Monday, July 11, 2011

What's the Plan, Stan?

Jeff is out of town for the week. Could be trouble. But, I've laid in my supplies and am ready to do battle (with myself) should the need arise...what is that they say?  Know thy enemy?  Hah!  I am my own worst enemy, but this week, I'm prepared to call a truce and be my ally.  Make things easy on myself.  We all know losing weight is hard enough - why struggle any more than necessary?
A bit of a representation of my week's eats:
  • I boiled up a dozen eggs yesterday for snacks or lunch.  
  • Black bean tacos with fresh pico and avocado will do for a couple of dinners - I heat up corn tortillas in a non-stick pan to make them crispy (I don't even use Pam and they come out great).  
  • Instead of using my yummy La Tortilla Factory low calorie wraps for lunch lately, I've been substituting romaine lettuce leaves - I make up my chicken salad using the canned chicken and have several "boats" of chicken.  Fresh and really tasty - I may stick to this even when I'm not trying to lose weight.  Which I am, at the moment.  (have I mentioned that? lol) 
  • Lots of fruit, of course - I have no problem getting that in.  And this week, the watermelon is mine, all mine!!!
  • Veggies, however, are more of a challenge for me unless I'm having a big salad, or grilling them.  I just get lazy.  So to combat that, I bought a bag of baby carrots, broke up a head of cauliflower into florets, and got some hummus to entice myself into having veggies as an afternoon snack.  I'm trying to replace some of my fruit with raw vegetables.  It went pretty well last week - I'm not in the habit, yet, of automatically reaching for carrots over cherries, but having everything prepared and front and center in the fridge helps.
  • Not pictured is the bottle of Athlete's Honey Milk that I drink every day on the way home from the pool, or the container of Fage with fruit yogurt and the quarter cup of granola that I have for breakfast.  I made another batch of the granola yesterday so I'm set for a couple of weeks now.

So the keyword for me, again this week, is patience.  Just keep doing the next right thing, which in my case is eating good healthy whole foods for the majority of the time (sno cones and frozen yogurt are in the minority), keep up with exercising, and believe that this is all doing something to help me lose weight.  It is, right?  Right???


  1. I love the mantra of JUST KEEP DOING THE NEXT RIGHT THING as it applies in all facets of my life right now too.
    From work to working out to life to marriage to mamahood.

    Im joining you.


  2. I'm a planner too, I like to know that I have the right food in the house, and when and what I am going to eat. Athlete's Honey Milk sounds so good, but I looked at their website and I can't get it here. :-(

    Do you like sugar snap peas? I snack on those a lot in the afternoons.

  3. You go, girl. I also cut up a good batch of veggies and watermelon for the week, but I don't really like raw veggies as a snack. So I throw as many as I can into grilling, lettuce salads, or I make non-lettuce based salads to have as the side dish (or the main dish with the meat on the side).

  4. You have set your self up for a great week, Shelley! Way to go!!

  5. You are all prepared for this week with the fruits and vegetables and I think you are going to do great. All healthy choices. Combined with all the swimming I would be surprised if you wouldn´t lose some weight.

    I chopped a melon, nectarines and strawberries this morning and going to have a bowl of that later in the afternoon.

  6. I believe this is going to be a great week for you! I'm working on the same. Girl, we really should be next door neighbors. You could get me to do better eating fruit and I would reciprocate with veggies. Yes, yesterday, even as I reached for some turkey pepperoni to munch on, I looked right at the watermelon and cherries and said, "eh."

  7. Good eats! I need to try to make granola ONE MORE TIME. And love the idea of the romaine lettuce roll-ups or boats. I always have that romaine lettuce around. May try it!

  8. Love how you have a plan Shelley!!

    I was thinking of you when I was swimming this morning - I could just do 45 minutes non-stop and was like "wow, I can't believe Shelley does twice this much!"

    I still envy the swimmers in the other lanes who make it look effortless.

    Wow, a whole week without Jeff - I don't think I would know what to do with myself for a whole week by myself, although truth be told, it would be spent mostly in the kitchen!

    I have bagel pretzels I want to make, just waiting for the heat to go away.

    Happy Monday!

  9. Sounds like you have it well laid out to have a successful week! I'm going to try the corn tortilla with no oil - sounds good.

    Another positive is being able to just have plenty of "I love me" time! Watch some good movies, or if you have a dememted sense of humor like I do, check DVDs of Arrested Development out from the library. Start with the first season - need to watch in order...HILARIOUS! But demented, so may not be your cup of Honey Milk!

  10. Now that is some good looking food! You will do it. It is hard, though. I am now in this boat with my ride being done. No excuses for not eating my planned food without foraying into the chocolate chips or several hand fulls of nuts.

    I am looking to you for inspiration!

  11. Woo Hoo! Great looking food. What time should I come over to share the watermelon? :) Kidding of course. And I have every faith that you'll stay on track and have a successful losing week (which makes you a winner!) Happy Monday Shelley!

  12. You bet it is! Your food choices look yummy and healthy. Hey, have you tried the black bean re-fried beans, no fat of course. They are sooo awsomely good. Enjoy your week with your watermelon! Ha ha!

  13. Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic week. Planning for success is the way to go!

  14. You're the second one to mention hummus in the last couple of days. I am going to have to give it a try!

  15. You've got quite the plan of attack worked out :) I wish ya the best & keep us updated. I love lettuce boats :)

  16. Yum your picture made me hungry. I just tried some Fat Free feta cheese in my big salad today. Have you tried that yet?
    My husband is gone this week too. Boo hoo...

  17. Way to go. As much as I miss my husband when he's gone, there are some advantages to having the time to myself to get it all together. Great looking food too!

  18. Yes - Keep doing the right thing, and the numbers take care of themselves!
    My fave motto!
    Awesome you!


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