Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Mishmash

Just when I thought I couldn't like my office any better, what with the new paint job and new desk, came a surprise delivery last Friday afternoon.  A quilt!  Made for me, by the lovely, kind and talented Debby!!!  I laid it on my chair and Paco immediately started sniffing it - I loved that he was smelling Debby's sweet dogs, Sophie, Noah and Mr. Monk.
 Dis is for me, right Mom?

I started examining every square - I found a cute dog print, a bicycle print, two kinds of words prints (one just said Blah Blah Blah in varying sizes - perfect for a blogger, dontcha think?), flowers, colorful quilt blocks - it was like uncovering a treasure!  She quilted the top in a hot pink thread, and I just knew that there had to be a message in the quilt, somewhere.  I looked and looked, and finally, AHA, I found it!
 Pointing to the part of the message. 
 Close up...
She quilted "Sophie Loves Paco on three squares - the dog print, of course.  So sweet!  I just love her Sophie - she's a tri-color dachshund, with the personality that only a dachshund can have.  Just to give you an idea, Debby refers to her as "the Queen" and quite fittingly, I might add.
I have no idea why she calls me "Queen" - now fetch me a cookie.

Naturally, I had to hang the quilt up right away.  And I had the perfect place for it - a big open area where I used to have a kimono, but I didn't think went with the room anymore so I hadn't put it back up after we painted.  I got so excited I didn't even clean my desk off before I took pictures - the hammer is still warm!
Throughout my day, I often swivel in my chair and look at the quilt.  It's so fun to look at all the different squares - every day I find a new favorite part!  

I thanked Debby in an email, but wanted to do it publically, as I am just so touched by her thoughtful gift.  Oh, and also?  In last week's Mishmash?  Was I not saying that the room needed some black and white fabric?  The quilt arrived that day - filled with lots of black and white fabrics!  Amazing, right?!?


I went to see a movie the other day (Horrible Bosses - liked it) and riddle me this, Batman:  Why, oh why, do they show horror movie previews before a comedy???  I was going to see something light and funny.  Because that is what I like.  I do not - repeat, DO NOT - like horror movies.  So picture me, sitting by myself in a mostly empty theater (because it was the middle of the day), with my eyes squeezed shut and my fingers in my ears, during not one, but FOUR scary previews!   The worst thing about being by yourself ?  No one to tell you when the scary part is over.  Because you can't just go by silence - that's when they KA-POW!!! you with one last scary scene.  There should be a rule:  comedies equate funny previews, dramas equate dramatic previews, scary movies equate scary previews!  Simple.  Now to present my idea to the head honchos at Cinemark.


My veggie plan that I wrote about on Monday has not gone all that well, mainly because I didn't realize that the dental work I was having that afternoon (for a crown) would mean that it hurts to eat crunchy foods.  Never mind chewing on that side of my mouth - that's out for quite a while...but even trying to eat anything crunchy while carefully chewing on the other side is painful.  The good news is that I haven't had a whole lot of food, but geez.  I had no idea that a crown was this involved!  Not fun, not at all.  I steamed some of the cauliflower yesterday so I could eat it.  Quite the dinner of soft fried eggs on toast and cauliflower.  Watermelon for dessert.  Good thing I take a multi-vitamin, right?


Back when I started this blog in May of 2008, I never imagined that I would make actual friends through the internet.  But I have, and I've even been lucky enough to meet three of them (Kelly, Debby and Janell).  One whom I haven't gotten to meet yet (hop on a plane, wouldja?!?)(I know, it's not that easy)(but it would be fun!) is Helen - but we talk, text and email quite a bit.  The other day I took her on a quick shopping trip to Ross - really, how funny is it that I could text her a blurry dressing room pictures of the top I was trying on with the message "cute or maternityish?" and get a quick and honest reply? 
(Answer:  cute BUT maternityish.  Which is pretty much what I thought...good to have confirmation.  I've been wanting a striped top, but still fear the horizontal stripes - what can I say, old "fat fashion" rules die hard in my brain!)

And later the same day?  While I was sitting in the torture exam chair at the dentist, waiting for the Novocaine to take affect?  More texting, which helped calm me down, as I was beginning to realize that this was not going to be a simple and quick procedure.  Gotta love technology.  Who EVER would have imagined that all this would be the norm?

Have a great weekend!


  1. how friggin amazing is Debby?!
    what can WE make for HER?

  2. Wow - what a wonderful gift. That quilt is amazing!

    Oh, and I'm so with you on the previews thing. I hate scary movies.

    Confession: I just wrote I hate scary fashion above and had to correct. I think cute but was the right answer. Old fat fashion rules do die hard. I went shopping last night and came home with a work suit, but I did have to talk myself down after seeing it had a lot of patch pockets - something I'd always avoided, as they weren't "slimming".

  3. Love the quilt!

    I hate it when they do the previews like that during kids movies!! hello. 5 year old freaking out.

    About the veggies= do you have a juicer? That's a good way to transition to more veggies is to juice them. I just watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and it was just amazing what our bodies need and what we are not giving them.

  4. Awesome! How nice of her! I think sometime when You are up my way, we have to meet for lunch or dinner! You new office is really shaping up!!

  5. I love the quilt!! It was so thoughtful!

    My babysitter made a quilt for Hannah and gave it to her when she was six and moving on to going to school all day (she'd watched Hannah since she was 6 weeks old!) and Hannah still has it on her bed 13 years later!

    Love the texting of your outfit to Helen - too funny!

    Enjoy your weekend - hope your mouth feels better to eat some good food! :D

  6. I am SO JEALOUS of that quilt, you actually would not want me there right now as I would feel the need to take it off your wall and bring it to CT!

    I still agree with my cute BUT maternityish assessment on that top... too much flare at the bottom.

    I think the cauliflower dinner sounds quite lovely and nutritious but I know you are more than ready to eat some real food. Hope that's sooner than later!

  7. What a beautiful gift from Debby!! It goes perfectly on your office wall!

    I HAAAATE horror movies, too, Shelley! And I agree with your pitch. I will gladly support you ;)

  8. Oh dear. Now I wish I had written a real post instead of the bogus picture post that I did last night.

    I'm so glad you like the quilt. It looks perfect in the office--love that collage of your half-marathon.

    Tooth stuff--you and Cammy are on the sofr diet together this week.

    I HATE horror movies too. They did that same thing when I went to see Larry Crowne. They didn't used to do that. I think they are just getting greedy and don't care.

    Oh. And Sophie is so glad she is finally getting the recognition she is sure she deserves, being featured prominently in a famous blogger's blog. Thanks. There'll be no living with her now.

  9. What a lovely gift of Debby. I love it, it's beautiful.

    And Helen is one of the nicest, sweetest people I've met through my blog, she's like you, you are the same.

    I agree the shirt doesn't look that good on you, makes you older than you are. Glad you didn't buy it.

    I don't like horror movies that much too. Give me a movie where I can cry and I'm happy :)

  10. I went to see Larry Crowne this week and the previews weren't scary they were kind of nasty. I had my niece with me, so I wasn't happy. The movie didn't make me happy either. HATE horror movies. I want a movie that makes me happy. not one that makes me want to hide under the bed.

    I love the quilt. How sweet of Miss Debby.

    I'm with you, who knew we would find such wonderful cyber friends. Especially ones that will tell you the truth about fashion. Grateful your one of mine.

    Have a great weekend !

  11. Wow!!!! Debby is SOOO TALENTED!!! That quilt is beyond gorgeous, and the sentiment behind all the different squares is lovely. I love that you've made life long internet friends through your blog. The blogging community is truly amazing, and I'm thrilled to have "met" so many outstanding people through it. You being one of them Shelley!!! Your site, your humour and your honesty is inspirational. (and your dog is cute too!) Have a great Friday!

  12. We went to see Horrible Bosses too! Did you get the preview with the thing in the bed? I jumped and then cried a little it scared me so much.

  13. Loved reading about your weight loss journey Shelley!
    You are such a great inspiration as I try to loose about 50 pounds, which does not want to budge!...but I will keep running (well, jogging) and see how it goes.
    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

    Your USAFIT friend,
    Cynthia :)

  14. ...oh and the quilt is beautiful; it reminds me of my grandmother who used to quilt. I need to learn how as well.

  15. You read about my dental horror stories, right?! Soup. Cook up some vegetables in broth and whiz it up in the blender. Lots of vitamins and vegetables!

    Also, when I was little? They showed a preview for Poltergeist when my parents took us to see Mary Poppins. I didn't go back to the theater until my teens. No joke.

  16. Debby is so talented. I love how she put the personal message in your quilt. The one she put in mine was "Lori Loves Coffee" :D

    I used to be a huge scary movie buff, but I think I am wussing out as I get older. I saw 28 Days Later a few years ago and it still scares the bejeezus out of me thinking about it.

  17. Debby = awesome. I love a good quilt and that one is perfect in color and size and everything!

    And can you try some of those veggie smoothies that are all over the interwebs? Throw some spinach in your eggs? Sorry about the tooth and thanks for the nice words on my whiny post today. (Norco makes everything better.)

  18. OHHHH, the quilt is so so lovely! And just perfect on your green wall. The dog squares killed me too.

    So sorry about your crown, but what if you grill/roast all those crunchy veggies like I did the other day. They're very soft after about 40 minutes in a foil packet on the grill -- and wonderfully seasoned too. Better than steamed!

    I like the stripes on you but not the cut of the top. It doesn't taper at your end, it flares out, that's what makes it look too maternal. But the neckline and pattern is good, so keep trying them!

  19. That quilt is beautiful!

    Sorry about your dental work - the last time I had dental stuff done, I had three fillings done once - my jaw hurt so bad afterwards just from keeping my mouth open.

  20. That quilt is one of the sweetest gifts ever. So talented!!! Be sure to give her my address. Just in case she gets bored and needs to make a quilt for someonre. :D

    I'm so happy to have met you in person. You're a sweetheart.

    Hope you're having a great weekend and that crown isn't bothering you too much. I know how painful it is. I have two. :-/

  21. Love the the office...heck, just love everything!!! Awesome blog--thanks for sharing!!!

  22. Love your office.
    Have you done smashed cauli?
    I roast a head of cauli, 1 or 2 potatoes and then puree' them with my favorite kitchen toy, the puree' thingy, add a drop of Smart Balance and a drop of milk, salt and it is yum and soft.

  23. Love the quilt! It's so beautiful.

    And sorry about the crown, that is no fun. Hope you can start chewing again!

    Have a great week!!

  24. Lucky you...a beautiful gift from the very talented Debby. Your office looks wonderful. Enjoy!


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