Monday, December 11, 2017

A Snowy Surprise!

Living in south Texas, we rarely get snow, and even if it might be a possibility, it usually doesn't happen - the line on the radar always seems to stop just north of our area.  Which is why, when it started snowing on Thursday evening, pretty much everyone was surprised - because this just doesn't happen, and also, it was 80 degrees on Monday - I don't think anyone was thinking we were going to get winter weather so soon!

Diane texted me on Thursday afternoon that she was seeing snowflakes while running errands, so naturally I hustled outside and sure enough, it was snowing:
Not gonna lie, this impressed me.  Have I mentioned that it hardly ever snows here?

Jeff came home and because it was supposed to freeze overnight, started moving plants into the garage; then we rushed off to meet the Renegades for dinner at a restaurant just down the road from our neighborhood.  I happened to be sitting facing the windows when I saw snow, actual snow, accumulating on the vehicles parked outside!  Woohoo!!  Then I got to hold a baby:
And got distracted for an hour. 

But then, I passed him over to Karen, and took some pictures, and if you can bear to look beyond the cuteness, look out the window:
That car was covered in snow!!!

We left the restaurant and could not resist taking some pictures and throwing a few snowballs at each other:
It was a winter wonderland!!!
This snow was so fluffy!  Totally shave ice territory.  Best snow I've ever experienced...and OK, tasted.  I couldn't resist!
I wasn't expecting it, but Karen threw a snowball at Diane, who was acting like this was no big deal.  She's from Michigan, but still - it was huge for Texas!
Selfie in the snow - the flakes were still falling!
It was surreal driving while the snow was falling - it looked like a special effect from the movies!
 Waiting at a stoplight, I couldn't resist rolling down the window and taking a picture. 
 Our house looked so pretty!
 The snow-covered yew tree.
Our volunteer oak tree looked positively majestic! 
 ...and that would be Jeff, in shorts, in the snow.  Never change, Jeff.  I lightened up this shot so you could not only see him better, but also the snow that was still falling!
I always have to take a picture of the Sago palm on our rare snow occasions. 
 Backyard winter wonderland! 
 It was still impressive the next morning!
I stayed in bed, looking out at the snowy trees and pretending that I was in a mountain cabin.

I also got to experience snowfall, round two, when the snow started melting midway through the next morning - it would fall from the trees every minute or so and was really pretty - it was hard to get a picture of that happening, but here's one:
The backyard ground didn't get as much snow thanks to the tree cover - but you can see the snow falling in this shot.

This was such a treat, and we didn't think it was a coincidence that the snow started falling 24 hours after Kip died.  So thanks, Kippers - and thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments and sent emails and messages about him...that meant a great deal to us.


  1. I can't believe all the places that got snow this weekend! It snowed in the north and it snowed in the south but our little pocket got No snow at all! Maybe this week we will get some. Heck my friend was in Mexico this weekend and she text me that it was snowing there too (first time in 20 years)!

    Doesn't the fresh fallen snow look so beautiful on the houses and trees? You are right, it is like a winter wonderland! Makes me look forward to a snowy run through my park!

  2. I'm happy that you got snow - I know it's a treat for you guys. I probably wouldn't even mind snow if I knew it would be 60 the next day and melt hahaha!

    With all the snowfall in unusual places and even us getting snow fairly early, I'm thinking we might be in for it this winter.

    1. I hope you're not in for a rough winter. :(

      BTW I saw a short video this morning of someone skiing down their front yard here in town, LOL.

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your winter wonderland with us. It got cold here this weekend in central Florida but no snow which, is ok with me I am no fan of real cold weather it makes my arthritis act ugly.

    1. So weird to hear it was cold in Florida - that's why you live there, right? To avoid the cold!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing all my southern friends enjoy their snowy treat! If you feel the need to enjoy more, please come visit us up north and remind us of how awesome it is...

    1. Haha, but remember, you actually get four seasons. We get summer and a poof of winter.

  5. How fun that you got to enjoy the snow with friends! And all your pictures are gorgeous. Your house looks like a Christmas card!! And Jeff in shorts is cracking me up. and making me really cold :) It seems really nice that since you got snow it was more than just a powdering. Enough to make your winter wonderland!

  6. After raining ALL DAY Friday, it starting snowing Friday night. It's so rare here too! How could we not act like kids? I'm very sorry to hear about Kip.

  7. I love how excited you guys got about snow! :) It definitely gets old up here in the Midwest (as Diane can probably tell you), but we did get our first snow in Ohio on Saturday which I was almost as excited about. It's so pretty when it's new and fresh (less so when we're on month 3 of it ha ha).

  8. I seriously still can't believe that happened. It was so incredibly magical and truly looked like a Winter Wonderland! I tasted it too, but I mainly held my mouth open to catch them on my tongue...simply because I could! SO crazy!!

  9. so beautiful. We just plain ole don't get snow here in Los Angeles

  10. What a beautiful surprise from Kip! :) And your house looks so gorgeous with the snow! I hope this meant cooler temps for some runs!!!

  11. You got to see snow AND hold a baby??? Best Day Ever!! :)


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