Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beach Palooza Recap - Part 2

I know I promised the REALLY scary obstacles, but since I have pictures, here's another set of walls.  We had to climb through them - along with some high walls, we had to make sure and duck so we wouldn't bang our heads.
Kelly's foot is all that I'm showing in this picture due to our "no butt shots" pact we made about all the pictures that were taken.
More climbing, pulling and heaving.  Hey, we earned our bruises!
Kelly liked this shot because her foot touched the ground before Jeff's - there was a little friendly competition going on between those two runners throughout the race!

After the walls, we hit the platforms, aka "Lighthouse Leap" - the race organizers had posted a picture of this on their Facebook page on Friday.  I saw it and got nervous.  I could just picture me jumping from one platform to the next, slipping on the sand, falling backward and smacking my head against the platform behind me.  Oh, and I may have (read:  did) shared that fear with Kelly.  Sorry for putting that into your head, Kel!  This one was scary.  People were going really slow on it.  People were also walking around it...in other words, skipping it. 
Jeff climbed on the first platform and started across.
 I held back.  He turned and said "come on!"  I started on the platform that the woman in the orange shorts is on.  They all wobbled, but that one was REALLY wobbly.  So I climbed off and got on the platform directly behind Jeff.  Stood up and froze.  This was NOT going to happen.
This is me saying "do you SEE how FAR that next platform is?  I'm not jumping!"
I was just about to get off the platform here.  Then I told Jeff I'd only jump if he came down and held my hand to steady me.  At that point the man with the blue painted-on sideburns and mohawk held up his hand and steadied me as I jumped to the next platform.  What a nice guy!  What a scary jump!!!
From then on, Jeff would jump ahead, reach his hand out (and it was QUITE a reach - these were farther apart than I liked), I'd grab on and he'd pull as I jumped.  It was scary every single time.  But we made it across, and thanks to Chuck's photography, I have proof!
Somehow I ended up jumping ahead of Jeff - yeah, I felt pretty dang good about that one!!!
Landing on the last platform - nice shot, Chuck!  I was very glad to have had Jeff there for this obstacle...there is no way I would have done this one on my own.  Also?  I see challenges on Survivor where they do this, and I have a whole new respect for those contestants!

Next up?  The VERY HIGH cargo net climb...


  1. What an accomplishment, be proud!
    Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Oh man, those kind of obstacles terrify me. Good for you for powering through!!

  3. Seriously awesome.
    I love that you guys had so much fun, kept taking pictures and made it about fun, not about having to hurry up and win.

  4. Shelley - you look like you are having SO MUCH FUN. I am so happy you are enjoying the body you have now, after all that hard work and maintenance. You are LIVING!

  5. What a treat: an extra post on Tuesday, pleasant surprise.

    It might have been scary for you Shelley but I love how much you laugh and smile. And your sweet Jeff is the best, helping you out.

  6. I'm now convinced that this race had an obstacle to address every fear I have. If I didn't have someone helping me through like you did, um, no way. That is all.

  7. I would have been terrified of those platforms!!

  8. Wow! How did your ankle hold up on those leaps?

    When I used to backpack with Sue (in my previous weight loss), she often had to hold my hand on scary rock hopping. I wasn't afraid of falling off the mountain - just afraid of falling.

  9. Shelley - I am so proud of you! I remember how box jumps were one of your biggest fears and look at you! Jumping - and through the air, no less.

  10. Wow, that does look scary! Congrats for pushing through your fears!

  11. That WAS a crazy scary obstacle! I'm so impressed that you did it. That was no joke!!

    That was the funnest race I've ever done. We must do it again next year. I'm going to practice table hopping to get ready. LOL

  12. That is awesome! I am proud of both of you, and it does look like a lot of fun. Does seem like it was designed for tall people, at least parts like the tall wall, but still loads of fun :)

  13. DAMN!!!!
    Very very cool and impressive.


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