Monday, April 2, 2012

SRPH 5K Fun Run Recap!

Yesterday, we ran a little 5K fun run - it was held at the School of Rural Public Health, which is where Jeff got his Master's degree from.  Now, this was the day after we ran 5.5 miles of hills, and my ankle was a bit sore, so I really only had one goal for this race, and that was to run the entire distance without stopping.  Which would be the longest distance (3.1 miles) that I've run continuously, to date, since coming back from my ankle injury.  Luckily for me this was a flat course, as I don't think I could have taken any more hills.  I didn't care about my time, I just wanted to not walk.  And???  I did it!!!  Honestly, it was tough, but I think that is because of what we'd run the day before.  I'm pretty happy with this race, and feel like I've broken through another barrier, both mental and physical, when it comes to distance.  Woohoo, go me!

My mom was our official photographer, and I'm thinking of hiring her to come out for all of our races, as she got some great shots!  Here's the rest of the recap, in pictures:
I bought this shirt at the Austin marathon expo...really says it all, right?  LOL  Had to include the picture with Julia hydrating before the race while unintentionally photo-bombing my shot - it cracks me up every time I find her in a picture like this!
USAFit BCS, representing!  Me, Julia and Jeff...warriors after running those crazy hills the day before.
Love this starting shot!
See the yellow dots?  That's us!  Beating the dogs and walkers - woohoo!
Julia coming in for the finish - look at that smile!!!  Love it. :)
We're getting closer!
In the home stretch - I could barely raise my arms, I was so tired!  But I ran the whole way!
Annnd finished!!!
Right after crossing the finish line - I was still gasping for breath.  But it was a great feeling to have made it through the entire race without walking!
Post-race water and bananas - yum!
My mom and I - this is the first time she's gotten to see us race.  I think we entertained her...
This is us standing around, not winning any doorprizes.  There were only 80 runners, and they had a ton of doorprizes.  Julia finally won one, but geez!  I swear, they must have handed out 78 prizes.  Oh, and our Megamillions lottery ticket only had one winning number on it - when it comes to prizes, we are not lucky.

After the doorprizes were handed out, they announced the age group winners.  Since it was such a small race (and the odds are better for winning your age group), Jeff wanted to hear what the time of his AG winner was, to see if he should come back next year and try and win it.  We were all SHOCKED when they called his name!!!  It was even funnier because he didn't run "his" race - he paced me!  Our finishing time was 39:01 (pace 12:42) - definitely not his usual speedy 5K pace.  But he won a medal!
And proud!
All the winners!

This was a fun race and I'd do it again...maybe not after running 5.5 miles of hills the day before, though.  Still, it was great to finally run, all the way, a 5K once more.




  2. LOVE THE SHIRT! What a great post, Shelley. Congrats on your continuous run and you look like you are loving the heck out of life right now.

  3. I love the shirt Shelley!

    What a great day, I loved your recap.

    Congrats to running without walking.
    Congrats to Jeff winning in his age group: awesome.

    And how fun that your Mom saw you racing for the first time. I remember when my Mom came to see me the first time. It gives them an idea what the heck all that running talk is about, right?

  4. Congrats on breaking another barrier - that is fantastic!

    And I *love* the shirt because I say that all the time in IRL (not the word 'finish', though LOL).

  5. So, so, so HAPPY for you and your running! Judy did a great job with the photos, made it feel like I was running along with with you... (someday!).

  6. That definitely is the mental breakthrough that you needed Shelley! So proud of you! And while I know you have a ton of races in April, just remember you don't have any until September, so enjoy them!

    Your Mom looks terrific - love your shirt and CONGRATS to Jeff! Winning!

  7. What a weekend! A physical challenge on Saturday, and breaking a mental challenge on Sunday. Your mom did a great job! And LOVE Jeff hamming it up for the pictures!

  8. Congrats on running without stopping! So happy for you that you're able to run again:)

  9. Yay Shelley!! That is so good. You are definitely back! Congratulations.

    And wow! Jeff won his age group?! Awesome! I bet he was happy. :)

    Good job, lady. That's a lot of running for the weekend. I'm impressed!

  10. Congratulations!

    I totally need that shirt. That's my main thought each time I go out for a run.

    And, I love you goal - to run the entire 5K. That's my goal - no walk breaks.

    Keep up the great work.

  11. Love, love the shirt. I think I will have that running through my head on my first run. Great pictures.

  12. Congrats on the post ankle injury distance PR :)

  13. I LOVE that shirt Shelley!!! How fun! And you're right, your Mom is an excellent photographer! She's hired!!!! What a fun looking race!

  14. You go girl! You should have gotten a medal too I think. Congrats!

  15. How awesome you are! And - the shirt.....I might have to hack the 'idea' - too cool!

  16. I feel like a putz for not coming out and running the 5K hosted by the place where I'm actually a student, but we had some other fun plans this weekend...glad to see a "homegrown boy" did good and won a medal!

    I am excited about what I consider my "5K season" starting, but also leery - it also means that the heat is juuuuuuust around the corner...

  17. Great shirt....ah makes me misty eyed for Austin.

    Congrats to Jeff and his big win. You just never know who else will (or won't) show up.

  18. Hahahaha that shirt! PRICELESS!
    Good job, you are so fit!

  19. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shirt!!! Vendor/company name? Or 'general locale' we might find it?? Or, I'll make my own??

    You guys looked like you had a great time... also LOVE Jeff's 'puffy chest' pic. :) Awesome.

    1. Robin, the shirt is by RUseeN - they had a bunch of fun sayings at the expo, but I'm not seeing them on their website...

    2. Oh, I just didn't click's there. :)

  20. Hee! Love the shirt, and congrats on another successful race for all. Go Jeff! :)

  21. That shirt is great! I think it is great that you were running a 5k and also running five miles! I am still working my way back up to five miles. Swimming is always a good backup but 20 minutes is a long time to be driving to a pool.


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