Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - August Stats

Stats for August
I swam 23 out of 31 days - every single weekday - and I am extremely proud of that.  I committed to swimming and I stuck to it.  I know that a lot of you "know" me as someone who works out, but trust me, for the majority of my life that was not the case...and if you go back to the beginning of my blog, you can see how resistant to exercise I was.  This is a change that still surprises me at times.

Yards swam:  59,300, which equals about 33.5 miles.  Dang!

Other swimming stats
Purple suit worn 12 times
Blue suit worn 11 times
(obviously I favor the purple!)

Pairs of Zoomer swim fins sold because of me:  Two ("sold" another pair last week at the pool - this time to a man!)

Yoga stats
I attended 10 yoga classes and am definitely seeing improvement.  And last Wednesday?  I did the crow pose!!!  This was super scary, as I did not trust my arms/core/balance to hold myself up without pitching face-first into the concrete.  But, Ivan had me use my yoga block to rest my head on (and kind of stop myself), and I actually achieved crow - for a split-second.  And then again, for a couple of seconds!  I was on a yoga high - this pose?  Me???  Wow.  Talk about empowerment!
Crow - this is a fun pose and I actually practice it at home...which in turn gets me to practice some of the other poses, too.  Hmmm, maybe it should be called a "gateway" pose. ;)

August was a great month for me, workout-wise.  I made swimming and yoga priorities, and it paid off.  Now I just need to continue this effort for September!


  1. Strange women: what did you do to my Shelley? My Shelley would never post her month numbers on her blog :)

    Great great month Shelley, you are so good at swimming!

    Your stats about the swim suit made me laugh.

  2. Holy shizz Shelley - the crow is super hard - way to go!

    I have no doubt that you'll continue to do great things in September!

    It's finally light enough for me to walk, although my blister hurts like a son of a bitch - its on the inside arch - ick.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Hi Shelley! Wonderful! The first time I did crow pose, I thought it was a fluke, so I did it over and over again until I had "rug burn" on my arms from my legs being on them. A great but sore memory

    It's a cool trick to show snobby people at picnics or soccer games.

    :-) Marion

  4. I am just throwing in an "I told you so" about the swimming, one last time for good measure. :)

  5. The crow is one of the hardest poses to do - be proud, be very, very proud!

    Also? What's with the word 'stats' in your title? I almost bypassed you thinking it couldn't possibly be your blog!

  6. It's awesome all working out and loving it!

  7. I am impressed.
    Of course, anyone who prefers purple swimsuit is always going to be impressive ;)

  8. gateway crack me up :) And that is an AWESOME pose!

  9. Nice job. During yoga, I skip the crane pose, which looks like crow. Maybe if I did yoga 10x a month I could finally do it!

  10. hee hee--love that your stats include swimsuit choices. That crow pose looks deceptively easy. I will try it when the dogs are not around to laugh at me.

    Swimming 33 miles???? Wowee!!! No wonder you lost 8 pounds, which I forgot to comment on yesterday. That is so impressive. Trying not to be jealous..

    Can't remember--is yours an indoor pool, so you can keep swimming when it gets colder?

  11. Very impressive stats. I chuckled that you included a wardrobe stat. And, that pose - something I haven't done since college! Only we didn't call it yoga, just goofing around. Way to go!

  12. What a great positive post!! We need pics of you doing crow pose now!

  13. Color me impressed! I love this awesome positive post !

  14. Shelley - I am totally impressed. I need you to light a fire for me to keep me going.

  15. I see Fran's stats have rubbed off on funny ;-).
    Great work Shelley, you had such a great month workout wise!
    I'm just getting back into it after a summer of being really busy (lazy).
    Hope you are having a great day!


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