Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update

Those 10 miles I ran on Saturday sure seemed a lot longer than simply one more mile added to the previous week. Maybe it's just that I've been scaling up my long runs again as we build toward the Austin marathon/half marathon on February 20th. But boy howdy, I was BEAT after this run - I haven't felt this worn out since way before the Seawall half marathon! Good to know that there's only one more 10 mile run...and then a 12 mile run...and THEN we taper - well, if you call 7, then 9, then 6 tapering, lol!

So the run. I tried to run at a slower pace this time. That isn't easy! I was all over the place and kept checking Ricky Bobby - oops, too fast, better slow down. Then I would be going way too slow - oops, better speed up. I was aiming for a 12 minute mile, and overall, I came pretty close (exception being mile 9 at 13:38 - I always seem to have a craptacular mile) - my miles ranged from 12:01 to 12:27. I didn't end up pacing with the two women I though I would (one didn't show and the other started out with her husband), but Coach Cheryl and I ran together for about 2.5 miles, which helped. Then she had a restroom break (woohoo for the Exxon on our route!) while I ran on. Best part about the run? The chocolate GU. Seriously! I was not even nervous about the distance beforehand - I was just focused on the fact that I had two GUs along for the run and I was going to get to eat them at some point! Sad, I know...apparently food is still quite the lure for me. I guess I should get a "Will Run For Chocolate" t-shirt!

Couple of pictures for you - the first is my iPod shuffle/Airdrives set up (picture taken a couple of weeks ago before our latest bit of cold weather - note the short sleeved shirt):

I wrap the wire of the Airdrive earphones around and around the strap of my cap to get rid of the excess, and clip the shuffle to my hat. Love how lightweight and easy this is.

Next is a bit of different lacing on my running shoes - Coach Dale showed me how to do this after I mentioned that I always had to stop and retie my shoes about 2.5 miles into any run. He called this a "runner's knot" and it really did make the lacing not only feel more secure, but I didn't have to mess with my laces until about mile 7 of my 10 mile run (OK, that may have been more of an excuse to stop for a minute than anything else):

Tied - note the extra loop in the last two holes.
Untied for a different view.

I found an explanation of how to tie this online - click here - they call it the "loop-lacing lock" but it's the same thing. Give it a try if you are having shoelace issues - but just be careful and don't tie it too tight - you'll hurt the top of your foot.

Oh! I saw the Hood to Coast movie last night - it's a documentary about the 197 mile relay race from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast. It looks like a blast, and my non-runner husband is ready to form a team and do it! Might take a bit of logistics to work everything out, but I'm up for it. Plus you need to have a team name and fun costumes and decorate your van, which goes along with my motto "if you can't be fast, be stylish" - am I right or what?

Shameful Song of the Week (or, what keeps me running)
California Gurls by Katie Perry (featuring Snoop Dogg) - hey, it's got a good beat and I can run to it!


  1. Love the ipod on the hat! Never thought of that, there's a nice thing about having a shuffle!

  2. My new favorit is Pink's song: Raise your glass. To which I run to :)
    I like the way you have wrapped the excess of the iPod around your cap.

  3. There's nothing shameful about that song because it's on my Ipod too and you know I'm so hot in my music choices :lol: (says she who has almost every Glee song on her Ipod but hey: I just love it).

    Great idea to put the Ipod on the hat. Mine is a bit bigger and can't strap it on a hat or something like that.

    Fortunately I never have to lace up my shoes during a run.

    Great 10 miler Shelley, one more to go and then it's taper time!

  4. We saw Hood To Coast last night as well. We talked in the car on the way home about how to find 8/10 sucker friends to do this with. lol. We figured it probably wouldn't work but it would be fun.

  5. You are rockin' the miles, Shelley!

    I saw the previews for Hood to Coast the last time I was at the theater! I can't wait to see the movie!

  6. I will have to check out the documentary. Sounds interesting!

    If you don't feel any shame for MANILOW, don't even give Katy a second thought!

    Love the hat setup! Very cool. Way to get those miles in - even the "craptacular" one.

  7. My pals at the running store taught me that lacing when my shoes were slipping a tad. I guess all real runners know that trick.
    I love that song.
    I love your pink.

  8. I just started wearing my shuffle on my hat. Wish I would've figured it out a year ago!
    Also, I did Rainier to the Pacific in college. We were called "Men with Guts, Women with Butts"....hahaha! Must have a good team name for Hood to Coast.

  9. Loved that movie so much. You know how they call the people they pass "roadkill?" Somewhere there's a name in that. Texas Roadkill with a dead armadillo or something? :) I would definitely be the roadkill du jour.

    Gotta try that tying method.

    I looked for some chocolate GU when I was at Fit to Run. No choco flavor. Guess I'll try Academy.

    Great job on the run! Don't know about you but it's just too darn cold to run outside right now. brrrrrr

  10. I have California Gurls on my iPod, too.

    Do you have Firework, also by Katy Perry? The lyrics are great/motivating AND it has a good beat for running.

    You are a running machine, Shelley!

  11. Also, Far East Movement: Girl on the Dance Floor and G6. I totally bought the whole CD.

  12. I love running to Katy Perry :)

    I also LOVE your sneakers!

    My current favorite running jams are:
    Dog Days Are Over - Florence & the Machine
    Like, OMG Baby - Dj Earworm (free downloads at
    We R Who We R - Ke$ha

    All have great beats :)

  13. Thanks for showing how those ear phones work, when you were describing them before, I was like, huh?

    I actually like most of Katy Perry's songs - helps that I have a daughter who bought the CD so I have her whole album on my iPod!

    I can't believe the half will be in just about 5 weeks - seemed so far away!

    Have a great day Shelley!

  14. First laugh of the day for me: how the best part of the run was the chocolate GU! Right there with you girl!

    Gotta check out that documentary--hope they have it on Netflix--I love to watch other people run LOL!

  15. Funny, I've never had a shoe untying problem. I just lace as normal and double tie. Guess I'm just lucky.

    No Hood to Coast movie for me, it didn't even play around here, what a rip off!

    If you really organize that relay, I may just have to do that with you. Lemme start thinking of a good name right now.

    As you know I've got everything from 1960s to Hip-Hop on my iPod. I still love the 70s the best, I think.

  16. Great idea to put the ipod on your hat! I have so many shameful songs in my collection, it's...well, shameful! Don't get me started on all my disco songs and 80's classics. :)
    Have a great day! Love your blog.

  17. You are such a runner!

    I wonder if it was a harder run for you because you were trying to set paces for yourself instead of going with what your body might naturally have run at? Interesting.

  18. I have trouble with my laces ALL the time so I was thrilled you included that info!

  19. Love your shoe lace tying ... and taste in music.

    Winks & Smiles,

  20. This is my first time stopping by your blog, and I have to tell you how completely inspirational you are. I am on the start of my happy health journey - and have a long long way to go. I have been blogging for a while, but just started a new blog this week to focus on the challenges in my quest for a healthier me. I will be back here for lots of tips, for sure. Lovely to meet you!

  21. My guilty pleasure song is Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. lol

  22. I read this and I think, "I wonder if I will run 10 miles someday."

    And it would seem like it's impossible. And yet I know that it is because YOU are doing it.

  23. holy cow you are a wonder woman running all that!! great pics!

  24. Im so sad that these are now thurs posts for me :) but you will have that.
    I echo everyone else in that you are one badassrunnerwoman and CHIME IN with my SNOOP LOVE!

  25. Those legs of yours seem to run more than they walk! You're amazing! And I'm still digging those shoes. Way cool.


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