Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update

The walking continues...and I've learned something about myself in the process. It amazes me to see how exercise makes me feel so positive about my body. The other day, in the span of a few hours, I went from hyper-focusing on my heavy jiggly thighs (in jeans), to looking down at them (in shorts) as I was doing my 4 mile walk and admiring the muscles in my quads. How they went from thighs to quads - same body part - is nothing short of a mental miracle for me. And why those same heavy thighs became muscular quads when I was doing something active really shows me how I approach my body. I wish I would, all the time, view it with the healthy vibe that I get from exercise. I'm not there yet. But just knowing how much good working out - be it walking, running or the group workouts I used to do - does for my mental state, as well as my physical being, should be enough to keep me active for the rest of my life. And please remind me of this if you see lazy Shelley pop up. Thank you in advance. :)


I've mentioned that Jeff has taken up running, and since he travels pretty much on a weekly basis and is running in strange areas, I got him a Garmin (the 205 - just like mine only without a heartrate monitor) so he can do out and backs, and keep track of his mileage and pace. I showed him the basics (ok, what little I know, which is all I need to know, really). Can you believe, he actually READ the instruction manual that came with it? Every few minutes, he was calling out to me that it does this, or it does that, or did I know it had a compass (no, why would I need to know that?!?) - I texted Helen about this and she said "Jeff has hit the nerd jackpot with his Garmin" - and boy, was she dead on with that one. He's set it for running, taken it for a bike ride, and can't wait to take it on his next hike with the Boy Scouts. I may never see him again!


I mentioned the scary statue in my last post - well, yesterday I went back to that park to take a few pictures to show you. This is what startles me when I round the bend:
See?!? There's a man hiding in the bushes!I try to be cool as I approach the scary man...
Oh! It's that dang statue. Why does it get me EVERY time?!?
Close up of the soldier for Kelly, who loves her some Texas history!
He hasn't been at the park very long...I suppose eventually I'll get used to him.


Today is a rest day for me - I've logged over 12 miles in the last three days and my legs are tired. But, I bought myself a new toy yesterday and will spend some time playing with it today - it's a toy and also something I can get a workout with...any guesses as to what it could be?


  1. A Wii? 12 miles in three days is impressive Shelley, great job!

    And yes I will definitely kick your butt if your lazy alter ego looks around the corner.

    That park is beautiful!

    You made me laught of Jeff and his new toy and that you may never see him again, I'm afraid that can happen too LOL

    Enjoy your restday my friend, you deserve it.

  2. that would scare me having that on my run, I am happy that where I run (by the river) the only thing I have to look out for are swans and dogs veering across my path.

    I am so glad you are walking. I walked during the four months I couldn't run and it makes an amazing difference when you get back to running. I have been running now for three weeks and am back up to three miles... a few more weeks and I will be back to five. I am also glad you realized tired = ankle hitting. It will help you avoid this in the future.

    I think it is great that your husband started running and that he is enjoying his tech gadget does it match his new glasses? You will have to take a photo of him fully decked out.

  3. He has a gun?! I would jump every time myself.

    I am so glad you are enjoying walking. It is essential for my well being. It has been the easiest thing for me to stick with.

    Jeff cracks me up. You should be proud of yourself. Your example is the part of the reason for his new good habit. Pat yourself on the back, Kid!

    Don't punch the guy with the gun. It looks like it would hurt.

  4. Ooooh, I forgot to tell you I tried the navigation thing on the Garmin a compass does indeed pop up! Jeff will have to tell us how to use it :-)

    OK, that statue would freak me out! I'm quite sure I would at least jump and maybe even squeal and pee a little.

    I see Emmy up there has confirmed that walking is good for running. YAY! Love to hear that and good luck with your running Emmy.

    And your thighs? Totally quadtastic, really.

  5. Lord love a Duck! That statue would scare the bejeezus out of me!

  6. hahahah @ Angela Pea's comment!

    That statue would freak me out, too. 'Grats on your new quads!

  7. After a year of using it, I finally synced my Garmin to the computer. Once. I know it is capable of so much more than I need it to do!

    I was going to guess a Kettlebell, but I like the idea of Wii Fit better.

  8. Toy? Workout? A lot of things come to mind, but I'm thinking ...uh... SKATEBOARD!!
    Hang ten, Baby!

  9. Love that it went to thighs to quads in the same day - I am with you though - just MOVING makes me feel better about myself and not focus on my jiggly belly!

    That statue would scare the crap out of me too - it's kinda hidden, isn't it?!

    I have no idea what the new toy could be - I bet we find out on Friday! :D

  10. OK. I totally agree w/ the creepy statue feeling and reaction. Eek. Aren't men cute with their little gadgets? I am however worried about one that will actually read an entire manual. I was not aware that this mythical creature exists. Ha ha.

  11. You are rocking my world today.
    Bruce is geek squad too....all about that manual.
    I love re: compass "no, why would I need to know that?!?"

    still shaking....

  12. You have this knack of saying things I need to hear at just the right time. Climbing the stairs a few minutes ago, dressed in my sweats, I was cursing my thighs. They're flabby, they're big, they're everything I hate. But when I exercise (just yesterday, in fact!), they are strong and able and make me happy. So much of my emotions get laid on my body, like my body did anything wrong! LOL Thanks, Shelley :)

  13. So proud of you for enjoying it even though it's not running :) I've never exercised as much as I am now and it's completely changed the way I see myself. I totally get it!

  14. Did you get one of those Wii things?

    Man, I am sorry that you and Helen have injured yourselves, but it makes me feel good to hear you talk about the benefits of walking!

  15. The statue looks very scary. If Bella saw it, she'd freak out.

    12 miles in 3 days is fantastic. How are those sunglasses holding up on that thief you married?

  16. Maybe they could clear some of the brush so he isn't hiding and scaring innocent passer-bys!

    Is it a balance ball? So curious!

  17. Aw, sweetie, he's not trying to scare you. He's protecting you! Watching out for you while you're walking (soon to be running). :)

    I read my Garmin manual too and *still* didn't understand it. LOL Go Jeff!!!

    Good job on all of the walking and keeping those muscles looking good. I had planned on a run today but after my morning I've decided against it. :-/

    Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!!!! Where are our socks?!8-0

  18. That is pretty creepy statue placement! Close up, it's a lovely piece of art. YAY you on the muscular quad revelation! And my guess for your new toy? A Wii, or Wii Fit?

  19. That statue really IS creepy. Blech. But walking? Perfect. Also, I am loving yoga. Give it a try.

  20. I would need a heart rate monitor everytime I approached that dude in the bushes with a gun!

    It is strange how just changing our point of view can change how we feel about the same darned thing! Good job with the walking and the realization that "lazy Shelley" is as good as gone.

    Oh, and I think you got a hula hoop!


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