Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - Martyr Edition

Ever feel like you should get extra credit on some days for working out?  Yesterday was definitely one of those days.  I had a lovely 2.5 hour visit with my dentist on Monday afternoon, where I was treated quite royally, as I left with a temporary crown.  It's pretty dull - I sure hope the permanent is jewel-encrusted.  At the price I'm paying (with insurance!), you'd think so!

Anyway.  I felt pretty crummy for the rest of the day on Monday (and what's up with Novocaine lasting over 10 hours???) - didn't feel like eating, just kept slamming the Motrin and Aleve and hoping things would get better.  Woke up Tuesday morning and had an internal debate on getting up and going to the pool.  Finally decided that I was going to feel crummy either way, so I might as well go.  I did bribe myself with only having to do my 10 lap kickboard warm up plus the combined 50 lengths of side and back stroke.  Then once I got that done I told myself that I didn't have to do any sprints - I could just leisurely kickboard as long as I wanted, but I didn't have to get to 100.  Well, I did do the sprints, but only 5 of them.  And I did get to my usual 100 lengths, but I didn't have to!  It's hard having an inner 10-year-old, I'm telling you.

Was I glad I did my workout, even though I had a legitimate excuse to skip it?  Yeah (big dramatic sigh).  I'm always happy when I don't miss a planned workout.  And I didn't feel any worse for doing it.  Not a whole lot better, either, but there you go.

So while I was going to come here and tell you all the fun things about swimming, I'm just going to leave you with that.  Oh, and I stole Jeff's goggles because apparently you are not supposed to wipe out the inside of your goggles - messes with the anti-fog protection.  Which I had done, several times.  My visibility was down to vague shapes.  It's nice to be able to see, he kinda owed me.  Right, Janell?


  1. ahhh dental work.

    we should all look like...some rapper whos name Im too NOT HIP to even think of at these prices huh?


  2. OUCH!

    I can't believe you did that workout anyway, especially since you didn't really feel better for doing it. I don't call that martyrdom, I call that discipline!!

    If I remember correctly, Jeff is away? I say any equipment he leaves behind is fair game.

    Hope you're feeling better today.

  3. My teeth are so sensitive, after a treatment like you had I would definitely not have worked out. I'm proud of you that you did, you are a rockstar Shelley.

    I bought this stuff (don't ask me what it is) you are supposed to put in your goggles before you swim but so far I have forgotten to use it (you will be happy to know I went swimming yesterday afternoon and thought of you).

  4. You can't wipe out the inside of the goggles? How do you get the little water driplets out then?

    Good job getting in your workout even when you didn't feel like it.

  5. I guess what they're doing in there is so horrendous htat they have to use megadoses of novacaine. I've had the same experience. I've also had them NOT give me enough novocaine, and I guess I prefer the overdose. SO irritating what they charge you for that little piece of mouth jewelry.

    The inner 10-year-old--do you know I did that for YEARS on my walks? I'd leave, and legs hurt immediately. I'd tell myself, you only have to go so far (ridiculously short distance) then I'd get there and do a little farther, and eventually I would be walking because I wanted to.

    Good job on 'getting it done.' Even if it didn't feel that good then, at some point it will make you feel VERY GOOD that you exercised on a day you deserved to take it easy.

  6. Wow - good for you for choosing the next right thing, rather than the next wrong thing which seems to be my default setting.

    I have a vague discomfort in my L lower far back molar, and I'm nursing it along with your drug regimen hoping it will go away. I hate the dentist more than I hate drinking anthrax.

  7. Great choice! I say that as I am sitting on the couch instead of doing my 2 mile optional run today....


  8. Ugh! I have had 2 crowns. No insurance and at $800 a pop, I had better be buried in these!

    I think the worst part is where the needle went in for the novocaine and the gum soreness.

    My favorite part, on one of them, the dentist said "I am going to make this crown a few shades lighter in case you want to get your other teeth whitened."

    Good for you on exercising!

  9. I giggled at the title! Too funny. I totally believe that you should get extra credit for toughing it out and getting your workout done. I'm sorry you didn't feel better afterward, but at least you didn't have guilt for not exercising, right?

  10. Going to the dentist is one of my biggest dreads. I have had only 2 cavities in my life (and those were so small no local needed) but still...
    And the cost is pretty "jawdropping" when you need major work.

    Brava for working out though!

  11. I read your post this morning and decided if you could go when you weren't feeling good, so could I. I got in 40 good minutes on the treadmill.


  12. Dental work is the worst! UGH! I have that novacaine issue, too. You'd think they would have come up with an anti- numbing injection by now!

  13. you are supposed to lick the inside of your goggles... anti fog out there

  14. I absolutely have days that I literally have to argue with myself in order to work out. And days that I just say "f this" and do nothing. I'm getting pretty good at convincing myself that working out is the shiz though haha.

  15. Shelley,
    It is great to read that you did the right thing and did your swimming routine. The worst thing a person trying to lose weight or maintain their current weight is to stop doing there exercises. Exercising in what every form is the best way to burn those calories we take in during eating.

    Keep it up you are doing great.

  16. You are such a strong woman. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you're wishywashy or too weak to get things done. Wow. Totally impressed.

    I want a pool.

    Vee at


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