Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Workout Update - Grrrrr.

Saturday's 11 miler turned in to a 9 mile run plus one additional mile of limping back to the start.  Not what I wanted to be doing, especially when I'm just one week out from my first half marathon in nearly two years.  And let me tell you, a mile is a long way to go when you can't even walk properly! 

Here's what went wrong:
  1. I forgot to eat anything beforehand.  I usually have half a Powerbar, but completely spaced on breakfast.
  2. It was stupid hot again - thank you Texas.  After last week's lovely run in the cold temperatures, it was 64 degrees, and 94% humidity when we started.  Not enjoyable, not at all.
  3. I really didn't want to run 11 miles again.  I wanted to run my race - which is coming up this weekend; but I'm getting tired of running the same route over and over for training.
  4. My ankle, which always hurts to some extent, started getting sharp shooting pains every time I landed on it around mile 6.  Which, understandably, began to freak me out.
Here's what went right:
  1. I remembered to put on Body Glide and Aquaphor everywhere, and had zero chafing - yay!
  2. I took the time to put on a couple of blister bandages where my feet were feeling tender - no problems with that.
  3. We cut the run short - well, after 9 miles - and walked the rest of the way in; by listening to the pain, hopefully I was proactive enough to avoid making it worse.  
Here's what I figured out:
  1. Once I stopped running and just walked, I realized that every time I pushed off from the ball of my foot, I was getting the sharp ankle pain.  
  2. I was wearing my new pink Newtons.
  3. The lugs on the new Newtons are much more built up than on my old ones, and I think the difference was enough to cause the pain.  Although I've been wearing the pink Newtons for my short runs for about three weeks now, with no problem, they were just too much on such a long run.
  4. Running is dumb, sometimes.
Please excuse the dirty shoes, but I wanted to show you the difference in the lugs between the two pairs.

As it turned out, it wasn't a great run for many people in my running club and several of them ended up cutting it short as well.  I think the fact that we're getting toward the end of training means that not only are injuries starting to crop up, but also, it IS tough to run long distances week after week, and sometimes it just gets to you, mentally.

After we came in from the run, I noticed that my ankle was pretty swollen and popped some Motrin to help with the inflammation, plus Coach Will, who must have been a Boy Scout at one time because he is always prepared, handed me an ice pack.  I sat down with that on my ankle, and then?  I knitted.  Yes, I'll admit, that was a weird thing to do at that moment, but Friday night I got stuck on the the sweater I've been knitting, so I brought it, hoping that my knitting/runner friend Cary would be there and have time to help me.  She was, she did, and got me back on track!  By the time I finished the two confusing rows, the swelling in my ankle had already gone down quite a bit.  Immediately icing it was wonderful and I really appreciate Coach Will sharing his ice pack stash.

I tried to run again yesterday, but it started bothering me within the first half mile, so I stopped and spent the day off of my feet, icing the ankle, and popping Motrin.  The good news is that I got a lot of knitting done!

I have an appointment with my orthopedist later on this morning - originally I made it to see what was going on with the top of my left foot, but I'll mention the ankle pain and have him check that out as well...good timing for the appointment, definitely.  I'm trying to stay calm about this - I really think it's just a temporary issue brought on by the new shoes, which is such a bone-headed, rookie mistake, and I can't believe I did this to myself.  Grrrrr.


  1. **plunges arms through monitor and gives you a hug**
    update us later?

  2. ugghh! i understand! get well in time for your half!

  3. Soooo sorry, Shelley. I loved the look of those shoes, but hate that they caused you pain.

  4. I keep my fingers crossed it's just the shoes, what I believe is the problem too.

    What I don't really understand is how a running club manages to let the runners run the same route every week? That's not fun at all. You would think they would have planned different routes, at least a couple so you don't run the same over and over. One of the "rules" to keep running and enjoy it, is variation in your routes.

    1. It hasn't been as fun this year - our route person has been distracted with his new he's not running them, so isn't seeing how tiring it gets to do the same routes over and over. Hopefully this will change next time.

  5. Oh and I can't believe your half is this weekend already. So exciting for you!

  6. Hope it's the that foot!

  7. I'm just completely impressed that those things on the bottom of your shoes have a name and that you know what they are! Good luck with your half this weekend! :)

  8. Your half marathon is THIS weekend? Where have I been?

    Well, you did use the new shoes on your short runs for three weeks. I would have thought that was enough time to break them in. But what do I know about this stuff. Anxious to hear about the doctor visit!

    1. The first half is this weekend...the second is next month.

  9. I am sure it's just the new shoes - does it make sense to go back to your old ones for the race? I have no idea about such things, but glad that you'll have your feet looked at before the big day.

    Hang in there!!

  10. Oooh. I hope it's nothing serious and that you rest up for Sunday. I know what you mean about running the same route over and over (I think that's why I dislike the track). I was happy for a new route this past Saturday (Downtown to Allen Parkway and back). I am really over Memorial Park and the nearby vicinity (too many training groups, too many people altogether).

    BTW, I'm in corral 29 and my t-shirt says: Lick my kicks!

  11. Oh Shelley, I have everything (fingers, eyes, legs (sorry Dennis) crossed that the problem is the new shoes, not an injury! Hang in there, and glad you're getting it looked at quickly!

  12. I am so sorry Shelley. That's not much of a taper there for that half, either. Lots and lots of rest and elevation.

  13. You sound like you need a good hug and rest for your feet. Take care of them. You have a big weekend ahead. I hope your old runners will feel good for the half marathon.

  14. Sweetie I am sorry, hopefully it's just due to the shoes...hugs!

  15. "Running is dumb, sometimes." Ha ha ha. It is true, Shelley! I hope all of this is the funky that needs to exist before your race, so that your race is awesome.


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