Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Ryders Review/Weekend Recap

I don't normally do weekend recaps, but seeing as how I didn't get the blog written that I originally intended to post for today, you lucky readers get a recap! I know, how exciting. Honestly, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we spent most of the weekend outside...away from the computer. I really need to plan my writing better now that we seem to have left winter behind.

First up, a quick review of the pair of Ryders sunglasses that I was sent (thank you, Scott and Outside PR!), along with a bunch of GU products, and a Gel-Bot. Reviews on those coming later. The sunglasses? Were STOLEN by my husband almost as soon as I took them out of their box! I mean really - what nerve! Sure, I can't see without prescription lenses, but I might have liked to play with know, pretend to be a fashion model and whatnot. But no. Not only did he take the sunglasses, he immediately got his man-sweat on them by going for a long bike ride with them. Fine. They are his now. So I made Jeff do the review.

Me: Do you like the sunglasses?
Him: They are awesome!
Me: What do you like about them?
Him: I look awesome in them.
Me: (eyeroll) What ELSE do you like about them?
Him: Everything is so bright! It's really amazing how well I can see with them, with no glare.
Me: (waiting for him to break into that "the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades" song but amazingly, he doesn't)
Him: You know I look good in these.
Me: sigh...
Jeff looking cool in Ryders Vela sunglasses.

Later on, after he went for a run with them, Jeff said that the sunglasses didn't slip down his nose and were really lightweight. On the website, I noticed that the nose pads are anti-slip and adjustable - nice features when you are active and sweaty. I haven't bought non-prescription sunglasses in eons so I really am not one to know about pricing, but at $39.99 retail, these seem pretty reasonable to me.

Jeff gave his new sunglasses plenty of use this weekend - along with a bike ride and a run, we hit up Lowes and spruced up the bed in front of our house with some colorful petunias, mulch and weed barrier. By we, I mean the royal, as in I sat in my impulse purchase of new plastic ergo Adirondack chairs, took in some sun, watched Paco play with Ginger, and fetched iced tea as needed. Hey, it's a tough life. Besides, he got the sunglasses. Seems like a fair trade to me.

Front bed all prettied up!
Other end of the front bed...woo, I changed up the flower color!
Artsy watering shot...

We also went for a walk (me)/run (Jeff) on Sunday morning - I have to bring my camera next time we go to that park - it's the one that I used to run in last summer. They keep adding new statues of soldiers from different wars, and the newest one - the "Come and Take It" guy (a Texan, naturally) startles me every time I see it. There I am, rounding the bend, grooving out to Lady Gaga/Katy Perry/Glee on my iPod (why yes, I am a teenybopper when it comes to my, walking music), when this man jumps out and scares me. OK, maybe I am the one who does the jumping, but he freaks me out every single time I see him. Not nice, Texas soldier, not nice at all!


Just so you don't think I'm a completely lazy wife, I did actually cook a nice healthy dinner Sunday night - chicken shish kebabs with red pepper, onion and mushrooms, asparagus, and quinoa...yum! I forgot how much I love grilled vegetables, and the quinoa came out great - I used chicken broth instead of water and cooked it in my little rice cooker - no butter or oil, and it didn't even need any Parmesan cheese sprinkled over it. Plus, I've already chopped up the extra veggies to use in an egg souffle-type dish that Helen was telling me about (and will have the recipe up on her blog today) - bonus! All in all, it was a great weekend. :)


    when my husband did a review of the subway breakfasts (a review he begged to do!) you'd have peed yourself (yes ma'am I said it) at his initial thoughts.

    talk about having to badger the witness to get more info.

    have a great monday!

  2. You can't deny it: He does look awesome in those glasses!

    Love your weekend recap, I'm always interested in what other people do when they are not running or exercising.

    Here's another teenager because you named it, I've got it too :)
    I have every Glee song that's good for running on my Ipod, I love it, the songs always make me happy. And I have Lady Gaga and I have Kate Perry. And while I'm confession to you: I've even got me some Britney on my Ipod :)

    Have a great week Shelley.

  3. Your husband is adorable! That's a great price for sunglasses. No guilt there. My ipod? Mostly embarrassing stuff but I include an oldie called "Just Like Romeo and Juliet" by Sha Na Na (see? I said embarrassing) because it reminds me of an aerobics class that I used to take about 15 years ago. By the time the instructor got to this song, we were panting!

  4. I alternate between teeny-bopper and metal head with my choice of tunes.

    Those glasses ARE great, but thanks for the Timbuk3 earworm!

    The flowerbed and the dinner looks super yummy!

  5. I love Glee myself. Jeff does look cool in the glasses. You can argue with that.

    Love the flower beds. Dinner looks yummy.

    Great weekend!

  6. I won a pair of those Ryders from Ginesa and I love them!

    Flowers, they are so pretty! Thank you for sharing those pics as I look outside and it is snowing right now.

  7. Count me in with the Gleeks!

    Before you even said it my initial thought was "He got the sunglasses, she gets to supervise." HA!

    The beds came out pretty... can't wait to see how they progress.

    Your dinner looks yummy too. I think you may have convinced me to give the quinoa another whirl :-)

  8. Of COURSE I love hearing about your weekend... but mostly, I just read..."weather was absolutely gorgeous"...blah, blah, blah..."left winter behind"...blah, blah, blah.
    Haha. Just kiddin'. But really! Do you have to brag about your sunshine?! The nerve! ;-)

  9. Jeff does look very cool in those glasses.

    Texas must be trying to rival London with the statue thing!

    And yeah. So happy for you and your good weather. Its been raining/snowing NON-STOP here since last Thursday. JK. Sort of.

  10. He makes those glasses look good :)
    I can't wait until i can see some colour outside!!

  11. Jeff is rocking those new shades! I haven't bought a good pair of sunglasses in ages, mostly because I tend to lose them within a month of purchase!

    I cannot wait to get our grills out on a regular basis. All our snow is melted, but after today, the temps are going to nose dive to the 30's at the end of the week - winter will just not shake us this year!

    Hope you have a great Monday! :D

  12. Jeff, you look great!

    I want to see the "come and take it" guy! Might have to make a road trip to get a picture taken with him. :)

    You did exactly what you were supposed to do as a trophy wife: sit and look pretty and serve tea when needed. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

    So how do you grill veggies? Do you have a special grill basket for them? I'd like to try that. Did you grill the asparagus too?

  13. Funny how spring can change your whole attitude isn't it? I made the official switch from oatmeal to greek yogurt for my warmer weather breakfasts and did some gardening too. It's so fun to be able to bend over now isn't it???? :) I'm making some kebabs this week. Those look delish!

  14. Jeff does look very handsome in those sunglasses. But I'm still glad you write the blog.

    I am signing off now to go deal with my waves of jealousy over the fact that you have living outdoor plants while we still have two feet of snow, and more on the way. I will make up for this when you swelter all summer long.

  15. I am so glad that we don't have to worry about any self-esteem issues with Jeff.
    I saw Helen's egg things and thought hmmm....
    Your flowers look nice.

  16. Hi Shelley, love the weekend recap!!! And Jeff, you DO look good in the shades!!! The flower beds look lovely! Have a great week. Happy walking!

  17. I don't get to plant a dang thing until May. I'm extremely jealous. But I won't be jealous in July, okay? I too, am blind as a bat and I only wear contacts when I run. Weird, huh? Otherwise, I hate them.

    I love quinoa. It's so "not" rice and much more satisfying. I often put some sauteed onion in there for flavor as well.

  18. LOL, he does look good in those glasses. I think you have to let him keep them.

    Your gardens look terrific, too! Wish I had a green thumb.

  19. Glasses = fab. I guess it's ok that you didn't get to wear them since Jeff looks so hawt in them.

    And now I'm jealous of your garden. My yard just plain died and M & I haven't gotten the energy together to deal with maintenance. I guess that's on the list for this weekend!

  20. Right off the bat I have to say that Jeff looks like a girl in those sunglasses.

  21. Gross about the man sweat on the ruined glasses.


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