Friday, December 15, 2017

FMM - Indulge Me, Please

(This post was set to run last Friday, but was preempted by Kip's passing; it's a little out of order considering I posted more recent babies-at-Blue-Baker pictures on Wednesday, but hey, that's the way it goes sometimes.)

I think regular readers know how close we are to our Renegade friends, and over the years, getting to experience some pretty significant milestones with them has made us even closer.  So naturally, now that we have our Renegade babies, well, I'm just going to tell you that there will be times when I can't help but post some pictures of them.  Which is why I'm asking for your indulgence with today's post - it's chock-full of baby...and believe me, I worked hard at not posting more pictures than what you're seeing here!

After the St. Nick race a couple of weeks ago, we adjourned to Blue Baker, where we got to play pass the baby with Logan - this was the first time since he's been coming to BB that he was awake, so we all wanted a chance to hold him.  He's three months old and is growing like crazy, smiling, drooling, cooing - such a cutie pie.  Plus he's quickly gone from being an infant to sitting in his mama's lap:
See what I mean?  He's suddenly a big boy!
...a big boy who wasn't super impressed with me cuddling him.
Not super impressed with this lady, either...
This guy wears cool shirts, I'm OK with him.
Julia made him pass out, but in the process we got to see his cute Santa tushie.
Then he woke up and was smiling with Andi.  So cute!
Such a happy guy!

Jeff was holding Mason:
This little guy is almost a year old!  I bet he can't remember when we used to play pass the baby with him, but it's a rite of passage with Renegade babies at Blue Baker.


I have one more thing to show you - a pair of socks that I recently finished.  Sure, I might have trouble with knitting a sweater, but socks?  I'm good.  The colors of this pair made me so happy that I was almost sad when I finished them.  But then I remembered I would get to wear them, so I was happy again:
Yarn is from The Cozy Knitter, colorway is Confetti.  Pattern is my own basic sock pattern, but I used the Fish Lips Kiss pattern for the heel.
Close up of this gorgeous self-striping yarn - I love it!


Tomorrow we have 12 miles on tap.  I have nothing to say about that, other than I'm hoping to actually complete the entire run.  But afterward, we're doing our Renegade white elephant gift exchange, so I know the day will end with laughter, even if the run is challenging.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The pictures and captions of you and Logan are hilarious! He is a very photogenic baby. Your socks are SOOO pretty. And finished in time to wear this winter :)

    1. He is photogenic, you are right about that! I kind of fell down on my sock knitting over the summer and while I have plenty to wear this winter, I'm bummed that so far these are my only new socks! And I still haven't made a pair of Christmas socks - what is wrong with me?!

  2. Share away! I can't get enough of babies (and I get to snuggle them at work too).

  3. I’m late getting here, but I still wanted to say Logan is so adorable. His current age is perfect for passing him around. Hopefully by the time he gets to the “not liking anyone but his parents” age, he’ll still think you’re cool!

    1. Fingers crossed! He slept on me for a little while on Saturday - ahhhhhh. :)

  4. What a bunch of cuties! It's like a big huge family :D

  5. Love those socks. I need to get knitting.

    And those baby pics are precious.

  6. I love the socks!!!

    And all the pics of Logan and Mason. Post away!

    1. The socks are so pretty. I can't believe I made them, honestly!


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