Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Mishmash

I'm glad to see that pretty much every one was a little creeped out by that statue. Someone noted in the comments that he has a gun - yes, every statue at that park is armed (hey, this IS Texas!). No, seriously, it's Veteran's Park, and all the statues are of soldiers from different wars. Apparently no one fought while just using their words. Well, no one that the park people are commemorating, anyway.


So my new workout toy that I bought? Was on my planned trip to Target, where I forgot what I was supposed to buy (Gladware - remembered the next day). Fellow sufferers of C.R.S., stand beside me and take this pledge: "I will always write a list. And then I will remember to take it with me." I tell you what, it's always an adventure! Anyway, my toy? It's a hula-hoop! (Good guess, Roxie!) I got inspired from reading a guest post on MizFit's blog, and thought how fun and ab-tastic it sounded. So I sprang for one. Let me tell you, I used to be good at the hula-hoop back in the day. Now? Not so much. I was lucky to get 3 or 4 revolutions around my waist before it headed south. So, I went outside and corralled my neighbor girls (Ginger's human sisters) and had them demonstrate how to properly do the hula-hoop. Oh! That's how. OK, I tried again. Hah! They make it look so easy...but I will master it. Any case, it's fun, and I'm kinda popular with the 11-and-under set on my street now.


Bought during that Target trip when I couldn't remember why I was there...

This body butter is really awesome. But it tastes awful. I know you're not supposed to eat it (it even says so on the label!), but it's really strong, and even after washing my hands, it stays on. And I've discovered that I tend to lick my fingers fairly - hey, slicing pineapple necessitates lots of tastes, you know? (Hmm, I just realized that I'm wearing coconut body butter while slicing you think I have Hawaii embedded in my subconscious?)


Jeff has been traveling a lot. Doesn't stop Paco from waiting for him to come through the garage door every night, though. It's really I though I was the center of his universe!

"If I stare hard enough, maybe this day Dad will come home."


Remember that half marathon that Helen ran for my mom? Well, she sent her a gift last week - the race bib that she wore, and a really cool shirt that says "Inner Strength Has No Expiration Date" - such a sweet thing to do, and both my mom and I were really touched by it. Here's a picture of Mom wearing the shirt:

Looking good, Mom!


Because I've been living in either shorts and t-shirts or, walking outfits, I don't have a human Fashion Friday for you. I did, however, plan on showing you Paco in his new finery - his old collar is too tight, so I ordered him a new one. Unfortunately, I didn't actually measure his neck; rather, I relied on my memory, which, as that trip to Target proves, isn't so reliable. So the GINORMOUS collar is on the way back, being exchanged for one more suitable for a medium-sized dog and not a Saint Bernard...anyway, he wanted to model the new leash that matches his collar - really, he did!

"I feel dumb with leash wrapped round my neck. Not collar. How big you think I am, lady?"

Please also admire my mad photography skills, as I captured the elusive "invisible wagging tale" - you can just see it. Talent, I haz it. Or else luck. ;)


By the way, there are NO Attune bars in my town. I checked. I've also spoken with the yogurt stocker at my local HEB and made my request to get them back, so we'll see if that works. Meanwhile, I am in serious withdrawal!

Alright, have a great weekend. I hope to have a "good news" post up on Monday morning - fingers crossed!


  1. That’s so cool Shelley: a hula hoop! Brings back childhood memories. We’ve got a WII and it’s got hula hoop on it too and that’s already difficult, imagine if I would use a real one :)

    Ahhhhhh Paco is so sweet waiting for Dad to come home. Bella is always waiting at the door for me too when it’s time to come home. That’s the lovely thing about dogs: they wait for you and are so happy when you come home. Especially when you’ve had a bad day, it can turn it around into a good day.

    Helen’s gift to your Mom brought tear in my eyes. Such a sweet and loving gift. Helen, if you’re reading this: you’re awesome and the best!

    What a great leash for Paco, love the colors but yes it’s a big too big LOL

  2. so so so so very touched by Helens actions.


  3. Paco is so sweet waiting on Dad to come home...and quite the model too. :)

  4. LOL, put that eye serum on your list; you do NOT want to forget it! :)

    Our cats do the same waiting-at-the-door thing whenever either of us are traveling. It's so sad, and so sweet.

    I love that you got an actual hula hoop; Wii Fit has a hula game and when I was using it a lot, I could definitely see the difference it made in my sides and belly. Hmm, I could sure use that help now! :)

    Awww, Helen's generosity and you and your mom's delight is just amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. I'm a little concerned here about you. You were just too funny in this post, bordering on coo coo. You getting enough human interaction with Jeff gone? Was that trip to Target just to see other humans?
    My little girl would love to hang out with you.
    Would you know that I never mastered the hoop of hula? go figure.

  6. Helen is so awesome to do that for your Momma! I love the shirt.

    Jealous of your warm weather - I'm still waiting for it here in Chicago!

  7. Wow, lots to comment on. I love Paco waiting by the back door. Isn't there a movie in that? (ref: Hachi. I think Jeff could give Richard Gere a run for his money)

    Attune bars. I fail to see their appeal. Aren't they just very expensive little single portion chocolate bars? I know they have probiotics. But that's not really why all of us yogurt eating foodies eat them, is it? Really, I am curious about this.

    The list. I always make a list. It only makes it to the intended store 50% of the time.

    Love that Helen shared that with your mom. And your mom looks fabulous.

    Hula hoop. My back hurts just saying the word out loud. But good luck to ya!

  8. Helen is so sweet and your Mom looks GREAT!!!!

    I'm so sad for Paco :( How cute is it that he waits there?!

  9. I've never tried Attune bars, but I always see them in the natural section of my grocery store near the Kombucha...maybe I need to try them?

    I absolutely love your mishmash posts & I wanted to tell you, Alba makes a fantastic coconut milk body butter!

  10. Your Mom looks awesome!

    And I wish we all had the portion distortion that you had with Paco (thinking his neck was bigger than it really was) when it comes to food. That would be real helpful!

  11. Helen is fully made of awesome, your momma is too! Your mom looks fabulous. I hope she is feeling great.

    Paco in his "before" collar is just adorable!

    And you, my dear, are a pina colada!

  12. Thanks Roxie, now I have that song, "If you like pina coladas and long walks in the rain" as today's earworm lol!

    I always love the Friday Mish Mash too because I feel like we've just gotten to virtually live your week.

    I got the sweetest thank you note from Judy yesterday (Hi Judy!), it brought tears to my eyes. I can't bring myself to throw it away because it's one of her handmade cards with the cutest "Judy" stamp on the back.

  13. I agree with Roxie, Helen is made out of awesome. Your mom looks too cute (and pretty dang healthy) with her bib and T.

    I love Paco. He needs his own blog :)

    Have great weekend. I will hope for Good News as well.

  14. LOL at the dog collar - you must have visualized Paco as a large mastiff?

    Your Mom looks great - I hope she's feeling as good as she looks. And what a lovely thing for Helen to do.

    I laughed at you buying the body butter at Target when you forgot why you were there. I've dropped more bucks at Target that way! Have a great weekend.

  15. Hula Hoop - what a great idea! We have the hula hoop portion on the Wii Fit and it kicks my tail. I've been tempted to go jump on the trampoline in our backyard ... but am a little worried about all the kids seeing me over the fence. Silly, I know!

    I love the shirt and bib for your mom. That is so awesome!

    Coconut body butter and sliced pineapple? Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain?

  16. My hairdresser is also rockin' the hula hoop workout! She keeps it at the salon and does it in between customers. How fun, way more creative than the Wii Fit.

  17. "(Hmm, I just realized that I'm wearing coconut body butter while slicing you think I have Hawaii embedded in my subconscious?)"

    AND your new toy has "Hula" right in the name! I need to go drag out the Wii Fit and hula hoop it up a bit when I'm tired of sitting around and complaining to the husband that we do too much sitting around and complaining.

  18. I used to be the hola hoop queen AND roller skate queen. Once Hannah got roller blades I decided I could skate with her too - um, turns out that skill did not come back!

    No doubt that the hola hoop would be the same thing - good luck!

    Your Mom looks wonderful - and such a thoughtful gift from Helen.

    Have an awesome weekend Shelley!

  19. Hibiscus. Yep... I searched the internet for tuberose or hibiscus for my Scentsy. Finally found it! And the coconut? Well, there's nothing else in my shower. Kevin just bought me the Coconut Frosting body wash from Philosophy. Yum. Probably good on ice cream. ;-)
    Attune bars? I haven't tried them. I'm mostly addicted to the Kidz Clif bars. One-hundred-thirty calories of organic goodness. Yum.

  20. That body butter sounds divine! (and I hate it when I accidently taste lotion...YUCK!)

  21. What a great picture of your mom! The kindness of bloggers really blows my mind sometimes.

  22. Awww Helen!!!!! How lovely!!! And wow, your Mom is looking GREAT!!!!! You'd NEVER know she had major surgery not long ago!!! LOVE the Paco pictures! (especially the see through wagging tail!) Have a wonderful weekend Shelley!!!

  23. Your photographs always brighten up my day and MY your mom is just glowing. I love that! You have that same glow, it must be in the genes!
    Paco is also very cute, so clean and spry...I hope his master gets home soon!
    Big hugs!!

  24. hooping is a lot of fun. Have you seen the videos on youtube for hoopnotica? Very cool. :)
    I can't wait to hear the good news Monday. (Actually, I better get an email Saturday! LOL )

    That was so sweet of Helen. And your mom looks great.

  25. I love that Helen sent that to your mom.


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