Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - Yoga in Pictures!

I still can't believe how much yoga kicks my butt nine ways to Sunday, but it does.  Every time.  This ain't yo momma's* yoga.  This is a tough class, time and time again.  And just when I think I've got one pose, well, not mastered, but understood, my instructor, whom I adore, comes over to give me some one-on-one pose corrections.  Now don't get me wrong - I'm really grateful that she takes the time to do this...but while I'm in the moment, holding and stretching and pulling this in and that back and oh the burning, it burns - well, let's just say that I've come up with a nickname for her - with great affection, of course.  She has the nicest smile, the kindest eyes, and the most gentle voice...but Kimberly (the Hun) is beating me down, people!!!

So yoga...why do I keep going back?  Glutton for punishment?  Nah - it's challenging and I actually like that when I'm done.  Plus, I keep hoping that when I do these poses correctly and pull myself up from Warrior 2 using my stomach muscles instead of cheating with my back muscles, I might actually strengthen and smallen (it's a word, I'm sure) my core.  Plus you can't beat the one-on-one attention.  Much as I'd like to be the invisible student in a class of 30, this is good for me, to be in such a small group...and, as I've mentioned, to have an instructor so willing to help.

Kimberly (the Hun) took some pictures of us a week ago Monday, and when she emailed them to me over the weekend, I could A) see what she meant in how I should be doing certain poses; and B) see how my dancer pose has improved since then - just two classes later.  Cool!
Dancer pose - last Monday I was using the light pole for a crutch (as you can see I'm not even touching it, but I felt better knowing I could grab it if I lost my balance).  By the next class, I didn't even need it (ok, that was with KtH encouraging me to not use it)(she was right) and I got my back leg up even higher!
Flying Locust pose - another core strengthener!
After taking the group shot, KtH went around and got an individual picture of each of I was fourth in line, I was dying at this point...hence the red face!
This is the Triangle pose.  Ivan (in the foreground) is the T/Th instructor. 
My favorite pose.  I call it nap time.  It's our reward for making it through the class!

And now you have a little glimpse into what I do twice a week.  By the way?  On Monday's class the starting temperature was 106 but it had dropped to 103 by the time we were done.  And seriously, as long as we're in the shade, it doesn't bother me.  Hot yoga for the win!

*actually, I have no idea if yo momma even goes to yoga, and whether or not it is a hard class...pretty presumptive of me, no?


  1. I'm impressed.
    One of my goals is to take a yoga class, but I have to loose some pounds first as I had a right shoulder reconstruction 2 years ago and I don't think I'll be able to do it until then. When I get under 200 pounds!

  2. I tried yoga once. Just a few weeks ago. Holy Cats! During the class it didn't seem that hard. But WOW! the next day, the tops of my thighs hurt so bad I was scared to go back. I want to try it again. When I am feeling braver.

    You do like to challenge yourself. I remember your workouts when you started out. Made me tired to just read them.

    Nap time was my fave pose too. stay cool. It's been over 30 days of temps over 110 here in the Phoenix area.

  3. I like to think of the flying locust pose as the Superman pose...just sing the Superman theme song in your head while doing it and you WILL FEEL just like Superman!

  4. ok... I just realized that I gave you false info. It's been just 10 days of temps over 100. Feels like 30.

  5. See, now you make me wish I had gotten there this summer - I want to go to that class with you!!

    I don't think I've even mentioned this to you, but the Controller at my job is a very active woman. Very active. Used to be an aerobic instructor and still keeps her certifications up even though she doesn't teach anymore. About 18 months ago she took up yoga and fell in love with it. She hasn't changed a thing except the yoga. She dropped a full size in clothing (from a 6 to a 4!) and was telling me yesterday that she is noticing that some of her 4's are getting too big.

    I wish the same kind of results for you my friend!

  6. Maybe I should take up yoga so I can smallen my tummy too! Ha!

    And yes, the last part is my favorite part - and while I have only done a yoga class a handful of times, I think I could nap right after!

    Your heat is crazy. Right now its 67 degrees - love it!

  7. Yoga is killer, isn't it?! I'm sure I'm not doing MANY (all) of the poses correctly since I do it at home, but it still is brutal! I really should take a class...

    Glad all is well with you, Shelley! :)

  8. Hi Shelley! I was telling a big weightlifter guy that one thing I really love about yoga is that the instructors expect a *lot* out of women!

    If you are in a warrior pose, the yoga instructor expects you to actually be a yoga warrior.
    A really high standard for women's fitness--NOT like in weightlifting where many women use tiny dumbbells and never experience their true power.

    Me? I'm a girl monster in both yoga and weightlifting.

    :-) Marion

  9. Your dancer's pose is beautiful! And you look incredibly happy as a flying locust!

  10. You're totally making me want to take yoga classes now. And I think there are quite a few I could do without using one hand! Exciting. Especially when it'll get me into a size 4 (see Helen's comment.)

  11. Thanks for posting the photos! I love yoga and used to do it on the Nintendo Wi but my older daughter killed all the WI Fit games (have no clue how) so now I will have to figure out other ways to get my yoga fix. Have fun swimming tomorrow!

  12. I love yoga and haven't done it for awhiile. Love that this is outdoors, and your face looks radiant in these pics. Good stuff!

  13. I keep saying I am going to get back to yoga but I never do. I think I am waiting for my kickboxing contract to be over before I start something new...

    You do an awesome flying locust!!

  14. Looooooove this post :) Yoga is pretty awesome, huh?

  15. Yes! It works again.

    I love these pictures, it's so great to see you do yoga. Isn't it hard on the pavement especially when you do back exercises?

    I think you look very elegant at your poses my friend.

  16. Looking good !!! I love all that Fitness Stuff!

  17. You look very graceful Shelley - especially in the flying locust.

  18. Isn't yoga awesome? It is WAY harder than it looks isn't it? I love your pictures, your form looks great! One of the best things is to be able to wear yoga clothes that you actually do YOGA in!! In the past yoga pants were my "laying on the couch watching TV" pants. And I agree "nap time" is my favorite too :-)

  19. Shavassana is the best part of yoga. Hands down.

  20. Loved the glimpse inside your class :) so fun!

  21. You look awesome. I so want to try yoga, but I just cannot add one more thing right now! Maybe someday. Looks like fun

  22. LOVE the photos; that is so cool that she took shots of all of you during the workout, and then shared them with you!!!

    You look amazing, red faced and all. :)

  23. Love it. I feel like I get to go to yoga with you. :)
    Looking good, lady!!!! Great job with the poses.


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