Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - Fran is Gonna Faint Edition*

I have stats!  Numbers!  I know, who am I?!?

Well, stat is more like it:
30 miles

So the background on this is that my goal for June was to swim every single weekday.  I don't know why, it just was important to me to drag myself out of bed get up every morning, drive to the gym, and jump into the pool, all before 8:00 am.  Equally important was being able to write something in my Runner's World Training Journal - a Christmas present that barely got two weeks of use before the wheels fell off, so to speak.  Well, I did it.  Wait - let me rephrase that:  I DID IT!!!  Woohoo - this non-swimmer actually met a swimming goal!!!
Just a few pages of my training journal...

So my highly technical mathematical skills have led me to understand that I swam about 30 miles in June.  Which is a lot when it comes to swimming - you have to swim a little over 70 lengths to hit a mile.  And I've been swimming at least 100 lengths a day - sometimes a little more.  A length of my pool is 25 yards (some pools are 25 meters, which is a whole 'nother ball game), a mile is 1760 yards, break out the calculator, curse because you accidentally hit "times" when you meant to hit "divide", wipe sweat off brow, take an iced tea break, double check number and method with husband, and now you see why I rarely post stats, lol!

Anyway.  I'm still swimming every weekday - I even swam on the Fourth of July!  Add the bike rides most evenings and I really don't recognize myself.  Also interesting?  Jeff had to run for 15 minutes on Monday, so that evening while he ran, I biked alongside him.  How things have changed - a year ago, I was the one running while he did the biking!  I have to say that it's much easier to be the one biking...funny, he never let on about that last year!

*A little inside joke - every month Fran posts her stats - tons of numbers - and she knows that my eyes glaze over when I try to read that post.  But she usually has pictures of her cute outfits, or her sweet dog, so I have something to focus on.


  1. Awesome! I've tried swimming (because of you) and I just can't find the enthusiasm you exude for it.....and now I learn you can work a calculator! You are my hero! *GRIN*

  2. Did you hear that in Texas?

    That was me falling of my chair LOL. Now that I'm back on my chair and stopped laughing I'm going to say:


    30 miles of swimming is a lot! I'm so so impressed with you Shelley.

    You know that I used to do a monthly post with just the numbers but for you I make sure now that they are in a post with other stuff because I know how much you LOVE my numbers LOL

  3. Wow, great stats! Isn't it great having stats? I love to look at my workout log, and I hate when there is a blank day.

  4. You are doing so great! With all this swimming and biking when you ankle gets better you will be ready for a triathalon??????? Whats the time frame on that stubborn ankle anyway?

    Thanks so much for your support as I am training for my first half. Yesterday I was out there doing one of my short runs(4 miles) and for some reason I was struggling. Probably the humidity. Anyway, I was second guessing how I was going to add 9 more miles to the 4 I just struggled through. Is it normal to second guess myself? Any tips?


  5. Swimming 30 miles !! Awesome. Maybe the English Channel is next. Congrats on reaching your goal. It does make one fell good.

  6. The whole visual of you trying to do your calculations just cracked me up! Very good job on that.

    I have that same journal and what with injuries, etc., it has been looking very bare. I'm going to start writing something in there everyday - whether it's about exercise or not - just so it looks pretty and full like yours ;-)

  7. Awesomeness, Shelley! I like the idea of logging those laps and miles - maybe should do that with my walking! Good job.

  8. Fantastic job Shelley! I kinda always wondered about the mileage in the lap swimming, but I never figured out I could use a calculator to figure it out. 100 lengths each day is just a ton of swimming. Yesterday was my first day back in the pool and after 8 lengths I was sure I couldn't go any more.

  9. OMG, my mind just goes into a fog when it comes to numbers - I was trying to figure out how many bankers boxes I could fit into a 10x30 storage unit for work - I came up with 5,200 - I called my husband and I wasn't even close - oh well, I've always known math wasn't my strong suit!

    Hooray for meeting your goal - holy shizz, that is a lot of miles for swimming!

  10. I lurrrrrrve to quantify so you know I'm excited to see you puttin' up the number(s)!

    And 30 miles of SWIMMING?!? Good grief, that's amazing!

  11. I think I am just going to call you The Little Mermaid.
    You go girl!

  12. Way to go. Love those stats. 100 laps each day sounds like a lot of work (and a bit scary to the likes of me!)

  13. That's why I avoid swimming - too many calculations..yes, that's totally it. :) (Not because I suck at it or anything...)

    Congrats Shelley!

  14. There's just something so gratifying about seeing all your work written down in black and white! Good for you! You inspire me.

  15. Yowza, that is a whole lotta swimmin'! (yowza??? where did THAT word come from????) Have a great day Shelley

  16. Shelley - I just gotta say - you rock! That is a buttload of swimming!

  17. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super duper proud of you. That's a lot of swimming. :)

    Speaking of numbers, when you say 100 lengths is that to one end and then back or does each time you touch a wall count as one length? LOL I can make stats even more confusing! :D

  18. Report: I did suck it up and went for a run this morning!

  19. I always confuse laps with lengths. So go YOU on not only swimming 30 miles, but tracking it correctly! :) :)

  20. Great work Shelley!
    I'm sure you impressed Fran with your numbers ;-), you two are cute as a button!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. p.s. funny story in regards to numbers! (I hate numbers, everything to do with them, the greatest invention was the calculater).

    My oldest son brought home his report card with an amazing note from his teacher, she went on and on about what a amazing mathamatical mind he has..

    I called my mom to brag a little (she's an accountant) and told her that he must get his mathamatical mind from me.

    There was dead silence for about 5 minutes and then the uncontrollable laughter ensued, so much so that I told her it is not NICE to laugh at your daughter ;-) She's so rude ;-)

  22. WOW, WOW, WOW. You are my idol...swimming every day!? Go Girl!
    I laughed out loud about Fran. Doesn't she know we ALL kind of glaze over those stats, just waiting to see her next cute outfit?
    Geesh, you even made Fran fall off her chair!
    Nice job, Shelley!

  23. Shelly,
    Glad to read that you are keeping stats. The best way to improve anything is to set goals, take actions to meet the goals, and keep stats that show you met the goal.

    You met your 30 mile June swimming goal.

    I really like your goal to get up every morning, drive to the gym, and jump into the pool, all before 8:00 am. That is the way you will reach your weight loss goals as well.

    Keep challenging yourself by reaching for higher goals.


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