Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ankle/Foot Update

I went to my orthopedist yesterday, and apparently my feet and ankle are thrashed.  Which I could understand if I'd been, oh you know, a runner for 10 or 20 years...heck, even five years.  But seriously, I had less than 18 months of running before my ankle injury, then a year off, and now 11 months of running.  I should not have the issues that I do.

Anyway, my ankle is "gristly" - his word, but it's a pretty apt descriptor.  Xrays just showed swelling and a slight bone spur but nothing worse - the pain is coming from the repetitive motion of  the gristle rubbing over the ankle bone.  My left foot?  What a mess.  My self-diagnosed bone spur on the top of the foot is just that...caused by arthritis.  What???  For crying out loud - nothing like hearing that word after days of feeling gimpy and creaky.  The xrays also showed a nice bone spur on my heel, but I haven't been bothered by that, thankfully. 

My doctor said he wished I would stop running.  Forever.  Hah!  Sorry, but no.  It's not that bad, and I'm nowhere near ready nor willing to call it quits.  So to hopefully (fingers, toes and everything else crossed) get me through the race on Sunday, he agreed to give me Lidocaine injections.  That's how much I want to run my race - I was willing to let him stick a needle between the bones in my foot.  And yes, the foot injection hurt like a MFer - no two ways about it.  But shortly after, my foot felt better than it has in ages.  The ankle injection didn't hurt nearly as bad (larger joint for the needle to go into), but it also still hurts a bit.  I'm to stay off my feet as much as possible until race day.  Can do - well, except for the expo.  But I figure I'll be good as new by then!

Here's a picture of the xray of my left foot and all the mess:
Pretty gross, eh?

The ankle xray wasn't as exciting - just a bunch of mush.  Oh, and at some point, my ortho would like for me to try wearing running shoes where the heel is more raised than the Newtons.  Sighhhhh.  I have an old, but hardly worn, pair of Brooks that I'll test out, once the pain has let up.  But I'll wear the Newtons (the old ones, not the hurty pink ones) for the race, as there's no way I can switch shoes that soon.

So to recap:  I'm old and decrepit, arthritic and falling apart.  At least I didn't get the "if you'd only lose weight, you'd feel better" lecture - yes I'm clinging to the little things at this point.  Thank you all so much for your kind words in yesterday's post; it made me feel better just reading what you guys wrote.  And I promise, tomorrow will be a much more upbeat post.


  1. owwww!!! it hurts to read. why do these rotten things happen just when we get so up and about?

    truly admire your running spirit!

  2. I'm just now catching up - and I am so sorry to read all of it. It's so not fair!

  3. You just gave me the shivers thinking about the needle. You are truly brave. Rest, rest the foot. No, no, no you are not old and decrepit.

  4. Not old... Not decrepit. I can relate. Don't give up. But I would wear shoes with more support than newtons although they are pretty. Gl.

  5. Ouchie!! Shall I meet you at the start line with a pitcher of margaritas? But Darlene read my mind. I admire the fact that you can wear Newtons, however, I'd encourage more cushion. There's a new Saucony outlet in Houston if you're feeling a roadtrip.

  6. This made me want to cry. Do you think you will be able to just run shorter distances in the future without pain?

    Do you ever wonder what toll it took on your body being overweight? I think about that a lot. Yeah, smaller now - but how much life expectancy did I take off my bones and joints by being 100 pounds heavier.

  7. Well I see your real doctor agreed with Dr. Helen about the shoes. Still if wearing a good cushioned shoe with a bit of a raised heel will let you continue to run, it's so worth it. But I'm sorry because I know you do love your Newtons.

    I have to say those are some bone spurs you've got going - wow! Surely I am glad you're not feeling the heel one and I hope the lidocaine does the trick to get you through your scheduled half marathons!

    Did you watch the doctor insert the needle? I couldn't bring myself to do that when I got my shot.

  8. I think we are living parallel lives right now. My left ankle is a bitch right now and I'm getting pissy about it. Old, decrepit, falling apart is how I feel too but I know it's not true literally. It's just an emotional feeling to injuries. I have a feeling that I won't be able to run like I used to until I lose all of this weight. Lot's of hugs and you are going to get through that half this weekend!

  9. Your foot picture is gross! Agh!

    I can't believe this happened just before the race. I'm so very sorry. I so want you to show that half who's boss.

    I, however, might have had to bail on it. That needle, eek. You are one tough, hard core runner. Don't let anyone tell you any differently.

    Big hugs--

  10. AWWW!!!! No words, but a BIG BIG Hug from me!!!

  11. Shelley you are one dedicated woman! The race will be a big deal, but if you feel bad on race day the real win is all those miles you logged during training! You still accomplished so much. I know how much I miss running right now, and I can imagine if I could run again I would, everyday. That's what you did after your ankle was better and it seems natural. Maybe now is the time to add in swimming and biking again, and cutting back on the running while not doing away with it completely.

    Whatever you decide, I know from reading your blog that you will do what is the best for you, because that is just how you are! A wise and strong woman!

  12. Shit shit shit. This is not a post I wanted to read. This sucks big time, my heart goes out to you.

    About the shoes: go to a running store and try some shoes and let them advice you. It's worth it.

    Hang in there my tough brave friend.

  13. Well at least you can run the race still Shelley - so sorry about all that foot trouble!

  14. EEEWWWW> Those shots really hurt...but you already know that! : ) Hope youre feeling great on Sunday!!!

    No need to be faux upbeat for us.


  16. Oh crap. Arthritis and bone spurs and yuuuuuuck.


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