Wednesday, April 18, 2018

WWU - Exercising During a Renovation

Really a more realistic title would be Not Exercising During a Renovation.  Because that's what has been going on, and honestly, I was caught off guard by how quickly I got off my game when it came to running and going to the gym.  Thanks to Garmin Connect, I can see that I have run a grand total of six times since demo day began on March 27th and - spoiler alert - they have not been long runs, either.

Before the renovation began, I thought that I'd actually exercise more.  I know, stop laughing.  But seriously, I thought that I'd want to get away from all of the mess while the work crew was here, and I'd slip out and go to Planet Fitness and do some extra workouts.  And of course I'd keep up with my running schedule, because no one is here at 5:45 am to work, right?

Well hah.  I didn't factor in how physically exhausted I'd be after packing up and moving pretty much the entire contents of our house, and then once I recovered from that, I was still mentally exhausted from all the decision-making - that sounds trite, but when so much of what you're choosing is permanent, it's all-consuming.  At first I'd lie awake thinking about this versus that for the house, which of course meant little sleep, which meant I was not interested in going out for an early-morning run.  And then, as the stress started to dissipate a bit, I ended up having actual nightmares several nights in a row!  For someone who rarely dreams, having a nightmare was really odd.  And they weren't even about the house - nope, it was always someone who had grabbed me and I couldn't get away...classic nightmare scenario.

The other thing that got in my way of slipping out during the day was that oftentimes, the work crew would be parked on my driveway, blocking my car in the garage.  And while they would have moved their vehicles had I asked (and I did have to ask a couple times for other reasons), I didn't want to stop them from working, so it was just easier to stay home.  I also wanted to be home because they had questions throughout the process (anything from do you want to save this for your garage sale to how high to hang shelves, for example), and it was good to not have any delays because I wasn't there.

This has been a learning experience for me; while I'm a social exerciser who will almost always say yes whenever someone asks me to go for a walk/run/workout with them, I'm also apparently someone who will just as quickly stop exercising, which probably explains a lot as to why I was overweight for so many years...if something gets in the way of a healthier lifestyle, I'm just as apt to let it as I am to work around it.  Good to know.


Speaking of running, on Saturday Jeff and I met up with Diane, Cary, and Julia, who are all training for the Silo half marathon.  They ran a 5 mile loop and then we joined them - I intended to run the second 5 mile loop, but then I realized that I really had no business doing that considering I've only been running 2 miles for weeks now, plus my dumb glute/hamstring issue was still bothering me.  So I cut my run a little short - I still ended up with 3.75 miles, but I was glad I didn't go the full 5.  Yesterday Diane and I ran 2 miles, and today I have an appointment with my chiropractor to see if I can get some relief for that glute/hamstring mess...and also my left heel, as it seems that I'm having a flare of plantar fasciitis.

I'll leave you with our post-run entertainment from Saturday - the baby formerly known as Baby Pumpkin Muffin got to experience his first taste of pumpkin muffin:
Logan might innately be familiar with this taste, since his mama loves pumpkin muffins and ate them while she was pregnant with him...


  1. Maybe just being out of your normal routine has thrown you off too? We need to do some work here, but the idea of just packing up the rooms is overwhelming! Meanwhile we live with very gross carpet...

  2. When we moved in 2006, I quit exercising for EIGHT WEEKS. At first I was discouraged by my seeming lack of motivation but then, like you, I realized I was overwhelmed with everything. I then took the opportunity to look at it as a time to refresh and let my body heal some nagging issues even though I knew it would feel like starting all over again. (I was right about that lol!)

    Even today I was thinking how this winter has gotten to me and I honestly have not exercised as much as I usually would have - well, I haven't run as much as I HAVE tried to go to the gym on days when I've not run. But here I am again trying to convince myself that I'm letting my hamstring and other issues have a rest.

    Just keep up as much short running as you can and I'm sure you'll find yourself back in the swing of things in no time!

  3. Logan!! What classic pictures!

    I don't think you need to worry about your lack of formal exercise. I'm pretty sure you're still moving around a lot more. Plus, your glute/hamstring and heel. I sure hope the Chiro can help you!

    Wow, nightmares. That's terrible. It would have been a better nightmare if they were just painting your house the wrong color :)

  4. I totally understand what you are going through. I feel like any change in our routines can be an excuse to not go run or workout. I don't use the word "excuse " harshly though because I don't think we are doing it on purpose. I just feel that we give ourselves more leeway when something knocks us off our normal routine.

  5. Ohhh that baby is so sweet! Love his little expressions! I hear you on the renovation - that is all incredibly physically taxing too! Glad to hear things are coming along well! :)

  6. It's a lot going on, so I wouldn't beat yourself up too bad - can't wait to see the whole renovation when it's done!

  7. Hope you get some relief from your ham and foot issues so you can resume running. It is so easy to get off track.

    Our house needs a lot of work. But it is so expensive and more important time consuming.

  8. Aww Logan. That is funny his mom loved pumpkin muffins so much and he finally gets to try one now!

    Don't feel bad about not working out during renovation. It's HARD. For all the reasons you said. Side thought: Steven and I were able to be home and give direction during our housework, and that seems crucial - I wonder how people do it who work outside of the house?!?!


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