Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Mishmash

Ever hear a crashing sound somewhere in your house, but can't figure out what exactly happened?  Both Jeff and I got up to investigate, but didn't see anything amiss...and the usual suspect, Kip, was outside.  Later that day, though, I opened a cupboard door and discovered that the plastic shelf supports had given way, and the top shelf in my cupboard - the one holding an entire set of dishes, had fallen.  LUCKILY, I'd opened the door where less of the dishes were...otherwise, I'm sure I would have had a painful dish shower.  One trip to Home Depot later, we had metal shelf supports in hand, as well as an order for an extra shelf for each cupboard.  WHY we waited almost 12 years to do this is beyond me, as they weren't even very expensive!  Silly us.  Anyway, the new shelves are in and hopefully I have the weight distributed a bit better now:
Ahhh, my Fiestaware STILL makes me happy!
The blue dishes on the top shelf are what fell...while I don't use them now, they were the first set of dishes (and wedding presents) and I still like them enough to hold onto them.


The other day while I was in line at Starbucks, the woman ahead of me had a very complicated drink order that included "nine pumps of sugar-free vanilla" - NINE???  Holy chemicals, lady.  I wonder, if she used the real stuff, if she'd put nine pumps in?  Made my iced non-fat latte feel very tame by comparison.


Kristen, my fashion guru, who blogs over at Low Fat Dressing, has a series on weight-loss maintainers (she calls it "They Walk Among Us" which cracks me up), and this week, she is featuring me!  Thanks, Kristen - and I love that one of the pictures you chose is me wearing an outfit that you helped me pull together!


Earlier this week, my friend Terry came to town and we went on a little road trip, to tiny Paige, Texas (pop. 275) - home of Yarnorama!  This store is in the middle of nowhere, but well worth the drive - they had so many gorgeous yarns and all sorts of was a bit overwhelming at first, but I managed to choose a few skeins to play with:
The bottom left yarn is soooooo soft!  I'm making a masculine scarf with it.  The lime green?  Maybe a baby hat?  The multicolored yarn...scarf.  Although they had a gorgeous short-sleeved sweater made from it, but that's way beyond my capabilities right now.
This is GORGEOUS.  The owner said two skeins would make a scarf, and I had them in my hands, but came to my senses and didn't buy them, as I just finished struggling with the ribbon yarn in my "adventurous" scarf and I really need to get better at knitting before I take on a challenge like that.  But I'll be back for you, my pretty!
Terry is a weaver (she and her dad built her loom) and she found lots of fun things as well!


For Fashion Friday, this week I have a very special model - my mom!  She's here visiting for a couple of weeks, and is modeling HER "adventurous" scarf - yes, I made that scarf for her.  I chose the color of the yarn based on what I know she likes to wear, and I also thought it would look great with her silver hair.  I was right...check it out:
Everyone, this is my mom, Judy.  Say hi!


Last week's long run outfit - I was so happy to break out all my pink stuff...maybe that's why the run went so well?  Or at least it made me feel happy so I ran happy?  Whatever it was, I'll take it.
Tomorrow we have 5.5 miles on tap, and then on Sunday we have a 5K fun run...except for Easter weekend, we have a race every weekend in April!  After that, the racing season pretty much ends until late fall, so we are taking advantage of doing as much as we can right now.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That scarf does look lovely on your mum. Well done! Fantastic to see your mum looking so well too. Hello Judy! Enjoy your holiday with Shelley.

  2. Your mom is a cutie pie! I see where you get it.

    Oh, man, your yarns look just divine. I love to go into fiber stores just to "pet" the yarn. Yummy stuff.

    Happy race season!

  3. Yikes! And I love your pretty dishes:) You have very tall looking cabinets. And your mom is so beautiful.

  4. Your mom is looking wonderful! You would never know she was sick a year ago!

    I envy how much cabinet space you have - our kitchen is so tiny Tony and I can barely both fit in there at the same time! :(

    Happy Friday and have fun running this weekend!

  5. I can't help it, "Yarnorama" cracks me up!

    *Waving to Judy* Hi Judy, you look great!

    I can hear the happy when you write about your upcoming running/racing. That makes me happy for you :D

  6. Your mom is so adorable - especially in that scarf!

    9 pumps of SF syrup? What is the point after 4 or 5? I can't think of it tasting any different. I would probably see through time if I had that much chemical goodness in my drinks.

  7. Your mom looks great, and that scarf really looks beautiful on her.

    A weaver!! Your next hobby? THAT takes a LOT of yarn!

    It seems like you and Jeff have found a great new hobby to enjoy together. That's good, because I don't see him taking up knitting any time soon LOL.

    Yummy yarns! You can do a sweater, Shelley. All you need to learn is increases and decreases, and choose a simple pattern that MAKES SENSE.

    Pink makes me happy too. I need to break some of that out as I have been living in black and brown all winter.

  8. Forgot to say congrats on your feature article!!

  9. I don't have a specific comment to make, but I just wanted to let you know that I smile the entire time I read your blog posts. Happy Friday, Shelley!

  10. Nothing better than a road trip to an awesome local yarn shop! Me jealous!! I also love your dishes and am not one bit surprised you have such a rainbow in your cabinets! Even your kitchen is stylin'....

    I'm heading over to read the article where you're featured. And your mom is beautiful! She looks great, and radiant.

    I think I'm going to have to post some knitting projcts...I just started a baby blanket for my niece and I'm hoping the hands busy aspect will keep me out of the Chips Ahoy!

  11. Love that yarn. Almost makes we want to learn.....not quite. Your mom is adorable in her scarf! Have a great weekend!

  12. Mom looks fantastic! Aw, so glad you have such a special visitor. And the scarf looks great on her. She IS a special model! (although Paco is wonderful in all the photos he has graced us with as well. haha) Love.

    I love the Yarnorama's tagline, "A playground for the fiber obsessed! So funny, so appropriate for ahem, you. Cool that they convey knitting as cool, hip, fun.

    Have fun running dear girl.


  13. NINE pumps of sugar free syrup?????? To each their own, but still GROSS!!!!!!! Your Mom looks fantastick as does her scarf. And my heart pitter pattered a little bit when I saw your fiestaware! LOVE. Have a great Friday.

  14. Hi, Shelley's Mom!! Nice scarf!

    Nine pumps of anything seems excessive but whatever floats her chemical boat.

    Sounds like your race shirt wardrobe is about to grow!! Nice! :)

  15. Your mom is so chic! Especially with the scarf on. I have fiestaware too - lots of it, and I would be devastated if it all fell and broke. I sometimes wonder about the weight of everything on the shelves in my cabinets; the original cabinets in our house which was built in 1973.

  16. Good luck with your runs this weekend! Your mom is super cute!

    I love the idea that weight-loss maintainers walk among us :). I always feel people who just know me don't know what's really going on inside.

  17. A playground for the fiber obsessed: love it! Nice colors you picked Shelley.

    And great feature of you on that blog and totally deserved.

    Race season starts here in April till October (except for July and August) but you can pretty much run every weekend here in Holland if you want too. Do you still read Runner's World? There's a little feature in it of my little country :)

    Have fun with your runs this weekend.

    You asked if I looked forward to a weekend alone: I did/do. I'm a person who doesn't have to have someone around the entire day. I can entertain myself perfectly. But by the end of the weekend it will be fun to talk to someone again :) Bella never says anything back :)

  18. I gagged a little at that coffee order - since I make coffee, I get some pretty weird chocolates & lattes made with 1/2 & 1/2 only, tea with Bailey's, raspberry lattes, 6 sugars in a 12 oz drink, etc. Blegh.

  19. Hi MoM!
    Fiber Obsessed...
    and/or fibre! There are so many kinds!

  20. Your mom is absolutely delightful I think :) Seems so sweet!

    Don't you just love browsing yarns? I know I do! I can't ever resist actually buying stuff though, so now I have to avoid the shops :p

  21. I love my Fiestaware too! I want those taller bowls you have; we didn't get those in our sets.

    Thank you again for agreeing to be interviewed for LFD; you are one of my weight-loss heroes. :)

    Unlike that 9-pump woman. That's gross. Hee!

    Awww, your mom looks great in that scarf. Tell her I am jealous; I wanted it for myself.

  22. Fiestaware, a BEAUTIFUL mom(!), and cute, oh-so-girlie pink running gear (my fave running color)... smashing! Made me smile.

  23. That scarf looks beautiful on your mother! Have fun running, your running outfit looks great :-)

  24. Hi Aunt Judy! You look beautiful!


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