Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WWU - Race Week

It's finally here - race week!  I've been training for this half marathon for the past 23 weeks and I can honestly say that I'm ready for the race.  This was the first year I followed our schedule completely.  Previously, I would run on the weekdays, but I'd go for miles, not the prescribed minutes that USAFit does.  This go-round, if the schedule said run for 45 minutes, well, I'd run for 45 minutes.  What a concept, eh?  I also felt good enough that I was able to run three days during the week plus our long run on Saturdays.  Previously, I'd be hurting so much with one thing or another that I would cut back on the weekly runs, just to try and make it to the end of the season.  Amazing what a difference being injury-free can make.

We are in full-on taper mode right now.  We ran Monday for an easy 35 minutes, and that will happen tomorrow as well.  Eating right is the name of the game this week; I have a Christmas party tonight at a BBQ place, and I'll have to be pretty careful with what I choose to eat in order to not wreck my stomach.  Mostly I'm laying off the high fiber and the greasy stuff.

I'm not too nervous right now.  I think part of that is because my last couple of long runs have gone really well - it might be different if the race was right after a terrible long run.  Of course, talk to me in another couple of days and I could be in full-on race panic, eek!

Speaking of long runs, we had 5 miles on tap last Saturday.  We were all laughing because it felt like nothing, compared to last August, when we hit that number for the first time and it was a VERY. BIG. DEAL.  Julia and I ran together.  We were having a great time, just chatting away, when suddenly I swallowed a bug.  Well, I didn't swallow it - actually, it was stuck on the back of my tongue.  Much gagging and retching ensued as I tried to dislodge it, and then Julia started gagging and retching as well, because that's what a good running buddy does - she suffers right along with you!  I finally took out my water bottle, squirted some water in my mouth and was able to spit out the bug.  Then we continued running as if nothing had happened.  Gotta love it!


    I laugh I know Im not a runner as Id enjoy the taper most people complain about (!).

  2. Was that your first bug of the season? If so, you were way overdue lol!

    Oh the lovely taper. Just think of all the potato salad or macaroni or corn bread you'll be able to eat at the BBQ place! High, high carbs were my favorite part of the taper, can you tell? I'm excited for you and just know you're going to have a great race!

  3. Wow, I have been following your training for months now! I can't wait to see how your race turns out. Good luck friend! -M

  4. Eek! That seemed to go by so fast - I know you are ready for it - can't wait for the race recap next week. :D You've got this!

  5. So wonderful that you remained injury free for a WHOLE season!

    Swallowing bugs. Yuck. I am a mouth breather, and I resent those little things that try so hard to fly right into my mouth.

  6. Yay for bugs! I get a lot when biking. It is so gross and when it is something big it really freaks me out LOL!

    Enjoy your taper :D

  7. All the very best with your upcoming race!! Go ......Shelley!

  8. It's going to be a great race! So, when do you get to start carb-loading? I think that's about the only thing that would ever entice me to take up distance running. :)

  9. I'm so excited for you! This certainly has been your best season ever and I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I know how hard it has been with all the injuries. You are so crossing that finish line with the biggest smile on your face!

    I had that bug experience once too not sure if it was with running or walking but it sure was gross :)

    Enjoy the last taper days and I will be cheering from across the ocean Saturday for you.


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