit's plie squats, chest press and Arnold curls using old weights and weight bench in our very cold garage
  • Wednesday - Similar to Tuesday, unless the rain stops...then maybe a run or bike ride
  • Thursday - Run?
  • Friday - Run?
It's not bad, and I'm feeling a little soreness in my arms, which means to me that I pushed myself enough doing the weights. But except for running with Max (who jogs backwards, talks to me, leaps around and does crazy things to keep me going), my exercise has been bo-ring! Oh well. At least I'm doing it, which is really amazing, considering this is ME, sloth of all sloths, after all!


  1. Wow. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Only a few more days before it's January 4th :) I can imagine that it's boring for you as your workouts on Wednesday always sound though but so much fun.

    How many days a week do you work out Shelley? I aim for 5 times but am happy when I achieve 4 times. So I thought about going for 6 times in January but decided to stay at 5 as that is sometimes hard for me to reach due to work, social obliations, housekeeping.

  3. I feel for you Shelley. Our dojo is closed this week too and my hubby and I were so desperate for a Thai boxing workout we did one on Monday night in our garage. (I'm lucky because he used to be an instructor so it was almost like a real class.) It was a whole 37 degrees in there but we dressed warm and slugged and kicked it out.

  4. Goodmorning Shelly

    You're doing amazingly well with your workouts. The luxury of a trainer....yes, one can get used to it. It certainly helps when you have someone motivating you along the way. I need to add a class to my workouts. I think it would keep me interested.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Stop thinking of yourself as a sloth. Those days are over! You are a cool hamster now! (getting dangerously close to hummingbird status LOL.) You rock, and you are NOT boring! Wish I lived close enough to do this together! I'd get you to dance some, and you'd get me into the gym! LOL

  6. Oh... a bike ride..... I so want to be on a bike!

    Try mixing up the running with a little sprint work to make it go by faster and to challenge yourself. That's not boring :D

  7. Isn't it just amazing how we have come to ENJOY exercise? LOVE IT!

  8. Wow! It's so cool that you love exercising now :D

  9. I'm just now starting on the whole excersize thing...but I'm having fun figuring out different activities to earn my WW activity points. Maybe you could share a few of your favorites? Thanks for the update! Oh, and congrats oon your dotcom!

  10. I agree its much more fun to work out with someone than yourself.

    I've dusted off some of my work out DVD's but then there is always commentary from my kids as they watch me and critique my moves!

    It's kind of funny, but that's what I get for working out when they are around!

  11. You are so not the sloth of all sloths.

  12. Someday I am definitely going to try and work with a personal trainer...I have never been able to successfully "work out" and I think it is because I just don't really get how to do it myself. The only exercise I've ever stuck to is jogging, but I think I'm going to need some "toning" to really get to my goal.

  13. If you're a sloth, I must be in a coma.

  14. I hear ya! I'm loving being off with my kids, but I'm ready to get back to work to my regular lunch exercise buddies!

  15. Max sounds fun to run with... will he come and run with me?


  16. That's why I'm so addicted to Zumba. It's a good workout and it's so fun. I'm spoiled!

  17. I wish I were as much as a sloth as you!! Your workouts and dedication are such an inspiration - which I'm going to need plenty of in 2010.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Yes, you ARE doing it, (exercise) and I am so proud! As I'm sure you are too..Funny how you still think of yourself as a sloth, when that is the 'old' Shel. I know how that can be...I don't think old Shelley is that long ago, is she. [remind me how long you have been on this journey again?] So you are still working on your new perception of yourself. Sloth Shelley is way gone now! Woo hoo. Sloth Chrissy tries to sneak back once in awhile, but she is getting to be in my past too. Maybe one day I will jog w/my son too. Wow. I imagined your jog w/Max's funny antics - hilarious.

  19. Love the blog! I am inspired by your exercise! It is my biggest nemesis, but such a necessity.

  20. I had to smile about the part about Max being able to jog backwards! I ran a 5k with my step-son when he was 12. It was the first race I had done near our town and once I realized hills were involved, lets just say that they killed me!

    Not him, he was talking as if we were sitting in the backyard! I told him to go ahead and he beat me by quite a while - I think he ran it in 32 minutes - not bad for his first race!

    We stuck around because he thought he may have won a trophy in his age group, but after waiting an hour for the results, found out that he placed 8th in his age group. He was all about the tropheys!


  21. Keep on doing it Shelley! Love it!

    I think lifting weights alone is boring, too. The time draaags on. I need to watch a video while I do it or something.

  22. lol We're exact opposites! I love working out alone--or with my friends in videos.


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