Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Recap

It was fun, I ate too much (but less than I would have a couple of years ago, so that's progress, right?) and everybody had a good time. P.S. The paper crowns come from the English Christmas Crackers, which oddly enough do not contain any crackers but rather the crown, a fortune and a small toy. Tradition in my household for decades!
Max and I.
Sam and my Uncle Phil, who was visiting from Florida. Sam is blowing the horn that came with his cracker - very appropriate, as he was a trumpet player in school!
Jeff trying to make some music with the harmonica that came with his cracker while Max waits for his turn.
My dinner, and look - the edge of the plate is showing!

I just wish I could get myself out of the mindset of a "blown" day of eating when I have things that are not normally on my menu. For example, starting the day with two small pieces of Christmas Breakfast Casserole, which had eggs, white bread, skim milk, cheddar cheese, Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, onions and red and green peppers - nothing horrible except for the white bread and sausage, and really, not bad considering I only have it once a year. And our dinner wasn't awful in the way of healthy eating, either - spiral-sliced ham, hash brown casserole, sweet potato casserole and steamed broccoli, with pumpkin pie for dessert. So why do I feel like the day is a lost cause, diet-wise, when I eat this way? One day is not going to make me regain all of the weight that I've lost. I sometimes wonder when my mind will realize this!

As for the presents - everyone got some, including Paco the Wonder Dog. While he loved his new toy and giant cookie, I think is favorite thing was playing tug-of-war with the ribbon!
All the shredded paper is from Paco unwrapping his new toy (the thing with the orange middle).
Sam and Henry, crashed out...I'd say it was a busy day, but not really - they just got up too early!


  1. LOVE the paper crowns!! Glad you had a great day!

  2. It's tough to allow ourselves even a portion-controlled day of holiday food, when it's over our normal now-allotted calorie count. I totally get that. That said, even 1-2 lbs. gained from it is easily lost, and will be lost. We gotta live, girlfriend. Eating far less than we have in the past for a holiday is the accomplishment that must win out in your heart and brain.

    :: hugs :: (you look marvelous!)

  3. Ha - loved the paper hats! We didn't even think of a present for Ed until everything was unwrapped! :(

    Glad you had such a wonderful time. And yes, it is hard to get out of the mindset of eating "bad" during the holidays, when our "bad" before was probably 3,000+ a day!

    I am shaking off my boots and getting back on track tomorrow - can't wait to get to the gym!

  4. I think you just need time. I find that each holiday that goes by where I eat what I want and then get back on track the next day has allowed me to learn to enjoy without guilt. It feels a little like free-falling, but not so bad anymore.

    So much of our lives has been spent associated guilt with food and assigning good and bad labels to food that unlearning that is almost as much work as losing the weight!

    And I love those hats!

  5. Nice to meet you! Looks like you had so much fun!

    Hey... I have a weight loss challenge (6months Jan1 - June 30) over at my blog if you wanna join in on the fun:


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  7. Well, Lori had words of wisdom. Free falling is exactly what I felt like, and I wasn't so sure I was going to land right side up this time. But its the day after Christmas, and all the full-sugar stuff is out of the house, and I am eating back to normal, and very happy about that!!

  8. The crachers were huge growing up, even though we don't celebrate Christmas we would always get crachers as kids - I hated having to pull them to 'crack'.

    Looks like a good healthy dinner plate to me :)

  9. The hats are cute :)

    I'm glad you had a nice holiday. And I love the pretty broccoli on your plate!

  10. Lori made some good points; I wish I could follow her advice lol. Really, it seems that you did a pretty good job on Christmas as far as watching what you eat and such and such. I on the otherhand ate enough calories to last me a week.

  11. Lori has a great point. So ... you ate too much. But ... not as much as other years. Conclusion ... you're getting there Shelly, you're getting there!

    You had a great Christmas, enjoyed your food and today is just a normal day again and I'm sure you will be back to normal already.

    Don't think too much about it, it's okay. I did eat too much at Christmas but like you not as much as I used too. Today I'm going back to normal and am right now trying to convince myself I do need to go running :)

  12. Looks like you had a FUN Christmas! Please let me know when you figure out how to know feel like the whole day is blown when you eat off the "healthy planned" menu. You seem like you're able to roll with the punches though and get right back on track- so you might be doing it right after all! Here's to another year of success for you!:-)

  13. Love the crowns!

    And I'm pretty sure that the healthy serving of broccoli on your plate cancels out any other holiday indulgences. Sounds like you found the sensible middle ground that allows for "celebration" without totally going nuts and eating everything in sight.

  14. We do those crowns for New Year's! They are so fun. I think it sounds like you did quite well - there really is just too much food around this time of year. Even if you just eat one portion, there are still a lot of choices aren't there!

    Have a great night!!

  15. I love those poppers. If my cat were more coordinated, we would have had some of our own to open. But she would have never put on the crown. Biaaach cat!

  16. I'd never seen Christmas crackers (with the funny hats) before I moved to Australia. They are tradition here.

    I've been following your blog for a little while now, but haven't had time to go back through all your previous posts, so forgive me if you've answered this already -- but I notice the bike photos and references. I assume you rode the bike to lose weight? Or were you doing other kinds of exercise as well?

    You look fantastic! :)

  17. Max's Christmas shirt cracks me up.

    Thanks for the pictures Shelley, we really do enjoy them.

    I like that you mention that the sides of your plate show. Great goal, good point.

    I thought your menu seemed pretty reasonable, although I know it contains 'no-no's'. It is still a reasonable menu containing some special items that are consumed annually in moderation, is all. =) ChrissyS


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