Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Mishmash

Well hello, and welcome to another edition of the Friday Mishmash - a weekly round up of all things either trivial, Paco, or otherwise too silly to write an individual post about.


First up - Kip update: He's doing so much better. He is walking around now, although as he takes a few steps, he flicks his tail like "ow ow ow this hurts" - but then keeps on going. He's limping along - I told Jeff that if cats could have a cane, he would be using one! I'm really amazed by the self-healing that his pelvis has done. He's also bored, as evidenced by the thumping I heard Wednesday night. Hmmm, Paco was in his crate, Henry was outside, Jeff was asleep...which left Kip as the culprit. I got up to investigate, and found that he had opened up and climbed in one of the bathroom cabinets - he was hanging out under the sink, with a "why are you bothering me" look when I opened up the door. Crazy cat.


In running news, I joined a gym. Anytime Fitness, to be specific. Why? Couple of reasons. One, it's dang cold outside, and I'm supposed to be running three times during the week for my half marathon training, along with my long run on Saturdays. I've been having a hard enough time getting out there to run all by myself (cue lonely music montage); add the frigid weather, and it just wasn't happening as often as it should have.

The other reason is that I'm lonely. One of the things that I loved about my group workouts with my trainers was having other people to interact (ok, and suffer) with. This is one of the reasons why I like racing so much - I really love the camaraderie. I get that, to an extent, with my running club on Saturdays (I say to an extent because it's a pretty small club and no one runs at my pace so I'm usually running alone - but hey, we start together and all meet up at the end so that's nice). But during the week it's been mostly me, and I am bored with myself. My running buddy Jenny was busy over the holidays and then has been sick (feel better, Jenny!) - and I was only getting to run with her one day out of the three, anyway.

So, now I'm running on a pretty swanky treadmill, complete with its own TV. I even remembered to bring my headphones so I could hear it! Still figuring out how everything works - last time I ran on a treadmill was many months ago, and Linda or Brad would usually put me on it and start all the settings. I will say that while it was nice to lose myself in some mindless TV (E! News, anyone?), I missed being able to holler call politely for Linda or Brad to come turn the fan on. Oh well, such are the sacrifices, right?

Three miles - done!


Some days Paco drives me crazy. I don't remember if I posted this haiku before (and no, I didn't write it), but this sums up his barking to a T:

I sound the alarm!
Mailman - come to kill us all!
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!
View from my office. Once minute he is peacefully sleeping - the next, he's up and ready for action, barking like a fiend!

And then, he comes and jumps on my lap. Poses for a picture and all is well again:
Look at that peaceful face - he can do no wrong...hah!


Kelly was nice enough to give me this Stylish Blogger Award - thank, Kel!

I'm supposed to tell you seven things about me. I can't remember what I have and haven't said already, so if any of this sounds familiar, I memory, as usual, is full of holes!
  1. I cracked my head open as a very small child and had to get stitches - I've always been curious to see if I shaved my head, would the scar still be there?
  2. I was playing crash cars with the neighborhood kids when I was 3 years old - pretended to fall out of my big wheel-type of car and actually knocked out my front tooth. I had a hole in my smile for years.
  3. I broke my arm in fifth grade playing on the monkey bars at school. I was especially mad because I was a school crossing guard and couldn't hold my sign out. After a few weeks, I did, despite the cast. Could be why that arm doesn't rotate all the way like my other arm does. Totally worth it.
  4. When I was about 12 years old I was on my way to a babysitting job down the street. Stopped at the neighbors house to watch him pound something - probably a broken toy - into smithereens with a metal pole. Ended up getting smashed in the hand with the pole - hurt like hell and was bleeding and gross. Went to the babysitting job and asked the dad for a bandaid. Remember his shock at seeing my hand - think he wanted me to go home and show my parents, but I don't think I did. That scar has finally faded.
  5. While goofing around at the hospital where I was a candystriper, I slid into a heavy metal door in my stocking feet - sliced my big toe open and got to go to the ER as a patient. Totally worth it - those ER docs were cute!
  6. When I was driving with Jeff to southern California to meet his family for the first time, an unfortunate bump in the road caused a speaker in his van (I know, can you believe my parents let me go off with a guy who had a VAN???) to crash onto my head, causing a great deal of bleeding. I was so mad - I had gotten up early for the eight-hour drive, did my hair and make up really cute, and showed up on their doorstep all bedraggled and blood-stained! Nice first impression.
  7. I had a Little Golden Book called "Nurse Nancy" that came with bandages and I wanted to be a nurse from an early age. That lasted until I got to high school and realized that nursing took math skills - something I still do not possess.
I'm supposed to pass this award on to other bloggers. Remember when they chose teams in P.E.? I was always one of the last ones to be picked. And to this day I hate choosing some people and not everyone, so everyone, please, feel free to accept this award if you would like it.


No Fashion Friday, but here's a sneak peak of what will be featured next week:
Frye off the UPS truck! I am in love with them already. Bonus shot of Paco, as usual, in the background.

OK, be sure to come back on Monday, when I will have a review and giveaway for a very cool product! Have a great weekend, and stay warm!


  1. That picture of you with the pup is just great!
    It will be one just like that on the magazine cover
    when they interview you for all of your
    great weight-loss and excellent fitness stuff!
    Hope your weekend is awesome!

  2. Glad that Kip is doing better. And always glad to see some gratuitous Paco pictures. Love the Fryes.

    I think we are finally thawing out a little bit up here and I'm ready for it.

    The whole group suffering thing is why I'm back in the classes this winter, too. Most of my stuff is done by myself and that gets old and boring. Still looking for a cycling group of women of a certain age who don't go fast. I think they all ride in Camelot.

  3. I’m glad to hear Kip is doing better.

    I think it’s a wise decision to join a gym. Especially when you’re feeling lonely. Do you have intentions to look for another (parttime) job?
    You have the same machines as my gym. I recognize the screen. :)

    I wish Paco and Bella could go on a playdate :lol: (and we could have coffee then). They look so much alike. Bella does the same thing.

    I love, love the boots but as a shoe/boots girl you might have guessed that already. :)

  4. Oooh, your hair looks great in that photo of you and Paco.

    I don't own any Frye boots. Do you think Texas will let me in?

    My goodness, you really were an accident waiting to happen, weren't you? I hope growing up has given you a little break from all that.

  5. Poor Kip - glad he's on the mend!

    When Hannah was little, she had a doctor bag - she carried it everywhere - it had bandages, a fake stethiscope (sp?!). One day I got to pick her up and as I am talking to the babysitter, I hear a "smack!" and Hannah comes running to me with a bloody chin.

    Being the young Mom I was, I just put a bandaid on it and hugged it out. I got home, my Mom comes home from work and looks at Hannah's chin and says "Biz, she needs stitches!"

    Sure enough, she needed 5 stitches - and she took her doctor bag with her she said "just in case they need it."

    The nurses were nice enough to stuff her doctor bag with gloves, tongue depressors - it was worth the pain to get the loot!

    Happy Friday!

  6. I am just leaving a comment because I finally got here < three days late! Glad to hear Kip is improving - how has he been making it to the litterbox?

  7. Such a fun post. Although the blog award answers were a little painful to read!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Paco haiku.

    And excited for you that you joined the gym. You didn't mention the weights or machines--gonna take advantage of that?

  8. seriously useful info on the lacing and the ipod shuffle. You are so smart. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Paco is cute! Love the haiku.

    And wow what a fancy treadmill!! I might enjoy running on one of those if it looked like that!

  10. You are a walking disaster! I hope you have good insurance.
    You are just cracking me up. I am at a toyota dealership as my car is getting warranty work done and i am just cracking up between the paco picture out the window, your accidents and your boots.
    OMG, I want to have lunch with you! and go for a run.

  11. Ha! I love the (cue the sad music) to working out alone. I couldn't run very well by myself either!

    Great job joining the gym, I know you will get your moneys worth!

  12. I have been a member of anytime for three years and really enjoy it. My favorite part is that you can go to any of their gyms and that has been helpful when I am traveling :)

  13. So glad that Kip is doing better. Isn't it amazing how animals can have a serious injury and they just find a way to do what they want without all the whining that people do?

    LOL at Paco - he says "I knew I could get her to pick me up!"

    Was your old trainer group not part of a gym to go back to? Just wondering why you chose a different one.

  14. I noticed a common theme of disaster in your list of "stylish" things. Except for the last item where you attempted to mitigate disaster by dreaming of becoming a mathless nurse. (I can barely add - thank goodness for fingers and toes).

    I didn't read where style had to do with 7 things related to disaster. Please list 7 non-disastrous things.

  15. I just got my frye boots yesterday! I love them and I love yours too except your probably more likely to see people wearing cowboy boots in texas than in Munich :-)

  16. I love that haiku, that all of your facts are about getting hurt, and your boots (my newest fashionable go to!)

  17. 4 things -
    Yay Kip!
    Ha ha ha at the haiku "Look! Look! Look! Look! ..."
    Holy moly are you ever accident prone!

    And I love cowboy boots. My feet are HUGE and I probably look bad in them, but they feel so awesome. And the feeling I get from walking in them is pure woman-power.

  18. Oooh, jealous of the classy boots!

    Someday... when the youngest is out of college... that will be, hmm, 2023 or thereabouts...

  19. I love getting to know other bloggers! Thanks for the 7 facts. (I have to do the same today - and likely won't send it around to specific people - and love your analogy of choosing teams in PE)
    SO glad to year that the kitty is on the mend, that you've joined the gym, and ooooh, your boots are FABULOUS! Have a great Friday.

  20. You're officially klutzier than me.

  21. Loved your list Crash! Have a great weekend!

  22. *The them!!

    *Loved learning all of the stuff about you. Lots of bleeding! Be careful out there!

    *Oh Kip. I've got a hit on the squirrel that did this to you. Your injury will be avenged! Call me The Rooster (True Grit).

    *Paco, lay off the caffeine, darlin. Mailmen are our friends. But you're so cute you can get away with it.

    *I hate that you got lonely. Wish I were closer. I'd run with you at the gym. This weather has not been friendly to outdoor runners.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Tell Jeff HI from the Schu Cru over here.

  23. Love the new "kicks". So cute and I love booties.

    I love my walking buddies. I count them as my most vavluable healthy asset.

    I read on FB about the ankle. Hope that it is feeling better. Take it easy.

    Oh and I love the view from your office. You have a very lovely home.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Hey Shelley, It is lovely to read your blog, Now, I had added your blog to my collection of dieting blogs. :) hope you are okay with it.

    So wonderful to see your work-out report as well as your "smart" booties too :)

    Let me chk out the site often,

    (Me too have a wonderful diet program -

  26. Love the boots! LOVE the progress pictures! Ive got to add that to my blog, when I lose a few more pounds! Great idea! My first time here and I will be back!


  27. oooh we are featuring our boots on FRIDAY?

    I love me some frye.
    and I love me some the fact my husband is back in town and I can blog read :)

  28. Ok, # 5 is funny about being in hospital and needing to go to ER..

    but # 6 made me actually laugh out loud and sit here giggling for a while. And you married him anyway. It is just too funny-I'm sorry!- that a speaker fell on your head and you arrived a bedraggled, hurting mess.

    And as always, Paco in the background of the boot photo is cracking me up. I feel like you could take a pic of your lunch salad and his snout would be right there in the pic. He is sooo funny!

    Love your stories, gf, I really do. haha Chrissy


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