Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Workout Update

Have you noticed lately that these posts are all about running, and I'm not mentioning swimming?  Um, yeah.  That would be because I have not been to the pool in a few weeks.  What can I say - since I've been able to run more, I've been interested in swimming less.  Maybe when the weather turns hotter, starting my mornings out with a nice swim that keeps me cool for several hours afterward will be enticing.  Or maybe if the gas prices keep going up, I'll drop my membership because it does seem a little ridiculous to drive nearly 20 minutes each way to swim.  We'll see...but for now, here's another WWU, and it's all about the running.

Last week (except for the 5K on Sunday) was not the greatest for me in terms of running - but I'm not discouraged, as I know from prior experience that not all runs are great.  I figure that as long as I'm getting out there, I'm ahead of the game, and the next good run is just around the corner.  That said, here's what I looked like about a minute after finishing my 5.5 miler on Saturday (please note that I not only managed to grab a bottle of water and an ice-cold washcloth, but also a mini ice cream sandwich...I have my priorities, people!):
Red-faced, squinty-eyed, sweaty...oh, I was a sight.

And if you're wondering why I looked so bad - well, that was a rough run.  We were in the hills (seriously, they DO exist in my town, if you drive about 20 minutes), it was quite warm and humid to begin with, and HELLO.  Hills are hard!  I did run the first 2.2 miles without stopping, which was good, but then?  It got really difficult.  And hot.  And there were periods of running, and periods of walking.  At one point, around mile 3, my face was burning from the heat and the sweat - it felt like I was on fire.  Luckily a breeze seemed to come up and that helped, but this was just not a pretty run at all.  And that's OK.  Because in the end, I completed 5.5 miles of hills, and that's a heck of a lot more than I've done in a long time.


  1. That's the kind of run where I end up pouring some of the water I have with me on my face! Hills are hard but they're good for you because they make you use different muscles and make you faster in the long run.

    So what are you doing for cross training if you're not swimming? Is yoga starting again?

  2. Cute shirt! (& it looks dry?!)


  3. Great job finishing up the run! Running in the humidity and heat is definitely unbearable so good for you for pushing through!

  4. Your heart is into running and I totally understand that you have less interest in swimming at the moment. You've waited so long to get back to running, it's normal you take the most out of it now.

    And from a personal point of view: I love running more than swimming so I'm not complaining about running posts :)

    We really don't have hills (okay maybe I do when I drive 20 minutes) and I don't do hill training. But I always read it's good and good for you you tackled them.

  5. What an adorable ice cream sandwich...I'm sure you ran off many more calories worth than that little delicacy put back in.

    Your posts always make me happy, Shelley. You're adorable, and have such a positivity that oozes through your words and pictures.

    I'm doing a baby blanket now that's pretty cute - maybe I'll take an "in progress" picture and post it today - in your honor. Have a good day!

  6. It's to early for hot and humid. Well maybe not for Texas is it?

    Where you affected by the storms? I clearly have no idea where you are and the vicinity to the storms so I hope not!

  7. I was worrying about the storms too, but it sounds like you're ok!

  8. I think you look great for the end of a 5.5 mile run! Too bad they didn't start at Red Mango and run 2.75 miles out and back. That would've been a better treat at the end!

    And I get you about letting the swimming go by the wayside. Its just low on my priority list. Until it gets hot.

  9. Best part of this post for me? "as long as I'm getting out there, I'm ahead of the game."

    I couldn't agree more! Way to rock that run Shelley!

  10. I see the big smile on your face rather than red eyes and squinty!

    What you need to do is work up your running distance to run to the gym, then swim, then run home. Your own version of a duathlon!

  11. ok I lost my comment reading LORI'S
    she is crazy ;)

  12. 5.5mils in hills is just craaazy!
    Also, I love Lori's suggestion, although that is crazy too :D

  13. You are full of awesome! 5.5 miles of hills is tough stuff. I think you deserved more than just one mini ice cream bar. That was worth a trip for frozen yogurt for sure. Tell me you went for yogurt! LOL

    I was just wondering about swimming. Glad to see you running again. LOVE the purple.

  14. I see nothing but a happy, fit, beautiful woman in that photo!!!!!!!


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