Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Mishmash

While I've lived in my town for over 11 years now, I'd never gone to an Aggie football game...but my friend Terry hooked Jeff and I up with some tickets, so on Sunday night I finally got to experience, first-hand, the event that is Texas A&M football!
Wearing our maroon, sitting in the fancy seats (shady side, under an overhang, real chairs), ready for all the action!
Across from us is the student section.  Which was filled to the brim - there was a record first-game attendance of 86,915!  BTW, the students STAND the entire game.  Aggie tradition.  (hazy sky courtesy of fires nearby, thanks to drought/windy conditions)
I was really excited for the flyover - I'd read about it earlier in the week and kept telling Terry, John and Jeff that it would be a "B-52" - apparently, I had a touch of dyslexia.  B-25.  Which was really awesome to see - it went right over us!  Picture is from the jumbo-tron because I was too busy watching the flyover to take an actual picture.
The Corps of Cadets line up on the field to welcome the football team. 
I was really happy to see the Aggie band play in person - their marching formation was amazing to watch.  Here they are doing their famous "block T" - you can see it a little better in the shot below, which I took from the jumbo-tron:
I'm always a sucker for a marching band.  Both Jeff and Sam were in one.

Final score - A&M 46, SMU 14.  Whoop!  The other funny thing about that game was that at the end of the third quarter, everyone does a seventh-inning stretch kind of thing where the football players all faced our section and the band played the fight song. I ended up arm-in-arm with the president of the Health Science Center, who also handed Jeff his diploma last year when he graduated with his Master's degree.  Small town, small world, great seats!  Thanks, Terry, for another fun adventure!


I recently read somewhere (Good Housekeeping?  I've tossed all my magazines so can't go back and look) about some top-rated shampoos (I'm always on the lookout for a miracle cure for my chlorine-infused straw hair), and a highly recommended one was Pureology - but the magazine listed it as $57 a bottle - which I would never in a million years spend on a bottle of shampoo.  Cut to Wednesday, when I was wandering around Ulta and found it on the shelf for only $27!  My first thought?  "Oh, that's cheap!"  In what fantasy world am I living in that $27 is "cheap" for shampoo?!?  Obviously, the dyslexic world when I think it's $57 to begin with.  Between this and my B-52/B-25 airplane error, I'm seriously beginning to wonder about my reading comprehension skills!


So you all know that Jeff is training for his first half marathon.  I've been disgusted amazed by the relative lack of aches and pains he's had - I know I was definitely feeling the long runs much more than he has been.  But on Saturday he had his first 7 mile run on tap, so on my recommendation, he brought home a bag of ice afterward and took his first ice bath.  (side note:  they really aren't bad when it's warm outside, and they DO help with recovery, a lot)  I was taking pictures to document the momentous occasion, and as usual, the hooligans we call pets had to get involved:
 Hot coffee, magazine, ice, curious dog (Why Dad take bath?  That weird.)...everything Jeff needed, right?
Except for Kip.  Who loves Jeff.  And had to climb in to see what was going on - his paws got wet but he didn't mind at all.  Stayed there for several minutes.  Meanwhile, Paco left the room as soon as he saw Kip get in the tub - guess he figured he might be next!


In today's (not really) Fashion Friday, I had to show you a picture of the shoes I finally got to wear yesterday, for the first time THIS YEAR:
My super-comfy throwback-to-high school wedges!

Why was I so excited to wear these?  Because I haven't been able to...every time I'd try them on, my ankle immediately started hurting.  But yesterday?  It didn't hurt at all!  Which gives me hope (oh please oh please) that I might get good news when I go to the specialist on Wednesday.  Fingers and toes crossed that I will be able to start running again.

Have a great weekend, and let's hope that the awful fires burning in Texas will be out soon. 


    and yes I ADMIT I ADMIT I was sitting here hitting refresh :)

    I have three friends with sons starting (I guess it is started now?) A&M so all I hear is aggie aggie aggie with a few "where is good to take him out to eat there when I visit my aggie?" so I smiled at the pics and words.

    and go jeff.



  2. Wow! You guys definitely know how to show the people a good football game, I love the show around it. And that student tribune is definitely packed! Great pic of you and that handsome guy :)

    First thing I did when I saw the pic of Jeff: look for Paco :)

    I love your shoes and keep my fingers crossed you'll get the green light to start running again.

  3. I love football! How exciting that you got to experience the big deal that is Texas College football!

    But I love those shoes more than football! Love them. Want them.

    And most of all I want you to be able to run again more than I love anything :D

  4. I've been to only one college game - Northern Illinois, and while not as big as that stadium, it was a ton of fun. Glad you finally went to a game!

    Hooray for wedge shoes - glad your ankle is feeling better. Fingers and toes are crossed for good news!

  5. Fun football game experience. I'd really like to like sports, but I just don't understand them! I need a cute boy to explain... ha!

    Love the shoes :)

  6. I love going to real live big sporting events! It doesn't disappoint.

    I am crossing everything that you get the news you want on Wed. Oh, and the shoes?? Love them. Comfy you say?? I am not sure I could stand being that high.

    Have a great weekend !!

  7. LOL....we have to train our dogs to get in the bathtub for a bath...right now we are up to the point where they hop in the tub with no water in it (or coming out of the faucet). We haven't tried with water yet.

    LOVE those wedges! LOVE even more that your ankle didn't hurt!!!

  8. Love the shoes - bought some very much like them myself this year.

    Love the cat in the bathtub - now that is pure devotion!

    Love that you loved the Aggies - I saw my first game at Kyle field on Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and it was AH-MAZING!

    Have a great weekend....

  9. Yes I love the shoes more than football. But coming from non-football me, that's not really saying anything. I JUST PLAIN LOVE THOSE SHOES.

    It was really cool to see the big game and the spirit they have is amazing. Standing for the WHOLE GAME? Wow.

    Too funny the animals in the bathroom sequence. I have a couple of those I could share myself. But not with pictures.

  10. Fun in the tub!
    Be careful with the smoke, eh?
    And have fun!

  11. To save your hair soak it with fresh water in the shower before you get in the pool and then put a tiny bit of conditioner to wear in it under the cap.

    At least soak it in fresh water before you put on your swim cap.

    our cats are all bath curious also.

    yay on the ankle!!!!!

  12. Good luck at the specialist! I love those shoes! I think the cat is great and love how your animals want to be where you are at all times.

  13. Ah, Texas football! Too bad it was an Aggies game ;-) (Sorry UT vs. A&M yah know)

  14. I used to be in marching band too, only ours was really dinky LOL!

    I love that Kip got in the bath! That is hilarious :D

  15. Rub a dub! Love those shoes and am jealous you can wear them. My feet would look like 10lbs of sugar in a 5 lb sack.
    I could see the smoke in the aggie pictures. Yuck!! Be safe! Don't breathe.

  16. The Aggie Band is way awesome. Everything else aggie stinks (ha ha!) Glad you had fun. Aren't those flyovers A-MAZ-ING. I know i'm been awed when we've had them at OU.

    The shoes are WAY cute, a doc I can't help but remind you that people with ankle issues shouldn't be wearing heels. (sorry. Said w/ complete love) i hope you get good news next week!

  17. I need to show my husband this post! That yes men do take Ice baths and survive!! He thinks stuff will shrivel up and fall off. LOL.

  18. Redken makes an awesome shampoo for swim-fried hair called "hair cleansing cream." It's about $14 a bottle but worth it (plus you can find it buy one get one half off a lot of the time. I highly recommend it - it worked wonders on my daughter's hair (swimteam practice several times a week.)

    Good luck at the doctor's!!!!

  19. I love that Kip got into the bath!!

    I wish my body didn't hurt as much as it does so I could run again...

  20. My daughter has been a competition swimmer for 10 years. She uses the tip that midlifeswimmer posted but she also uses the shampoo and leave in conditioner specifically for swimmers that Ion Purifying Solutions makes. She gets it from our local beauty supply store (Sally's). It is a lot cheaper than $57.

  21. Great shoes!
    I felt like a voyeur looking at Jeff in the bath :)

  22. Kip in the bath is HILARIOUS!!!! And $57 for shampoo??? Seriously???? sigh. Not in my world. Love the football shots. Hope you had a great weekend Shelley, all the best for the week ahead.

  23. I just commented yet its not here. So if you get two...sorry!

    First, I just want to say that I really enjoy your blog and I always look forward to what you will have to say on mine. I get excited when I see there is a comment! I really admire your determination and hard work.

    Thats funny about the pets and the bath! One time I was getting a bath ready and the phone rang. I went to go get it and when I came back I found my cat actually swimming in my he was enjoying himself! It was so funny. He was the best :)

    At any rate, I will definitely say a prayer and cross my fingers that your specialist has great news for you! Cant wait to hear!!!

    The other day my husband (who is not training for any sort of marathon) asked if he could run 11 miles with me..."because at your pace I know I can do it!". Funny how we spend so much time and effort on this and they seem to be able to accomplish it with fewer issues.



  24. *cough* I use Pureology. Does this surprise you? :)
    It really does keep my hair so healthy and soft, and a little bit goes a long way. The bottles end up lasting for months, mainly because they ARE so expensive I watch my portions with them.
    That said, I would try the recommendation above for chlorinated hair. Pureology is for colored hair -- different issues than yours!

  25. Pureology shampoo is great the bottle last a long time I always use it after swimming. Do you wear a swim cap?

  26. LOVE marching bands. I was in one too. :) Flute! And sometimes I'd play drums when needed or xylophone. LOL Small town.

    I didn't know the students stand the whole game! Wow.

    I went to a seminar after the Purple Monkey 5K and the lady was talking about ice baths and how they really help out. I immediately thought of you and your ice baths. Still haven't taken one yet but i know my time is coming. We're up to 5 miles this week. eek!

    LOVE the shoes and I am seriously hoping this is a good omen of Weds doctor appointment. I want to hear good news!!!!! :)


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