Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beach Palooza Recap - Part 3

Remember how in Part 1 of the recap, I noted that everyone was walking to the obstacles?  After that platform one, I understood why.  Not only was it hot, but dang - the adrenalin would ramp up for each obstacle and then you'd need a bit of a breather before the next one.  Which was the super high cargo net climb!  We watched other runners doing this one while we waited for our wave to start.  The first thing I noticed?  There were no pads on the ground, should one fall.  I was thinking there would be gym mats, or some sort of inflatable bouncy thing.  But no.  Just hard sand.  That would probably explain why the waiver we had to sign at packet pick up was so long!
This is what we saw before we started the race.  *gulp* That thing is HIGH!  My conservative estimate is four stories.  My mind's estimate was 100 feet!

Now, maybe I was on a bit of a high from getting through the platform obstacle, but for whatever reason, I was pumped and ready to climb this one!  My strategy going into it was to climb near one of the support posts, thinking that the ropes might be a bit tauter.  Not sure they were, as there was plenty of give and sway, but I just held on and climbed up.
That first step up was a doozy!  I know I'm short, but I don't normally notice it like I did during this race.  Almost every obstacle was made for tall people.  But that's OK - my short legs and I made it!
Going up!
Photo op - I surprised myself at how comfortable I felt on the ropes!
King of the world, baby!!!
On solid ground again - now THAT was fun!!!

Kelly faced her fears on this obstacle - she does not like heights, but she did it.  Be sure and check her blog for her take on this.  It was so exciting to watch her conquer this obstacle!!

After the cargo net, we faced a series of sand dune hills.  Now, before the race, we noticed that runners were dipping down when they reached the bottom.  We thought "oh, they must have dug a hole" - um, guess what we discovered on our way down the first hill?  They did, indeed, dig a hole...and filled it with water!  Fun times, fun times!
Jeff at the very top, followed by Kelly and Chuck.  Up a hill, down a hill...
Running through the water, climbing up the hills...all in a day's fun!

Not pictured is the fishing net crawl, due to the "no butt shots" pact that Kelly and I made, and also the chain-ladder obstacle that you crab-crawled across (we were all doing it at the same time) and the walk the plank (again, all doing it at the same time).  That one was scary - you walked up a narrow plank, then down (I got on my hands and knees at that point) and then it leveled out and I stood up and walked across and then down to the sand.  Even Jeff was a little uneasy on that one - the planks were very narrow.  I discovered that my childhood dreams of being an Olympic gymnast on the balance beam (hello Olga, hello Nadia) were probably best left at that.

Next up...giant beach balls, FIRE, and an icy swim!


  1. Love it!
    In Army Basic Training, there are two courses like this.
    The first one is called the OBSTACLE course... we see everything as obstacles to be tackled.
    Second time around, it's the CONFIDENCE course.... we see it as team building and a place to hone our personal skills!
    Thing is - they are the same exact course!

  2. WOW! that was really high. Looking at you on the ground from the top really proves that point. IT all looks like good fun!

  3. Fearless!

    I just adore that photo of you and Kelly in the water pit. Adore it. I think you should get one of those double frames and put the one of you on top of the net next to the one of the water shuffle. Better than anything an "official" photographer could do for you!

  4. Sounds like a fun, but exhilarating time!

  5. Okay, I really need to figure out google reader, I didn't realized you posted yesterday, but now I am all caught up.

    Bring on the balls! :D

    Great job Shelley!

  6. Such fun reports to read from you and Kelly. Look forward to the next part.

  7. Whoa, that cargo climb is so scary! You should be super proud of yourself for accomplishing Beachapalooza! It looked frightening to me! LOL!

  8. You posted on Tuesday!!! You are so regular at posting that I keep track of what day of the week it is by your blog!

    Anyway, this is an unbelievable race. How did they make those platform thingies stay upright in the sand? I won't say you're crazy for jumping from table to table but...

    Anyway, I liked the rope thingy best too. I imagine it takes a lot more strength than in my imagination, but that looked fun.

    So sloshing through sandy water, and then you have to keep on going? Wow. I hope there was some good eats at the end of this!

    Really, how fun that you all did this together, and that you all had cameras so you got so many good pictures.

  9. What a blast. Holy smokes, that obstacle is high. Hat's off for getting up and over without shaking like a leaf. (I'm like Kelly, terrified of heights) Have a great Wed.

  10. I'm still loving this race.
    Thanks for sharing.
    The rope climb looked super fun.

  11. I could never do that. You are my heroine.

  12. I LOVE this!! I keep seeing all these mud run type races and they don't appeal to me at all, but THIS would be right up my ally...hmmm...maybe Helen and I could get something started at Ocean Beach??

  13. LOVE IT. Man, you ROCK, and you rocked that climb!

  14. Looks like so much FUN! You guys did great on that rope wall. Looking forward to seeing more pics! Bring em on!!


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