Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Mishmash - My Week in Pictures

Over the weekend of the Fourth, Jeff painted my office.  I wanted a cheerful green, and after going through a couple of samples of different greens (let me just say THANK GOODNESS I did this, because my first and second choices did not look good once I painted sample patches on the wall), I settled on Sherwin William's Gleeful.  And you know what?  It does make me gleeful!  I love how it came out:
I can't get over how perfect the tree painting looks on this color wall.  A friend of mine painted it for me, back when I worked at the Arts Council.  Also?  I wish I knew how to reupholster - I think the gold chair would look awesome in a black and white print (the better to hide Paco fur, too) - something like this would be so cute:
Not the greatest picture, but you-know-who was posing so nicely, I hate to leave him out:
The view from my desk...ahhhhh.


Also on the Fourth?  Watermelon.
I was in my watermelon cuttin' shirt because it never fails that I end up splashing juice all over me.  Totally worth it, though.


On Tuesday, a prize arrived in the mail!  I won a giveaway recently on Tricia's blog (thank you, Tricia!) and got to choose a personalized necklace from The Silver Maple.  They have so many beautiful pieces - it was a challenge to decide which one to pick, and then to figure out what I wanted it to say.  After the craziness of this year, though, one phrase kept going through my head, so that's what I chose:

I have worn this necklace every day since I got it - I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

On Tuesday evening, the running club met at our local park (where Jenny and I used to run, sob!) for quick run, followed by a trip to Red Mango, which was conveniently located right across the street.  I like my job of Social Organizer, yes I do!
Look at these cute runners!  Close to half of the group showed up - pretty good turnout!
My reward for running taking pictures of the group. And yes, I AM wearing a Red Mango shirt (and my new necklace)!


A few more random shots to round out the week:
I saw these paper plates at Sam's Club - wouldn't they go great with my new office color?  (No, I didn't buy them...I really don't need 72 paper plates, lol!)

Our Texas mountain laurel shrub is blooming like crazy - with the dearth of rain combined with our hot temperatures, Jeff has increased the watering time, and apparently that's all it took - this is the best year yet for the blooms!
I love the silvery green leaves combined with the lavender-colored flowers - Mother Nature comes up with some mighty fine color combos!

Finally, this was what I woke up to yesterday morning.  Paco took over Jeff's pillow after he left for work, and he didn't even get up when I did, which was unusual:
I berry tired.  Go 'way.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. What a lovely post, I enjoyed it so much looking at the photos.

    I love the color of your new office too, very fresh and very Spring and very Glee :) and Paco is adorable.

    The last photo of Paco brought tears in my eyes because it's so adorable. He lies there as a human :) Our Bella sleeps in a bench in our bedroom with the door closed. At the weekends when I wake up but don't get up yet I open the door and she can lie on the bed between us. She likes to sleep in. Last Sunday I got up at 8 am and she and R. slept in till 10 am :)

    Have a great weekend my dear friend.

  2. Great pictures! Love the room cor, the necklace and the sleepy doggy!

  3. What a great green color, it would make me gleeful also. I love color in my house. Have a great weekend!

  4. Love all the green :) It's my favorite color. Looks like you had a pretty good week, Shelley. Happy Weekend!

  5. How cute - the baby sleepz!
    Glad you had a great week!

  6. I love the color of your office!! It does make you feel good just being in that room.

    And I know it pains you that you can't run, but I love how you are embracing your role as organizer!

    Aw, sweet Paco sleeping away - so cute! Enjoy your Friday - its another gorgeous day here! :D

  7. Loving that Gleeful! Now I wish I had painted my kitchen a color like that...

    Did I tell you I finally got a good watermelon? Been eating it all week and think of you and Jeff fighting over containers every time I do lol!

    Paco just wants everyone to know who 'really' is the man of the house. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  8. Paco is too cute! Love the office color. I wish I were married to a professional painter. Wait, did I just say I wish I were married....I take it back. :)

    Love the necklace too. Have a good weekend!

  9. Have a wonderful weekend. I want an office...

  10. Honestly, just cut the legs off at the elbows and it could be Sophie pretending to sleep, hoping I won't notice her on the bed. Paco must have been worn out from the previous day's activities--did he catch any squirrels?

    LOVE the office color, and love that you paint your rooms (or have Jeff do it!)

    I love that mountain laurel. I don't remember seeing it when I lived in Texas.

  11. I LOVE the color of your office! So pretty. Green is cheerful and calming. Looks great with your pic. I love that necklace! May have to get myself one!

  12. What a pretty post! Pretty office, pretty necklace,pretty printed chair fabric, pretty puppy!

    I always like to have an old fashioned, masculine office (leather and dark wood), but your cheery office looks lovely in the hot hot summer.

    And yes, you should totally sign up for the KAW 5K next summer. There were people that did it in walkers (I mean, in costume, as grandmothers, but still, you can go slow and easy)....but there was also a guy that jump-roped the whole thing. So no matter what type of shape you are in, it's doable! And fun!

  13. LOVE the color of your office, Shelley!!! So natural and soothing!

    That is the best necklace ever!

  14. Hi Shelley, much to comment on in this delightful post. Love the wall color, LOVE Paco (with a capital L), beautiful flowers, great friends, LOVE (there is that capital L again) the necklace and nice melons! (ok...that last part was simply to make you smile - but the melon is nice!) Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Yay - pictures!! You look very happy, Shelley.

    I love how Paco has to muscle in to all shots, sleeping or not. Our pets are just so awesome.

    And that bush - I want one! I have to see if they are hardy in my area (I will worry about where to put it later...)

  16. Okay - I'm flying you in for a redo of my living room and dining room. That color is great, and the room looks so peaceful. Paco appears to be an excellent administrative secretary as well.

    Love pictures 0 the laurel is gorgeous. There is some tree I'm seeing here right now that has beautiful lavender blossoms at the ends of the branches that the laurel reminds me of. Have a great w/e Shelley.

  17. Love that green color. Very smart choice. I am constantly looking for a different chair. I have a busted up, cat scratched piece of junk in my bedroom. I never sit in it. I use it as storage. Bella sometimes uses the ottoman though - to get up on the bed and chase the cat.

    I love all the pictures of Paco.

    Maybe if you bought the paper plates and stapled them onto the wall, Jeff would not have had to paint.

    Am eating too much watermelon so far this year. It's got tons of sugar but I've been craving. If I splash juice on my clothes, I suck the juice off of my clothes. It's not like I'm eating with the queen.

  18. Your office looks great.
    I would google reupholstering (if I could spell it), it might be easier than you think.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace.

  19. Great pictures! Love the room cor, the necklace and the sleepy doggy!

  20. Oh my gosh - LOVE the green. Every time I see that color I smile...

  21. I love that shade of green too. I have an accent wall in my living room in that shade, and have accented in that shade. It's so fun!

  22. I love the necklace and you're right that color is cheerful :)

  23. Love the necklace Shelley! And you office looks great - I love that color!

  24. Wow, that green is so perfect for you. Love it, and the purple runner on the table really pops out with it.

    Heehee, so do you have a watermelon cutting technique? I have been eating them like crazy all week now that they are finally coming into season.

  25. LOVE that necklace. It's just perfect. The saying, the color, style. Everything.

    The office is great too. You do have a way with colors. :)


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