Wednesday, December 13, 2017

WWU - 10 Miles

You know, I'm beginning to think I kind of enjoy running longer distances - at least, when it's cold.  For the second week in a row, I felt really good during our Saturday run, which is not usually the case for me.  But apparently, drop those temps and I'm a happy runner!

We all started our run early - Jeff and I were on water duty, so we set the alarm for 3:30 am to give us enough time to get ready, layer up, and head out to drop off water and Gatorade at a couple of spots along our route.  Then we met up with the rest of the Renegades for our 5:00 am start.  Jeff finally felt good enough to run, but since he hadn't run in several weeks, he stayed with Diane and I.  Cary also joined us, while Julia and Andi ran together.  Loretta ran by herself but we saw her throughout the run as we crossed paths several times.

It was really fun to run in our little group - lots of conversation kept us distracted, plus I saw a shooting star!  It was right around 31 degrees when we started running and except for wishing that I'd worn an extra layer of gloves, I was dressed appropriately for the weather, although whenever we'd run by areas where there were no buildings or houses, just open fields, the temperature dropped noticeably.  Funny thing - Jeff kept asking "how can we already be at mile X?" because all of the gabbing that we were doing really kept him from noticing the miles.  See - it works!

We finished the 10 miles and then went inside the clubhouse, where Cary had our new Renegade shirts and sweatshirts ready for us, yay!  I love that each year we change up our logo; it's fun to have something different.  This year, we went retro:
I should have stood on a box to make my logo line up with the rest!

We sat around for a bit, warming up with coffee while Brian fed Logan:
The little leg cross killed me - Logan is one relaxed baby!
Logan really likes Andi!

Then we went to Blue Baker, where they had brownies waiting for us:
Such a nice little treat!

We entertained ourselves and also got our baby fixes in:
Diane finally got her turn with Logan - he's so cuddly!
 I was making him laugh by bouncing around this Santa penguin - he thought it was pretty funny.

Mason has his first taste of chocolate - and it was only appropriate that it came from a Blue Baker brownie:
He wasn't sure about it at first, but pretty quickly decided he liked it!
Mason also hung out with his buddy, Jeff, who right now seems to be the only Renegade he'll go to.  Jeff handed Mason to me and he promptly let me know that I was a NOPE in his book.  Fine, fine - I'll win him over yet!

The next day, we got to watch as Mason's mommy ran her first marathon:
Look at that kick to the end - her feet aren't even touching the ground!
Getting a high five from race director and our friend, Dan.
Why hello, Ms. Marathoner!  That's a nice medal you have there.

CC did great - I can't imagine ever training for a marathon, much less doing that with a baby to care for.  But she rocked it, big time - way to go, CC!


  1. No matter what else happens, always look fab for the finish photo. Great job CC!

    Those babies are so cute. How funny that Mason only likes Jeff. That's kind of cute too.

    Digging the new Renegade logo.

  2. I love how supportive you all are of each other! Congrats to Mason's mommy!

    1. Turns out CC probably ran about 27 miles thanks to a turn-around mat being placed yeah, she's a total rockstar!

  3. Boy, this is great! Now we just have to keep fingers crossed for cold weather for the Houston race! Your new sweatshirts look great!

    Those brownies look fabulous :)

    1. You are not kidding, we are crossing our fingers so hard right now for cool Houston race weather!!

  4. That's so awesome that 10 miles flew by and were fun! I'm glad you're enjoying long runs so much! Running with a friend or a group makes such a big difference on longer runs. I trained for my last HM by myself and remember how long 10+ miles feels alone (I do generally like running alone, but those 2 hour long runs get to be a bit much). I'm going to need to find my own Renegades when I start running longer distances again this winter.

    1. I hope you find your own Renegades to train with - it sure helps make those long miles go by easier!

  5. I love your new logo and tops! And love that you are having such great long runs. I miss that feeling of a run flying by cause I am lost in conversation! I think having friends helps but it also says a lot about your fitness - that you weren't thinking about the mile you were in, just the conversation and moving forward (I say that cause I've run with people before and thought "when will this be over, I AM TIRED!!!!" ha ha).

    Aww, Mason will come around. Ha! Congrats to CC on her first marathon!


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