Monday, April 16, 2018

FULL HOUSE Renovation, Part 3

Day 12:  The theme of this day is millwork - the painters came and caulked the kitchen cabinets and doors, and Robert came by so we went over the new drawer fronts and hardware.  Then more cabinet crew showed up with the floating shelves that will go above the coffee station as well as in the bathrooms (to replace those headknocker cabinets that were above the toilets). 

The cabinet guy asked me how high I wanted the shelves over the coffee station, so I brought out our coffee maker in order to get the height right.  He held up the shelf and I realized that it was too deep for that section - it was just too hefty, if that makes sense.  Once again, I had an initial thought of "oh dang, this isn't what I wanted" before remembering that changes can be made - so I asked if the shelf could be made narrower, and he said yes, it's a simple thing to rip it down.  Whew!  It's funny, even with all the communicating I had with Robert, his vision of a shelf for that section vs my vision was different.  Now I know to hold out a tape measure with the carpenter so that we both have the same vision.

The paint arrived:
This isn't even all that arrived - there were a couple cans of varnish that were used to clearcoat the cabinet drawers.

The painter's helper spent all day caulking every inch of the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and doors:
 This is before the narrower drawer fronts were replaced with the solid blanks.

The cabinet guys installed baseboard and repaired the wainscotting where the columns and their short walls connected:
I'm sure there will be more caulking involved with this - they must buy it by the pallet.

A new windowsill was installed:
The old one had deep grooves in it thanks to Paco's rush to protect us whenever the dastardly garbage truck drives by...

The floating shelves in the hall bathrooms were also installed:
These will be painted white.

Day 13:  We left for an appointment in Austin before the work crew arrived, but came home that evening to primed kitchen cabinets:
The drawers were sprayed with a clearcoat of varnish and then wrapped with paper so that the primer wouldn't cover the clearcoat.
The cabinet doors were lined up all the way down the hallway.

Day 14:  Paint.  Paint paint paint.  Paint all the things: 
More doors.
Even more doors.
Changing things up, here's the ceiling trim.

Day 15:  Paint.  It isn't even CLOSE to being finished, but hey, the drawers have moved again:
Inspector Paco wants to know what's inside of the paper-wrapped drawers.
The doors were rehung on the kitchen cabinets - the final look is getting closer!

Day 16:  Paint.  Also, Paco had to bark at the scary man every time he saw him go by:
Paco did not like the painter when he was on stilts, not at all.  But when he wasn't wearing them, Paco was his best friend.  I told the guy that I could use a pair of stilts, especially with how easy he made it seem to walk around on them.

By the end of the day, the entire house was painted - every wall is the same lovely shade of gray:
Dining room - still needs some molding on top of the wainscoting, but it's getting there.  And check out the tray ceiling!  They did a good job with that - there are three different paint colors on it:  ceiling paint, trim paint. and wall paint.
My office - no more lime green walls.  Much as I loved them, I was ready for a change.
Family room - it's like the mantle was never there!

The paint is all from Sherwin Williams.  Wall color is Silverpointe, trim is Extra White, and ceiling is Ceiling Bright White.  We love how light and airy the house looks already, and it's nice to have every room the same color - I'm going for a more cohesive look altogether, so between having the same tile flooring throughout the house (except for the bedrooms, which will be carpeted) and having all the walls painted the same color, this should tie everything together nicely.

This finished out the third week - the painters still have a couple more days of work remaining, but they, like us, were ready for a break so we all got the weekend off from the renovation.


  1. It's so fun to see this all coming together! I love how bright and fresh everything looks. Now--are you getting all new furniture too?

    1. We are getting new furniture in the living room - super excited about that as well! :)

  2. My sister just built a house and of course walls, etc. were painted and the newest trend is that all rooms be the same color. And if you transition the color it should just be a different depth of the same color, i.e. a cool grey to a warm grey. Which means you're right in current style!!

    Everything looks great!

    1. Interesting - I didn't know that was the trend. Much as I love color, I was ready to have a more neutral backdrop everywhere.

  3. I love the paint color.

    Good thing you have inspector Paco. He's keeping things on track.

    1. He has a job, and he's constantly doing it, LOL.

  4. It must feel so nice and fresh to have the new paint, even though the rest of it is being constructed. It's a glimpse of what it's going to be though!

    Those stilts look fun :)

    1. It was really nice to walk through the house and see the painted rooms - like, OK, we're getting somewhere. :)

  5. The colors you chose are so nice. Very soft and calming! Pretty funny, Paco with stilt-man vs.. regular man. He is kind of scary looking with those stilts on :) I'm glad you got a weekend off!

    1. Thanks! I think everything we have will look nice with the new painted walls. :)

  6. So excited. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  7. Beautiful color, so peaceful.

    The difference of buying a kitchen here and in the USA is that you buy cabinets here painted already in the color you want. So when they install your kitchen it's ready to use immediately. Love to see how things are done elsewhere.


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