Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Things...

Things I Have No Business Knowing
Singer/rapper Lil Wayne wore a pair of leopard print woman's jeggings while performing at the VMA's on Sunday night.  This explains why his pants didn't fall down during his performance - Lycra!  I was fascinated, in that can't-turn-away manner, thinking that for sure his pants were going to complete their drop to the ankles.  Nope.  Stayed just below his booty.  Now we know the secret.

Things That Are Just Too Cute Not To Share
You knew this had to do with Paco, right?  Of course!  I walked into my office yesterday after taking fridge pictures to see him surrounded by all of his favorite chews.  I swear, I should buy stock in Nylabone.  Four of the six pictured are from that company - they are the only things that last with his strong teeth!
Wherever I go in the house, Paco will run and grab a chew toy and come hang with me.  Not usually this many at once, though!  He's such a nut.

Thing That Doesn't Surprise Me In The Least
With yesterday's high of 101, my town had the most number of days over 100 degrees EVER, and August officially went down as the hottest of any month on record.  Yay?

Thing That Was Inspiring To Witness
Watching the runners come in last Saturday morning after running a half marathon for training.  Y'all, it was HOT.  In the low 90's by the time most of them were done.  And yet everyone came in with a big smile on their face - what an accomplishment!!!  Jeff finished his 10K run and then he and I headed out to mile 8 on the course, cowbell in hand, to cheer them on - that was really fun.  This run was tough for everyone, but the person who suffered the most was our pal J.P., who is running in combat boots - you can read about his commitment here.  After he came in, he sat down and took off his boots and socks.  The soles of his feet were covered in blisters.  But he didn't complain.  I need to remember that, and take a page from his book.
J.P. at mile 8 - just starting the infamous "Boonville Hill" ascent.

Thing That Blew Me Away Yesterday
My $113 grocery bill.  You see, Jeff has been traveling every week for months now, and I haven't had to keep very much food in the house.  So on average, I've been spending about $25 each week to keep me in greek yogurt, granola fixin's, and fruit.  I know.  Not the most balanced diet.  I make up for it on the weekends.  Anyway, Jeff had a short travel week and was back home on Wednesday night and won't leave again until Monday.  So I actually bought food.  It helped that I went right after swimming and hadn't hardly eaten anything, so I was hungry, which was a good thing.  I also started in the produce section, which was also good, as I had energy and enthusiasm to choose lots of healthy things - sometimes, by the time I get there, I'm kind of "over" the whole shopping thing and can't muster much excitement to even think about cooking.  Not so yesterday - here's my produce bounty:
My friend Terry just gave me a cherry pitter, so I had to get some cherries - these Hood River ones are especially good.  Also, strawberries for my big salad, some jazz(hands) apples for Jeff, and peaches for me.   

Here's my fridge BEFORE:
To be fair, I did just finish up some cantaloupe on Wednesday, so it wasn't like I was completely fresh-fruitless...but this has, sadly, been the norm since Jeff started traveling so much.

 I like to put the fruit out in the open where I can see it - I've lost too much produce to the "rotter" (as we call the drawers in the fridge).
Stocked up on coconut water since Jeff drinks it after running and I drink it after hot yoga - all that potassium really seems to help prevent leg cramps for it's so refreshing!  We don't drink sodas anymore, but sometimes Jeff goes hunting for something to drink besides water (my beverage of choice if iced tea isn't made), so I splurged and got him some cute bottles (at a buck each it didn't seem like a bad price) of lemonade, limeade, orange juice and the like.  We live it UP here, lol!

Things That Would Make An Awesome Fashion Friday Photo Shoot 

High heeled swim fins!!!  Lori posted this picture on Facebook a few days ago - how insane would these be?!?  I would love to wear them to the pool.  With a straight face.  Alas, they were made for a fashion show and are not on the mass market.  Pity.

Hope those of you who get a three day weekend will have a good one (we don't, at least where Jeff works) - stay cooooool!


  1. HOLY JEEBERS I want your after!!

    and big ole frowny face on the heat here too.

    I have a plan to just get my girl on the bus and RUN FROM THERE----but that plan wont be instigated until the temps least in 70s at 8 am :)

  2. Totally entertaining post! Congrats on the dubious record set by your have my deepest sympathy.

    Looking at your before pics made me think "no wonder she keeps her weight off"! I also love that you said you eat a fairly limited menu of stuff when the family isn't around - that really helps me to do that. I could live on Greek yogurt, oatmeal and fruit.

    The swim fins are great - hilarious! Have a great weekend - hope the storm in the gulf provides ya'll with some needed rain.

  3. OMG, Kharma does the same thing Paco does with his toys! When Dave gets home from work, Kharma gleefully grabs one of her bones or antlers and follows him to the bedroom while he changes...and she chews. She has been known to bring multiple toys and create a circle around herself.

    Dogs are so weird!

    Incidentally, you should look into getting Paco some antlers. Deer antlers are nice but we like the giant moose or elk antlers...they last longer. And it's all very digestible (and doesn't splinter) so it's good for dogs. We quit with the Nylabones because they got too sharp. Let me know if you want more information on the antlers!

  4. We've seen a lot of over 100 weather as well - I'm very ready for fall.

    Becky's Healthy Life

  5. Girl I spend about $170 a week on groceries for just the two of us! Terrible.

    But now I know your secret to thin success: send husband away, eat only yogurt, fruit and granola, and swimming and yoga...

    I wonder if Mr. Helen would agree to go away?

  6. Love how clean your fridge looks! I need to do a better job so I don't end up throwing 20% of my food each week in the trash!

    I started complaining to myself because yesterday and today we are supposed to be in the high 90's, and then I thought, I can't complain when Texas has not gotten a break in a month!

    Hang in there Shelley!

  7. So many fun items, hardly know where to begin.

    I hate it how expensive groceries are, we pay around the same amount for a week food.

    Paco is too cute, I can never get enough of him.

    Hottest August ever? I can't believe how you keep up in that weather, I would completely go nuts :)

    I saw the photo of Lori on FB and had to laugh. At first I thought you had posted them. As a heel girl they would totally fit me :)

    Have a great weekend my friend.

  8. SO FUN!! But I am late and can't comment much, except to say LOVE Paco's treasure trove!

  9. What a fun post :) Those Swim Fins are Wild! :)

  10. Your frig is so clean and empty even with food! I am wondering if my frig is just European small or whether we just put LOTs of stuff into it. We have great discount stores here in Europe where we can buy produce etc at a reasonable price but then I have to visit four stores... a bit of a hassle but well worth it.

  11. Another fun read to start my morning - after taking care of dogs and cats and burst irrigation system.

    Oh, and my fridge is now totally embarrassed to be in the same universe as yours!

  12. I usually watch the VMAs, but missed them this year. You're never too old, I guess, right?

  13. Love that JP is still rockin' the combat boots!

    I love coconut water too and it really does help with's crazy!

    I ALMOST have a long weekend - well, it's long for me haha.

  14. I am oddly disturbed and fascinated by those flippers!!

  15. With those heeled fins you'd need rhinestone goggles!

  16. We spend about $100 a week for 2 of us, and then there is the monthly meat purchase from the smokehouse.

    I honestly don't know how you guys deal with that heat. I literally melt and become Ms. Crabington. You should have a vacation home in between Helen and I for when Jeff is out of town.

    Still laughing about those fins...

  17. At first glance I didn't think that was a doggie chew toy that Paco was nibbling on.
    Get my drift?

  18. Your fridge is so clean and organized. I'd never show my cluttered fridge!

    :-) Marion

  19. Your before fridge pic looks like my fridge at this moment. Lots of condiments. Need to go food shopping. I didn't want to move food along with the couch.

    The fins are a hoot. What kind of a fashion show would you wear those in? Swim suit? Or evening wear?

    I love Paco pics. Like I said I like dogs, if I don't have to take care of them.

    Pants on the ground...lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground. I hate that look.

    Enjoy your hubs over the long travel break.

  20. Hi Shelley. OMG...if anyone could ROCK the high heeled flippers, it's YOU!!! Love this post, love Paco, and your fridge looks GREAT!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  21. ROFL at the high-heeled flippers!!!!

    Thanks for showing us your fridge; putting the yogurts on the condiment shelf is a brilliant idea. I need to do some work in my kitchen now!

  22. What a fun post!!

    Oh those swim fins. Such a fashion statement. Chuck says that I can't talk to u anymore because now I'm trying to fashionize (yes, it's a word! LOL) all of my things. Running, swimming, biking. Everything has to match! LOL!

    Your fridge is so neat!! Wow. Good idea about the fruit. I also have a rotter drawer.

  23. I loved the peek inside your fridge! What are those white containers stacked on the shelf? Greek yogurt?


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