Monday, September 5, 2011

101 Days of Summer Challenge Recap

With the advent of Labor Day, Biz's 101 Days of Summer Challenge draws to a close.  This is the second year she's hosted this challenge, where the participants choose to focus on whatever they want, to have a happy and healthy summer.  My goals were three:
  1. To eat super healthy for 5 out of 7 days each week
  2. To fit back into my smaller-sized shorts by the end of summer
  3. To make my body fit and toned by swimming 5 out of 7 days each week
So how did I do?  On number one, I would put that as a success.  What helped was that Jeff traveled so much and I didn't have my frozen yogurt enabler around rarely bothered with making much for dinner since it was just me.  A big night would mean a couple of Pam-fried eggs and toast, or some black bean tacos with pico de gallo and avocado.  Many dinners consisted of greek yogurt and my homemade granola...which was also my breakfast, too.  Yeah, I could have done a lot better with getting more veggies in during the week, but I did make up for it on the weekends with big salads or grilled vegetables.  Still, not always the most balanced way of eating.

On number two, I did lose weight.  About 8 pounds.  And I can wear my smaller-sized shorts, but they are not as comfortable as they were last summer.  But you know what?  I was really thin (for me) last summer - and unless something drastic changes (maybe adding running, if I ever get there?) I'm not sure I'll ever get to that point again...and actually, that's ok.

On number three, I would give that one a big hell's yes.  I can see the changes that swimming has done for my body - my legs are MUCH firmer and they are getting shapelier.  My arms are muscular and I feel strong.  One thing I realized recently was that my bra bands are uncomfortably tight - and my cups do not runneth over, if you get my drift...which seems right, since I've lost some weight.  I finally figured out that my back muscles have gotten bigger with all the swimming!  Makes sense, if you look at the big-time swimmers - they usually have a triangular look to them, from their extra-broad shoulders, down to their waist.  And while I'm nowhere near that exaggerated look (nor would I want to be), I am seeing that change from swimming.  I guess you have to take the good (hello legs!) with the not-entirely-desired (really?  do I have to buy new bras???  argh!).

As for my bonus goal, which was to fit into my sheath dress and possibly wear it to my 30th high school reunion - well...first, I didn't end up going, because for one, none of my buddies were going to go.  NONE!  And many of them live in the area, too!  And then with all of Jeff's travels, he didn't have the time to take off so we could drive there (1500 or so miles each way), so the whole trip out to California wouldn't have been a vacation like we were thinking.  After seeing the reunion pictures on my class ('81 has more fun!) Facebook page, I'm a little wistful, but really, only about 35 people ended up going ('81 - we're apathetic!).  Maybe we'll get it together for our 35th...or 50th.  As for the dress?  Still a little too tight.  But gorgeous.  I'll get there.

Anyway, this is pretty much the only challenge I ever do - it's a good way to keep focused during the months where the words "summer" and "treats" seem to go hand-in-hand.  I'm grateful to Biz for her weekly encouraging emails to us challengers, and to the group for all of the enthusiasm and encouragement shown. 


  1. Wow, impressive goals, and impressive results. Can't wait to get back in the pool. Maybe after September 12!

    Granola and yogurt twice a day sounds good to me!

  2. Hi Shelley. I'd say the summer was a rousing success!!!! Yay you, yay Biz and yay to all who participated!!! Have a great Monday.

  3. Way to stick with your goals during the unbelievable summer heat and your loss of running. Swimming is much better for your joints, you know it is, and it's something you can still do when your age matches the Texas summer temps!

  4. Sounds like an awesome summer to me! Instead of letting no running get you down, you turned it around and have really become a swimmer. Your body is responding, and your attitude is right on. As always, you work hard and you see results. Thank you for the constant reminder that the work you put in yields the results you want.

  5. Way to go! I wonder if I swimming would reduce cup size while strengthening my back? Just another reason to consider getting into the pool...

    And, get some new pretty bras. You deserve them.

  6. Hells yes to the body changes from swimming. Boo to buying new bras, but at least you can find some super cute ones!

  7. I hope to get back in the pool this week!!

    Thanks for the link love and participating again in the challenge - you continue to inspire me!!

    My 25th reunion is in a couple weeks, but I am not going - we had 1000 kids in my graduating class and I see the people now that I want anyway.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!!

  8. Congratulations Shelley - you rocked your challenge! 8 pounds is fantastic and so is finding a love for yoga :D

  9. I am SO proud of and inspired by you. You are just the greatest person to look up to and I mean that in a really good way.

  10. In my book this is a huge success! I think you did fantastic for the challenge! Congratulations.

    I've never been to a school reunion. If I'm correct there never has been one for my class either. I heard from my Mom that some people from my class (when I was 12) are thinking about a reunion. I also heard at that time that 2 of my class mates (both girls) from that year already passed away, that gave me a scare. I do think I will go if they have that reunion.

  11. oh that we were neighbors
    Id take you to lunch if youd drag errr bring me bra shopping :)

  12. Since you only bra shop with Barbara this might be a bit of a problem for you... dare you venture out on your own?!

    Great, great job Shelley. I am not one bit surprised by your success.

  13. Great job on the challenge. 8 pounds lost is awesome but the muscle gain gives you that nice shape. Way to go!!!

    Can't wait to see a picture of you wearing that dress. :)

  14. Great job!!!!!!!!! I make banana smoothies with either some greens or just fruits and lucuma powder for a frozen yogurt feel but zero cholesterol. Or just lucuma with vanilla and black sesame seeds in the vitamix.
    Just have to have my goodies and not worry about calories, saturated fat or cholesterol!

  15. Good for you for reaching your primary goals. I know you've been wanting to lose a few pounds so isn't good to know you CAN do it when you really want to? :)

    Helen made a really good point on my blog a couple of weeks ago, when I was saying I kept eating the same things all day. She pointed out that babies were the same way, wanting to only eat bananas one day and only cereal or chicken the next. So maybe if we looked at the week overall in terms of balance, instead of insisting every day be well-rounded, we would keep our eye on the bigger picture. I've been thinking about that ever since.


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